Fallen From Grace

With the release of the third book in the Before the Sun Rises Series, Nicola has been working on a spin-off sub-serial series based in the same paranormal world as the original series. Fallen From Grace is a science fantasy series set in Abyss City seventy-five years after the end of Clan of the Claw. Join a brand-new cast of characters and some old favorites as they learn to maneuver in a world where the paranormal elements have been forced to live in secrecy once again. Battles will be fought, alliances forged and new enemies arise all in a bid to live just one more day in a universe hell-bent on destroying them all.

Fallen From Grace is an urban fantasy series set in the fictitious southern town of Abyss City, LA approximately seventy-five years after the end of the original trilogy. It follows a new cast of characters and brings in some of the original favorites for a brand new set of adventures in a new world set in the aftermath of the havoc left behind by the Shield of Humanity.

Blood Rising: a Fallen From Grace novel – Before the Sun Rises Series, Book 4 is scheduled for release in its entirety August 2018. Blood Spell: a Fallen From Grace novel – Before the Sun Rises Series, Book 5 is scheduled for release early 2019.


We were outcasts now, forced to once again live in the shadows of the night. The world was changing thanks to the Shield of Humanity, and whether or not it would be for the benefit of the supernatural community was still to be seen. There were still vampires, still werewolves of all kinds, but the humans – the humans were changing. So many experiments done in the name of helping mankind, so many failed attempts at eradicating supernaturals and humans alike.

We were the chosen the ones, those Fallen From Grace, those who would rise up against everything meant to destroy our world. We are just the beginning, the first few who would discover the dark secrets left behind in our city, the front runners of the battle which was yet to come.