More Plagiarists in Our Midst

In a previous post, “Plagiarism Alert” and its subsequent updates, I alerted my readers of a plagiarist going by the following names:

Rebecca Geissler
Rebekah Geissler
Becky Geissler
Rebecca Bick
Rebekah Bick
Ana Phylaxis
M. Ana Phylaxis
Mistress Ana Phylaxis

Byronee (which is actually the name of a character from one of the stolen stories)

BizarreBettyXXX (this is her made-up publishing house)

This woman has farmed stories from adult literature sites as Literotica and ASSTR.  Thanks to many dedicated authors, a few more kleptomaniacs have been found pushing their stolen wares through the Kindle store at  Many of these stories were farmed from the same adult sites.  Most of these stories are being sold under various names:

Elizabeth Summers – has 89 stolen stories and books offered on Kindle at $6.99/each

Kelly Jordan – appears to be a duplicate account of the same person owning the E. Summers account.  A lot of the titles and cover art are the same on both accounts.  27 stories at $6.99/each

Victoria Andersen – could possibly be another duplicate account or another person altogether.  27 stories/books

There is talk that these accounts are reincarnations of a previous known plagiarizer that was selling stolen wares through Kindle on Amazon, an account by the name of “Louise Taylor.”

There are, of course, dozens of others out there.  Authors are slowly alerting Amazon to this raging problem, getting some of the plagiarized works yanked as a result.  It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Tracy Ames has written a wonderful article concerning this matter entitled “Plagiarism is the New Black.” You can view it by clicking here.