Plagiarism Update

I just cannot BELIEVE the depth of this woman’s deceit.  I came across an old cached page of M. Ana Phylaxis’ on LuLu.  One of  her “copyright” notification dates is from 1997 for Necropolis, 2ND EDITION.  Which begs the question of exactly HOW LONG has this woman been going around plagiarizing authors who were nice enough to post their stories and ideas, FOR FREE, online only for her to come along and blatantly STEAL THEM from said authors.  To top it all off, these authors have not made one single cent off of their stories.  Yet here comes this lunatic who not only steals their hard work and creativity, but then SELLS the stolen property.

Finding this “copyright” notice page from one of her books that dates back 14 years makes me wonder exactly how long she has been stealing other writers’ works.  How many pseudonyms has she used over the last 20-odd years of her life?  How much money has she made off of the stolen imagination of other authors?

Perhaps a better question is WHY is Amazon still hosting 3 of her stolen works?  They were TOLD by several plagiarized authors that ALL of this woman’s books they were hosting were plagiarized.  Yet still 3 of them sit on the website, still making money for the thief.  Is Amazon not also liable for not only hosting but also MAKING A PROFIT off of these stolen works?  Are they not just as slimy as Rebecca, Becky, Rebekah Geissler/Bick / M. Ana Phylaxis/ Mistress Ana Phylaxis for making money off of stolen property?  Had the item in question been a television set, both the original thief and the middle man would have been thrown in jail.  What gives?

Here’s another interesting tidbit of information I have managed to dig up.  First, she’s listed on LinkedIn as Rebekah Geissler.  You can see that whole giant lie of a profile here:

Second, she has also used the pseudonym of R. T. Geissler to pawn off at least one book through LuLu.  It was on hypnotherapy.  I wonder if it was plagiarized too?  Thankfully LuLu yanked her entire catalog thanks to Alex Severin’s quick thinking and actions.

I will continue to dig up as much information on this plagiarizer as possible.  Information is power, and right now we need all the power we can get to have this woman put out of business and hopefully prosecuted as well.