An Open Letter to Nora Roberts (and other authors, too)



I’ve been following your blog as the #CopyPasteCris saga has unfolded, and I’ve tried so many times to comment on the posts, but words have failed me. Not because I couldn’t think of what to say, exactly, but because there simply is so much to say on the matter, and honestly, words cannot express how happy I am that someone with some clout has finally had their eyes opened to the atrocities us “small fry” authors have been enduring for a good five years now.

I do not mean that disrespectfully. What has happened to you with #copypastecris is beyond deplorable. I’ve been plagiarized myself, on more than one occasion, although not to the extent you, and so many other authors, have been suffering at the hands of this most resent, high-profile plagiarist. Even a single line taken is like a knife through the heart. Entire sections, entire books – that’s more like the proverbial sword through the midsection.

I say this because honestly, I feel like now maybe someone will actually listen. For years I’ve sat and watched an industry I grew up in, an industry I absolutely loved, de-evolve into nothing but back-stabbing authors, con artists, scammers, and wannabe “writers” who are more than willing to step on anyone and do anything, and I do mean anything, to make a quick buck through the self-publishing industry. I’ve watched no less than a dozen really great writers from my social network toss in the towel in 2018 alone.

And I may be next. Although quitting is the last thing I want to do.

The truth is, I’m tired. And with so many scammers skimming off 6+ figures a year through shady tactics, I simply cannot compete. Not when I’m barely drawing in $100 in royalties a year, and losing thousands on publication and marketing expenses.

Like so many other authors, I work full-time. Writing is my escape from the drudge of the dreary 9 to 5 I do every day. Nothing makes me happier than to sit down at my keyboard and enter into the worlds I’ve created.

But, I’ll be honest. I do expect to get paid for the hours upon hours, the weeks, the months, sometimes the years it’s taken me to write a single book. And I thoroughly expect to be reimbursed for the thousands of dollars I’ve paid out-of-pocket to have my books properly polished before publishing. If I was doing this just for fun, I’d stick with my WattPad account and stop clogging up the proverbial slush piles that Amazon has become over the past few years.

I’m hoping with someone with as much pull in the industry as you, that maybe, finally, authors and readers alike will pull their heads out of the sand and finally start demanding better. I’ve been begging, screaming, and pleading with everyone for years now to stop giving their books away, to stop pricing them so cheaply, to stop pushing out a new “junk” book every week or month and realize how much damage all this has been causing authors, to the industry as a whole.

This revolution, this epiphany if you will, it must come from the authors because honestly, readers will only continue to demand what authors are willing to give them. If all the cheap and the free went away, maybe readers would start demanding better books. Maybe they wouldn’t mind paying for the books they want to read. Maybe that $5 for an ebook wouldn’t seem so pricey if it was once again the norm. If Amazon and the other platforms would finally start manning their stores, if they would put some type of quality controls into place, if the writing world would right itself so the really good authors would once again rise to the top of the rankings instead of the top being dominated by whoever has the largest pocketbook, then maybe, just maybe, authors like me won’t have to give up on their life-long dream.

I’ve been screaming it from the rooftops, but alas, I am just a nobody-author who has been pegged as “jealous” because I’m no longer making money.

But you, my dear Nora, please keep fighting the good fight. Please give those of us whose voices have gone ignored for years now a chance to finally be heard. I’m tired of fighting this alone.

Because after more than thirty years of fighting, clawing, and having my butt handed back to me by editors, by publishers, and now by the very authors I’ve helped support over the decades, I’m not sure I have much fight left in me. There’s only so much any one person can take before they are forced to give up on their dream.

Today, I do not want to join the ranks of the really good authors who have been forced to quit.

Tomorrow, however, may be the day that I am finally forced to face the staggering odds that have been stacked against me by others in my profession.

All because no one wants to listen. After all, if it’s not affecting their bottom line, then what do they care?


