Immortal Sins

Immortal Sins

Before the Sun Rises Series

Book 2

Nicola C. Matthews

What hell awaits when the man responsible for killing your sister becomes your sanctioned partner?

Ashton Jones wasn’t just any serial killer, he was the serial killer.

He was the one who had killed her twin sister, the one who had gotten away, the one who had ruined her career as a detective.

Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, she finds herself partnered with the man she vowed to kill at any cost.

Altania Lewis wasn’t just any woman, she was the woman.

She was the one who had gotten away, the one he couldn’t bring himself to kill, the one he had obsessed over for years beyond count.

Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, he finds himself partnered with the one woman he vowed to conquer…mind, body, and soul.

Their partnership sanctioned by The Vampire High Council, Ash and Alty are expected to protect each other with their last breath.

Ash swears he is a changed man with a new respect for life, even hers. Altania does not believe it is possible for someone with a heart as dark as Ash’s to ever change.

Will their burning hatred for each other compromise their mission, or has Ash’s newfound immortality not only turned him into a member of the undead, but also into a man worthy of Altania’s love?

In a distinctive mashup of The Vampire Chronicles, the Anita Blake Series, and Twilight, the Before the Sun Rises Series is the fast-paced, action-packed urban science fantasy series which transports paranormal fans into a world unlike any other. Find out why readers are saying “this isn’t your normal paranormal” …


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