Clan of the Claw

New enemies arise and old friends unite in the latest thrilling novel in the paranormal fantasy series Before the Sun Rises from the underground lair of the Paranormal Princess.

No matter what may come tomorrow, we are no longer fighting this war alone.

Left for dead by The Vampire High Council, Ethereal Oscurita is finding it very difficult to adjust to life as one of only two known lycanthrope hybrids to have ever existed.

Torn between her love for two vampires and the man killed by the very hybrid who had created her, she is no longer content to spend her days hiding in the basement of the master vampire’s country estate. She needs time – time away from a disintegrating love triangle, time to heal, but more importantly, time to figure out who she really is.

Ethereal sets out to fulfill a promise to Nikkolas Redpaw, the werebear who sacrificed himself for the sake of her family while fighting the Shield of Humanity.

She travels to the northern most regions of Alaska in a search to find any surviving member of his once great clan. What she discovers there could be the beginning of something truly wonderful – or the end to a tale five years in the making.

Allies will be made, friendships tested, and old wounds reopened. Will Alaska hold the key to Ethereal’s happily ever after, or a bitter ending to a life only half-lived?

In a distinctive mashup of The Vampire Chronicles, the Anita Blake Series, and Sookie Stackhouse, the Before the Sun Rises Series is the fast-paced, action-packed urban science fantasy series which transports paranormal fans into a world unlike any other. Find out why readers are saying “this isn’t your normal paranormal” …

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