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More Plagiarists in Our Midst

In a previous post, “Plagiarism Alert” and its subsequent updates, I alerted my readers of a plagiarist going by the following names:

Rebecca Geissler
Rebekah Geissler
Becky Geissler
Rebecca Bick
Rebekah Bick
Ana Phylaxis
M. Ana Phylaxis
Mistress Ana Phylaxis

Byronee (which is actually the name of a character from one of the stolen stories)

BizarreBettyXXX (this is her made-up publishing house)

This woman has farmed stories from adult literature sites as Literotica and ASSTR.  Thanks to many dedicated authors, a few more kleptomaniacs have been found pushing their stolen wares through the Kindle store at  Many of these stories were farmed from the same adult sites.  Most of these stories are being sold under various names:

Elizabeth Summers – has 89 stolen stories and books offered on Kindle at $6.99/each

Kelly Jordan – appears to be a duplicate account of the same person owning the E. Summers account.  A lot of the titles and cover art are the same on both accounts.  27 stories at $6.99/each

Victoria Andersen – could possibly be another duplicate account or another person altogether.  27 stories/books

There is talk that these accounts are reincarnations of a previous known plagiarizer that was selling stolen wares through Kindle on Amazon, an account by the name of “Louise Taylor.”

There are, of course, dozens of others out there.  Authors are slowly alerting Amazon to this raging problem, getting some of the plagiarized works yanked as a result.  It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Tracy Ames has written a wonderful article concerning this matter entitled “Plagiarism is the New Black.” You can view it by clicking here.

POD Pushers, the Great Kindle Swindle, and More: Plagiarism Goes Hi-Tech


During the “good old days,” a plagiarizer had to actually work for their ill-gotten money.  It required them to find a book that had been out of print for decades, take it home, and, depending upon just how lazy they were, reread it, edit a few key features (like character names and places and times) and then retype it.  They then had to find an agent followed by a publisher who had never read the story before and who agreed to publish the stolen storyline.  It was a risky business.  The agent and publishers had their real names, their real addresses, and often made them provide proof of actual ownership of the story by coughing up their registered copyright notification.

In today’s digital media age, finding works to plagiarize is as easy as typing in “free fiction story” into Google and clicking on “search.”  Thanks to websites, community writing groups, role-playing forums, and the ever-increasing adult literature sites, thieves can now find literally hundreds of thousands of free stories in every imaginable genre.  And since, according to copyright law, a writer’s work is immediately protected upon its creation, writers are posting their intricate tales and passion-filled poetry all over cyberspace.  Their reasons are as varied as the writers who pound away ceaselessly at the keyboards:  there are those who just want to share their work with the world at large, those who are using the internet as their own “publishing” company, and others are self-publishing authors who are posting samples of their work to online sites and communities as a way to build up their reader base.  And stealing those works is as easy as Select.  Copy.  Paste.

Thanks to the digital age, becoming a published author is fairly easy and, for those who are willing to do all of the hard work themselves, it costs them nothing but time and energy to produce the product.  They can even save advertising dollars by hooking up all their free networking sites together and pointing their readers to these pages.  Thanks to POD services and e-book publishers like Amazon and their Kindle reader, authors can now forgo having to pay huge sums of out-of-pocket cash for hundreds of copies of their works and simply have them printed out on an as-ordered basis.  And thanks to ebooks, they can now offer their works cheaper and instantly through downloadable PDF files.

Unfortunately, this ease of self-publication has also made it easy as pie for plagiarists to steal the written word off the internet.  They are now farming entire sites for story content, copy and pasting directly into text documents.  Since ebooks do not need any type of special formatting like printed books do, the thieves do not really have to put forth any real effort into making the stolen content fit a specific format.  They can basically copy and paste directly without even trying to space out the stories.  They are using the technology that was invented to make it easier for the indie authors to reach their readers and using it against the authors.

