First Time Zombie Fucker: The Story, With Commentary

In addition to the follow-up to Vindictus, The Dark Lord, a work currently entitled Vindictus: Through the Rift, and the second novel in the BEFORE THE SUN RISES series, a book called Immortal Sins, I am also working on another anthology which currently is going to sport four stories: the ever-wildly popular “First Time Zombie Fucker,” a follow-up to the story called “Run, Zombie Fuckers, Run!”, and two brand-new stories called “The Friend” and “Twisted.” This anthology is tentatively being called Beneath the Still Moon and will hopefully be released sometime next year within a few months of Immortal Sins.

In the meantime, I wanted to celebrate this impending new release with a re-posting of “First Time Zombie Fucker,” along with some background story on how this fun and sexy-but-twisted story came to be.

Even before I had released The Red Fang, I had already begun penning the next novel in the BEFORE THE SUN RISES series, a book entitled Immortal Sins. After the release of TRF, I was wiped out from spending the better part of a year finishing up the novel and doing some hard edits. But I was eager to start the next novel, and soon found myself struggling with writer’s block. I knew what I wanted to write, but the words just would not make their way out of my head and onto the paper. I was, in essence, burnt out on the whole supernatural thing.

So in an effort to clear out the cobwebs inside of my head, I decided to write something so completely outside of my comfort zone that it would make me cringe. I did not want anything supernatural about the story, I wanted to get back to my roots by writing a pure sexual story, and I wanted to write it in a style that was not my norm. I wanted raw, in-your-face and a clear ‘I don’t give a damn’ style. The original story “Now That’s Fucking Hardcore!” was born. And man what a reception it received. That original story saw over 350,000 reads in the first 30 days after it hit XN. Over the next three months, it saw well over a half-million reads all told. And then, since it was being plagiarized all over the adult communities across the web, I had it yanked from the story site.

Last year, I was once again feeling writer’s block due to stress from my full-time day job. I once again wanted to write something just for the fun of it, but I did not want another NTFHC! story. Instead, I wanted to explore Ashton Jones’ sexually deviant side. But again, I wanted the same raw, in-your-face writing style as NTFHC! Instead, I ended up with a hilariously twisted yet sexy story that had a lot of hidden meanings. I got to explore a different side of a new character that I really like, and it helped to clear my mind enough for me to see the path I wanted to take with Immortal Sins

Since those two stories have hit, I have a whole new reader fan-base and managed to reinvent myself as well. Those stories spawned a brand new selection of stories from me, all written in the same raw, in-your-face style that fans seem to love. More importantly, the “First Time Zombie Fucker” gave me an idea for a follow-up story, “Run, Zombie Fuckers, Run!” which is shaping up to be just as much fun and sexy as the first one.

With that said, allow me re-post a favorite of the fans, “First Time Zombie Fucker.”

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