Novels by Nicola: Coming to a Jitters Near You

Recently I contacted my local branch of Jitters Coffeehouse and Bookstore to inquire if they would be willing to carry my novels. They cater to a large selection of MS authors, host book signings, offer local live music events, and have a great selection of gifts and novelty items.  After emailing the manager, I have been given a tentative ‘yes’ and will be meeting with her in the next few weeks to hammer out the details.

This is very exciting news. As most of my fans know, I am very, very selective about where my novels are offered and where I post my free excerpts. I have always posted exclusively to either XN or my own website/blog. Now I am thinking of allowing Jitters to have the exclusive right to be the only carrier of my novels in my home town. I do intend to branch out and have my novels, shirts, and jewelry offered in other privately owned businesses in other nearby towns. And, as always, my works will be offered for Kindle and in ebook and printed forms online.

In the meantime, if the owners will allow, I will have my own small display in the store complete with poster and possibly tee shirts as well. Below, the mock-ups for the poster promoting the BTSR series:



And here, two alternative logos for my shirts. *Keep in mind that all images are the sole copyrighted and trade-marked property of Nicola C. Matthews and may not be copied and used without the prior written consent of Nicola C. Matthews.

VVJ Fangs Logo

VVJ Text Only Logo


So here’s to hoping everything works out. If it does, then Nicola C. Matthews will be coming to a Jitters Coffeehouse near you!


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