To make matters worse, places like Amazon who offer publication through their e-book format, do not check any of the information that is given when an account is created.  Since everyone gets paid mostly through Paypal, they have no reason to check the account holder’s real name or address.  Thanks to oversights such as these, plagiarists are creating dozens of accounts and offering their stolen stories and novels for sale through e-book format, often times just closing one account out and creating others whenever someone gets wise to their thieving ways.  To add insult to injury, Amazon does not even offer any way for plagiarized authors to report books as stolen works.  And judging by a recent indie author’s personal plight of trying to convince Amazon that his work had been stolen and included in an anthology published by a plagiarizer, the company obviously does not take plagiarism and copyright violations nearly as serious as they should.  After all, they are getting paid for each copy of book/e-book that is sold on their site.  They don’t care if it is stolen or not, so long as they get their money.  And the more stuff that gets reported as stolen, the more money they are losing by not checking out the “authors” who sell their works on the website.  Spotting them is fairly easy; they are the ones who have put up more than a dozen books and anthologies in the past few weeks and offer the same titles under a half-dozen different names.

Many authors have made suggestions for stopping the internet theft.  Obviously sites need to offer some way for general web surfers to report books as stolen.  Anyone who offers up anything for sale online, whether it be in e-book or print form, should have to file formal copyrights on it and give a copy of this registration before anything can be uploaded to the site.  This goes for POD companies as well.  Or, hosted works should be compared to other published content across their own site and the web to look for similar content offered under other names/accounts.  Accounts should be verified by verifying the physical address of the member.  Of course, some of these things would mean the “publisher” or “author” would have to wait a few weeks before they are able to begin selling their books with the company.  However, speaking as an author who has had my work plagiarized, I do not mind the extra wait time if it means that my work will be less likely to be stolen.

As for websites that constantly farm stories off of other story hosting sites and then use the stories without content of the original authors, this could become tricky.  Ideally, there should be some way for hosts of websites to have all posted content on websites scanned and compared to other content listed on the internet.  This may not be feasible, however, and as it stands, most websites have some type of “report” button on them for surfers to report directly to the admins of the website.  I would love to see ALL websites sporting a report button that leads directly to the hosting company where surfers can report content on a website as being stolen.  Or, the hosting company could implement crawls of their hosted sites’ content on a regular basis and compare it to content hosted elsewhere on the internet.  Of course, this would mean possible abuse of the system, added work load for the hosting companies, and many website owners would not like the idea of having their content crawled on a regular basis.  There would also have to be some sort of system worked out so that authors who post their stories on multiple sites would not have their content yanked for plagiarism.

All in all, the very technology that was created to help authors become self-sufficient and reach their readers on a broader spectrum without having to resort to traditional publishing and to allow them more artistic freedom of their finished product is being used against the authors it was designed to help.  What is making it quick and easy to sell works to masses of new readers is being used to sell stolen books, stories, and poems to millions of unsuspecting readers.  It is cheating authors out of potential royalties, it is stripping the author of their law-given right to be acknowledged as the creator of the stolen works, and it is infringing upon their copyrights as the creator of the stolen works.  It is thievery, pure and simple, and it is a problem that needs to be stamped out like a wildfire, systems put into place to stop the thievery, and a systematic way to report all stolen works to a main organization whose sole job it is to search out and destroy all instances of plagiarism.

**Another great article on the great  “Kindle Swindle” by Laura Hazard Owen at

Plagiarists BEWARE! “Formal Notice”

This is hereby formal public notice that my works have been plagiarized and reposted on other websites without my permission.  These sites are in direct violation of my copyrights.  I have sent formal requests to all sites asking that my stories be removed from their websites.

“Now That’s Fucking Hardcore!” has been posted on UrSexStories without my permission.  DMCA takedown notice has been filed.  All info listed for this company is bogus.  I am in the process of contacting the hosting company.

“Seventeen” has been posted to a community forum called eXBii and takedown notice sent.  Thanks to the admin for being so quick to remove my works.  However, for the record, next time an author claims copyrights, you might not want to be such raving assholes about it.  If you are going to run a community properly, it is your legal obligation to investigate any and all claims of copyright infringement.  If you do not want to be bothered, then shut your site down and quick taking your frustrations out on the authors who have had their works blatantly stolen and then hosted on your site.

