About Nicola


Nicola was born and raised in Southern Mississippi where she still resides with her family. A lover of all things paranormal, Nicola began her journey into the writing world at the tender age of ten, completing her first paranormal novel at the age of thirteen. She has been both traditionally and independently published by large and small presses.

Nicola has an extensive catalog ranging from urban fantasy to hard-core erotica, action adventure, paranormal fantasy, science fantasy, and psychological thrillers. Her global reader base has affectionately dubbed her the Paranormal Princess. Her world-building is unequal in the modern author, leaving critics to say “Nicola captures the imagination, transporting her readers into a world unlike any other with unforgettable characters and twists you never see coming. This isn’t your normal paranormal, this isn’t just another vampire book, it’s better.”

A scholar at heart, Nicola has a thirst for knowledge for the paranormal, math, and sciences. In addition to being an author, she is also an accomplished graphic artist, a music buff, and an avid reader. She is very active in the author community, the indie music scene, and the alternative model scene.

Whatever your tastes, Nicola has a story you can really sink your teeth into. Join Nicola today as she takes you into worlds unlike any other. Haunting storylines, believable characters, masterfully written. Are you ready to brave the darkness?