The Taming of Andy Savage

It’s all pervy fun until someone ends up dead.

For Nicolette Vampskin, it had always been about the musicians and the parties.

Or at least it had been, until a chance one-night stand with the tall frontman of White Coffin turned her entire world upside down.

Now she’s in love with a vampire half her age, in hot water with her boss, and her music journalism career was spiraling out of control. What happened to the once proud fang-girl who was content to bang half the vampire bands in the country?

Yeah, it was all in fun until someone ended up dead.

Hailed as 50 Shades meets Twilight, Nicola C. Matthews’s Sweet Seductions Series has everything in this paranormal romantic comedy mashup – sexy vampire rockstars, fun shenanigans, and the burning question – can true love truly conquer all?