Portions of the novels Vindictus, The Dark Lord and The Red Fang appear on TheBeaverFarm and have been posted without my permission.  DMCA takedown notice has been filed.

My story “Seventeen” has been reposted on Pornviet without my permission.  DMCA takedown notice has been filed, with no results.  I am now in the processing of contacting their hosting service.  It is my sincerest hopes that the host of the site yanks the entire site down.  Ditto for Ur Sex Stories.

1.  I am the original author and owner of the copyrights to these works.  They have been posted without my permission.  My stories appear on select websites only and those listed did not have my permission to post my stories.

2.  I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material described above on the allegedly infringing web pages is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

Nicola Matthews


The Red Fang, a BEFORE THE SUN RISES novel

Vindictus, The Dark Lord


“Now That’s Fucking Hardcore!”

“Primal Urge”

“The Darkness Within”


“The Devil’s Slave”

and the novel Temptation

Would You Rather Be Plagiarized or Not Known?

A post by a member of a story forum I frequent had me pondering this question:  Which would be worse to you as a writer, being plagiarized but having your work read all over the internet, or having it sit inside your computer never to be read by anyone?

Personally, I would rather have my work sit inside my computer and never see the light of day before I would ever want someone to post it and take credit for my hard work.  I don’t care how many people read it, what kind of rave reviews it got, or even if it meant passing up a great book deal, I would absolutely not want my work plagiarized.

The poster had said he would rather have his work read, even if it meant being plagiarized, because it would be known by so many people and would make it easier to become a bestseller of some sort.  And if, in the event it was made into a bestseller of some sort, it would be easy enough to find the original author.  I completely disagree with this.  There are no telling how many bestselling books have been written, how many blockbuster movies, and how many number one songs have been blatantly ripped off and the original author was never the wiser. 

Ponder this, if you would, for a moment.  Someone repeatedly posts your work all over the internet, taking credit for your hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and imagination.  It gets read by millions.  You don’t say anything.  Then one day you realize your story was made into a bestselling novel.  Unless you filed copyrights on your work, you are going to be hard put to prove that you actually wrote the original one, especially if you never bothered to confront the original plagiarizer.  And IF it did become a bestseller, who do you think the publisher is going to contact, the person claiming the work as their own, or the one who actually wrote it…the one who hasn’t bothered to say, “Hey!  I wrote that!  That’s mine!  You plagiarized!”  And if you wait until everyone knows the work in question, then the fans of the one claiming the work as his/her own is going to say that you are merely trying to hitch a free ride on someone else’s hard work.

Personally, in my honest opinion, anyone who would be okay with having their work plagiarized is not a true writer at heart.  It takes a LOT of hard work to create a literary work.  Some writers get so attached to their characters, like they have almost become real, tangible people.  The thought of anyone going through that much trouble, thought, and hard work and not be totally infuriated by the thought of having that work stolen makes absolutely no sense to me.  If you don’t care about what you have created, then what was the point?  Why did you bother to commit it to paper if you are just going to hand it over to thieves with a smile?  Writers may write to be read, but NOT if it means that someone else will get the credit.

So fellow writers, which would you prefer, and why?

Plagiarism Update

I just cannot BELIEVE the depth of this woman’s deceit.  I came across an old cached page of M. Ana Phylaxis’ on LuLu.  One of  her “copyright” notification dates is from 1997 for Necropolis, 2ND EDITION.  Which begs the question of exactly HOW LONG has this woman been going around plagiarizing authors who were nice enough to post their stories and ideas, FOR FREE, online only for her to come along and blatantly STEAL THEM from said authors.  To top it all off, these authors have not made one single cent off of their stories.  Yet here comes this lunatic who not only steals their hard work and creativity, but then SELLS the stolen property.

