Blood Rising

Blood Rising Ebook Mock NCM

An exciting new spin-off series from the underground lair of the Paranormal Princess comes a fast-paced paranormal romance set in the Before the Sun Rises universe where tempers and passion rise.

Who could be trusted when no one was what they appeared to be?

We were outcasts now, forced to once again live in the shadows of the night.

The chosen ones, those Fallen From Grace, we would rise up against everything meant to destroy our world.

But we were just the beginning. We would discover the dark secrets left behind in our city, the front runners of the battle which was yet to come.

Aleria had been living among the vampires for a decade, welcomed into their world if still slightly apart from it. Until one night she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She gave up her mortal life to save Gnash, and he in turn gave her his immortal kiss. Now she was a part of his coven, but not everyone was so eager to welcome her with open arms.

In this new world where the lines of humanity and the supernatural have been blurred, it was becoming increasingly harder to figure out who were friends – and who was the enemy.

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Genre: Gothic Literature – Romance | Gothic Literature – Horror | Science Fantasy | Paranormal Fantasy | Urban Fantasy | Fiction – Vampires | Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering