About Nicola


Amazon International Best Selling Author Nicola C. Matthews was born and raised in Southern Mississippi where she still resides with her husband of over twenty years, their three children, and their pets. She wrote her first complete novella at the age of thirteen and began her journey into the publishing world at the age of fifteen. In 2006 she began researching how to create her own publishing house and small press publisher. In 2007 her first book was published through the POD company LuLu Press. In 2010 she made the move to Amazon and the rest is history. She has an extensive catalog ranging from urban fantasy romance to hard-core erotica, action adventure, and psychological thrillers. She is active in the author community and continues to publish new novels every year. She founded Bloody Feather Graphix in 2015, Taboo Tales in 2017, and her event planning service, X-Isle Promotions, continues to host author signing events each year across the southern US.