Finding this “copyright” notice page from one of her books that dates back 14 years makes me wonder exactly how long she has been stealing other writers’ works.  How many pseudonyms has she used over the last 20-odd years of her life?  How much money has she made off of the stolen imagination of other authors?

Perhaps a better question is WHY is Amazon still hosting 3 of her stolen works?  They were TOLD by several plagiarized authors that ALL of this woman’s books they were hosting were plagiarized.  Yet still 3 of them sit on the website, still making money for the thief.  Is Amazon not also liable for not only hosting but also MAKING A PROFIT off of these stolen works?  Are they not just as slimy as Rebecca, Becky, Rebekah Geissler/Bick / M. Ana Phylaxis/ Mistress Ana Phylaxis for making money off of stolen property?  Had the item in question been a television set, both the original thief and the middle man would have been thrown in jail.  What gives?

Here’s another interesting tidbit of information I have managed to dig up.  First, she’s listed on LinkedIn as Rebekah Geissler.  You can see that whole giant lie of a profile here:

Second, she has also used the pseudonym of R. T. Geissler to pawn off at least one book through LuLu.  It was on hypnotherapy.  I wonder if it was plagiarized too?  Thankfully LuLu yanked her entire catalog thanks to Alex Severin’s quick thinking and actions.

I will continue to dig up as much information on this plagiarizer as possible.  Information is power, and right now we need all the power we can get to have this woman put out of business and hopefully prosecuted as well.

Plagiarism Alert

I must apologize to my fans and readers for what I am being forced to do.  It has recently come to my attention that a woman has been going around adult literature sites, blatantly ripping off other author’s stories and using a POD service to sell copies of these stolen stories in book form.  Right now all of this is under investigation.  I personally do not have any stories on the sites in question, but she has not only ripped off stories from these adult sites but also from some of the author’s own personal websites. 

Due to this ongoing investigation of the dozens of writers whose copyrights have been infringed upon by this person, I am taking down all of my stories which have not already been put into publication.  I am extremely sorry for this, but until this woman is put out of business and behind bars then I do not trust having my work sitting around waiting for someone to rip off the work that I have spent years and years on.

Below is the e-mail that I was given privy to.  I am republishing with the original writer’s permission in hopes that this woman will be shut down permanently.

FORWARDED E-MAIL: on behalf of ASSTR Administration ( Sent:Thu 12/30/10 3:00 PMTo:

We are forwarding this message on to our authors as a courtesy to all of

– Rey del Sexo

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:39:37 -0800
From: Alex Severin <>

Wednesday, 29th December 2010

Dear Literotica & ASSTR,

I would be much obliged if you would send out the following letter via
your forums, newsletters and social networks. Please post it anywhere and
everywhere you deem appropriate.

I have discovered a massive case of plagiarism involving both your
websites and many of your writers. Their work has been plagiarized and
copyright infringed, and is being published in Kindle format and sold on (There were paperbacks and e-books being published by
also, but their Copyright Agent was fantastic – he deleted the thief’s
entire catalog, not just the book I sent him a DMCA notice about.)

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me
at the e-mail address below.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerest regards…
Alex Severin – Writer

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Writers,

My name is Alex Severin. I’m a writer. I’ve come across a Literary
Kleptomaniac on the internet variously named as –

Rebecca Geissler
Rebekah Geissler
Becky Geissler
Rebecca Bick
Rebekah Bick
Ana Phylaxis
M. Ana Phylaxis
Mistress Ana Phylaxis
BizarreBettyXXX (she claims this is her publishing house.)
Byronee (this is actually a character from one of the stolen stories below.)

She steals stories (erotica, mind control, fetish and erotic horror,) puts
them in book form and sells them on Amazon. So far, there are 7 books.
Every story is plagiarized and copyright infringed.

I already had her store on shut down. She was using them to POD
paperbacks and selling them at nearly $21 a pop.

