“You’re not a klutz, babe, just a little jinxed.”

Alicia’s career was going nowhere. In a world where younger was always better, a woman nearing thirty was practically useless in the entertainment industry.

She had long since given up her dreams of becoming a model. Instead she has spent the best years of her life as the assistant to The Great Georgio, a magical act which relied more on the comic relief of her ability to always manage to sabotage a show rather than based on Georgio’s actual magical talents.

When she accidentally cracks open the skull of Jeremy Fergers, the guitarist for the world-renowned vampire metal band White Coffin, Georgio sees a unique opportunity to resurrect their doomed careers.

Georgio is convinced their only hope of making a name for themselves relies on her becoming a member of the undead.

He plans to have Alicia seduce Jeremy, hoping he will embrace her.

But when Alicia begins to fall in love with their mark, she refuses to go through with their original plan, forcing Georgio to improvise as he continues his quest for ultimate fame as the world’s greatest magician.

Finding himself in a dangerous situation, Jeremy must make a painful decision – can he live with himself if he embraces Alicia, or can he learn to live without the woman whose impossible klutziness has somehow managed to steal his heart?

Hailed as 50 Shades meets Twilight, Nicola C. Matthews’s Sweet Seductions Series has everything in this paranormal romantic comedy mashup – sexy vampire rockstars, fun shenanigans, and the burning question – can true love truly conquer all?