My Journey into TWITTER Ads – Round 1

round 1

While fighting with FaceBook to get my author page unflagged, I decided to run a Twitter ad to compare it with the results of my FB ad.

Below is the first ad I ran, along with a link to the book’s Amazon page:

“They’re picking us off one by one, a full blown extermination. And they call us the monsters.”

The Red Fang


I set a targeted audience of women with the keywords “reading,” “paranormal” and “romance.” I ran the ad in the US and Canada.

Budget and Time Frame:

The campaign ran from 9/28/15 to 9/29/14 for a total of 2 days. I set a budget of $2/day with a total budget of $4 for the life of the ad.

My total engagements were:

3048 total newsfeeds that the ad was introduced into

9 total click-throughs

Cost per engagement rounded out to $.44 cents

Return rate was .30%

My thoughts – FaceBook Ads VS Twitter Ads

While my overall cost per engagement on Twitter was more ($.33 on FB and $.44 on Twitter), I reached more newsfeeds and had a higher click-through rate with the 2 day Twitter ad than I did a 3 day FB ad session, and spent $2 less through Twitter.

My plan is to keep running ads on both platforms. I will again point out the rule of 7 in marketing. Until I have more data to compare, I feel ruling either platform out at this point would be unwise. My goal is to raise awareness, get followers, and then make sales as an after effect. I will run ads on both platforms for various books during various days of the month. At the end of the year, I will reevaluate the numbers.


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