If you have work on or, please read through the
list below and look for your name. If you don’t see your name, I’m sure
you will recognize plenty of other names listed. Please pass on this info
to your fellow writers, post it on your blog, your social network sites

She has looted both Literotica and ASSTR. She stole 8 of my stories from
my own website and a very old e-zine my work is in. Five of those she put
into books. The other 3 she was earning per-1000-clicks payments via
Yahoo! Associated Content.

I sent DMCA notices to regarding the two books my stories were
in and they have have since been deleted from the site, so, if your story
was in NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH or NECROPOLIS you don’t need to take any
action. 13 WOMEN has also been deleted after ‘Phineas’ whose story YAMARA
was stolen from Literotica, sent Amazon a DMCA notice. Currently, four
books remain available.

If your story/stories is/are in any of the other four books, I would
recommend sending Amazon a DMCA notice. If you don’t know how to do this,
click on the link below, copy and paste the DMCA form and just fill in all
the areas that contain UPPER CASE INSTRUCTIONS, like so, with your own

And send it to’s Copyright & Trademark Agent at

Use DMCA NOTICE – COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT as your e-mail subject line.

Any questions you might have or further help you may need with the DMCA
notice, don’t hesitate to contact me at (Remove
NOSPAM before sending e-mail, of course.)

I’ve listed the plagiarized and copyright infringed stories and writers,
book by book. It’s a long list. I’ve linked to all the Amazon buy pages
that remain (of course, a few of them are gone now but I’ve uploaded a few

Also, since Facebook doesn’t seem to care that she is linking to buy
illegal content (a contravention of their own Rights and Responsibilities
for users,) feel free to send a note to Facebook requesting they shut down
her ‘fan’ group. Just let them know that she’s linking to illegal content
in the form of copyright infringed / plagiarized stories and offering them
for sale via her group page. I sent her a Cease & Desist Order, since she
clearly wasn’t going to stop and kept releasing books even after I had
started taking her down, (including stealing more on my stories!) She
closed her ‘fan’ page on Facebook and locked down her ‘fan’ group. She’s
now claiming ‘her’ stories have been ‘stolen’ and that she is working with
the FBI on the matter.

Just as an aside, I wouldn’t recommend interacting with her. She informed
me I was affecting her PTSD, she is poor and innocent and that I am
actually victimizing HER. She told me she has no money and that legal
action against her will cost me more than it will her. I felt obliged to
inform her when I mentioned ‘legal action’ that she misunderstood – I am
not suing her personally – I am seeking her prosecution. I never heard
back from her after that.

This is the URL of her Facebook group –

She also has another facebook page, ‘’ (This is
also her, but she claims it is her ‘slave.’ The display names she uses on
her group are ‘Mistress Ana Phylaxis’ and ‘Anaphylactic Shock.’

This person has made money off all of us – perhaps not a fortune, but
enough that she continues to do it even after she has been caught.

The reason I’m sending this to the individual websites involved is this –
I contacted all the writers in the first three books and only received one
responses out of a dozen writers. Many of these stories have been online
for ten years or more and some of the accounts haven’t been modified for
many years. I thought my best bet was to try and get the two main sites on
board to send out this letter via their own newsletters, forums and social
networks. Also, anybody reading this please feel free to disseminate it,
or the information within, anywhere you deem appropriate. I would like
this plagiarist publicly exposed.

I got a call on 21st December from the Copyright and Trademark Agent at
Amazon, Adrian Garver and it would appear Mistress Ana Phylaxis is going
to try and challenge my DMCA notices. She informed Mr. Garver that she
started writing the book in 1993 and first published it in 1997. She
didn’t actually say which book she was talking about.

Here’s the book and story list…

Title : NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book
and it has now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

The buy page is gone now, but here are some screen-shots :

copy, please e-mail me. I don’t want to host the content on my site since
only a few of the stories are my own copyright and this would be an
infringement of your copyright.

In the Flesh – Alex Severin (Alex

Bad Habit – Alex Severin (House of Pain e-Zine)

Bad Habit II : The Redemtion of Mary Magdalen – Alex Severin (House of
Pain e-Zine)

Frankenstein, the Lost Journals – Red Ram (Literotica)

The Goblin Under the Bed – Margin Walker (Literotica)

Wonderland in Alice – TwistedPlayr (Literotica)

Lustful Summoning : Parts 1 – 13 – mjm202036 (Literotica)


Buy Link :
PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories
in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Coven (Complete Serial) – TheFlyingPen (Literotica)

Title : 13 WOMEN [This book has now been removed from the Amazon catalog
after a DMCA notice was sent by ‘Phineas’ whose story YAMARA was used.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories
in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Julia Chronicles – Sara H [AKA Cat’s Sara] (Literotica)

Igrayne – Uther Pendragon (ASSTR)

A Knight to Remember – Souvie (Literotica)

Last Night Together – Inkubus (ASSTR) (See note below about this story.)

The Gorgons Kiss – Cobalt Jade (ASSTR)

Yamara – Phineas (Literotica)

The Devil is Miss Jones (all parts) / The Devil is Still Miss Jones (all
parts) / Hell’s Belle : The Return of Lilibat (all parts) – A Sinister
Bent (ASSTR)

Dr. Fixit (all parts of the Dr. Kara Pendleton series) – A Sinister Bent

The Adventures of Sam Spain, PI [Her title, THE ADVENTURES OF SAM SPAIN,
PRIVATE DICK] – masterdavid1965 (Literotica)

on her NiteFlirt page where she’s selling audio files. I didn’t purchase
these as the site requires setting up an account with them. So you might
want to visit and check it out. There’s lots of files – she may have
gotten the original material from Literotica and ASSTR too. You might
recognize a title – she doesn’t change them often. Here’s the link to
her page –

Title : NECROPOLIS [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book and it has
now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since only two of the
stories in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your

Emma Eccentric – CSC Monkey Girl (Literotica)

Illisa’s Trials – t’Sade (Literotica)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Differently Dirty (Literotica)

Inside You – Alex Severin (

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – Libertine (ASSTR)

Migration – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

Pits & Spikes – t’Sade (ASSTR)

Playmates – Angel Michael (ASSTR)

Special Treats – t’Sade (ASSTR)

The Summer Guest – Evil Cow (ASSTR)

Winter Flesh – Tabico (ASSTR)

Zombie Fucker – Alex Severin & Hertzan Chimera (


Buy Link :

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying – Unknown Pleasures (Literotica)

Blood Rose – Chapters 1 – 3 – Icehead (Literotica)

Boston Halloween Massacre – Chapters 1 – 22 – BostonFictionWriter

Call of the Wolf – Chapters 1 – 8 – Purpleguy1812 (Literotica)

Consumed – Chapters 1 – 3 – NotWhatSheSeems (Literotica)

Captivity – J. Percival (Literotica)

Plane of Lust – limitless_lover (Literotica)

Title : D… E… F… (THE A,B,C’S OF DISCIPLINE AND HORROR Volume 2) [sic]

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Detective Murphy – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy Meets the Devil – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Lesson – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Prick – Transfix (Literotica)

Descending – Chapters 1 – 2 – missmetalhead (Literotica)

Englishman in New York – Chapters 1 – 13 – velvetpie (Literotica)

Fresh from the Grave – Days 1 – 5 – emap (Literotica)

Found – Chapters 1 – 5 – Cowboi (Literotica)

Fungi – Master_Vyle (Literotica)

Full Moon Rut – SolitaryHawk (Literotica)


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12 Days of Christmas – Days 1 – 12 – supersexy_alexa (Literotica)


Mary Magdalene : The Beloved Disciple
Actual Title : Mary Magdalene : Author of the Fourth Gospel? – Ramon K.

New Year’s – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Jimmy’s Fate – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Chieftain – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Good Steward – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Phoenix House – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

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