First Time Zombie Fucker: The Story, With Commentary

In addition to the follow-up to Vindictus, The Dark Lord, a work currently entitled Vindictus: Through the Rift, and the second novel in the BEFORE THE SUN RISES series, a book called Immortal Sins, I am also working on another anthology which currently is going to sport four stories: the ever-wildly popular “First Time Zombie Fucker,” a follow-up to the story called “Run, Zombie Fuckers, Run!”, and two brand-new stories called “The Friend” and “Twisted.” This anthology is tentatively being called Beneath the Still Moon and will hopefully be released sometime next year within a few months of Immortal Sins.

In the meantime, I wanted to celebrate this impending new release with a re-posting of “First Time Zombie Fucker,” along with some background story on how this fun and sexy-but-twisted story came to be.

Even before I had released The Red Fang, I had already begun penning the next novel in the BEFORE THE SUN RISES series, a book entitled Immortal Sins. After the release of TRF, I was wiped out from spending the better part of a year finishing up the novel and doing some hard edits. But I was eager to start the next novel, and soon found myself struggling with writer’s block. I knew what I wanted to write, but the words just would not make their way out of my head and onto the paper. I was, in essence, burnt out on the whole supernatural thing.

So in an effort to clear out the cobwebs inside of my head, I decided to write something so completely outside of my comfort zone that it would make me cringe. I did not want anything supernatural about the story, I wanted to get back to my roots by writing a pure sexual story, and I wanted to write it in a style that was not my norm. I wanted raw, in-your-face and a clear ‘I don’t give a damn’ style. The original story “Now That’s Fucking Hardcore!” was born. And man what a reception it received. That original story saw over 350,000 reads in the first 30 days after it hit XN. Over the next three months, it saw well over a half-million reads all told. And then, since it was being plagiarized all over the adult communities across the web, I had it yanked from the story site.

Last year, I was once again feeling writer’s block due to stress from my full-time day job. I once again wanted to write something just for the fun of it, but I did not want another NTFHC! story. Instead, I wanted to explore Ashton Jones’ sexually deviant side. But again, I wanted the same raw, in-your-face writing style as NTFHC! Instead, I ended up with a hilariously twisted yet sexy story that had a lot of hidden meanings. I got to explore a different side of a new character that I really like, and it helped to clear my mind enough for me to see the path I wanted to take with Immortal Sins

Since those two stories have hit, I have a whole new reader fan-base and managed to reinvent myself as well. Those stories spawned a brand new selection of stories from me, all written in the same raw, in-your-face style that fans seem to love. More importantly, the “First Time Zombie Fucker” gave me an idea for a follow-up story, “Run, Zombie Fuckers, Run!” which is shaping up to be just as much fun and sexy as the first one.

With that said, allow me re-post a favorite of the fans, “First Time Zombie Fucker.”

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Novels by Nicola: Coming to a Jitters Near You

Recently I contacted my local branch of Jitters Coffeehouse and Bookstore to inquire if they would be willing to carry my novels. They cater to a large selection of MS authors, host book signings, offer local live music events, and have a great selection of gifts and novelty items.  After emailing the manager, I have been given a tentative ‘yes’ and will be meeting with her in the next few weeks to hammer out the details.

This is very exciting news. As most of my fans know, I am very, very selective about where my novels are offered and where I post my free excerpts. I have always posted exclusively to either XN or my own website/blog. Now I am thinking of allowing Jitters to have the exclusive right to be the only carrier of my novels in my home town. I do intend to branch out and have my novels, shirts, and jewelry offered in other privately owned businesses in other nearby towns. And, as always, my works will be offered for Kindle and in ebook and printed forms online.

In the meantime, if the owners will allow, I will have my own small display in the store complete with poster and possibly tee shirts as well. Below, the mock-ups for the poster promoting the BTSR series:



And here, two alternative logos for my shirts. *Keep in mind that all images are the sole copyrighted and trade-marked property of Nicola C. Matthews and may not be copied and used without the prior written consent of Nicola C. Matthews.

VVJ Fangs Logo

VVJ Text Only Logo


So here’s to hoping everything works out. If it does, then Nicola C. Matthews will be coming to a Jitters Coffeehouse near you!

I have to Wonder …

For the better part the past two years I have thought very seriously about ‘coming out’ as an underground novelist. As many may know, I have an Evil Day Job. That is to say, my writing ‘career’ is what I do on the side because I love to write and I love to share my creations with others. But it doesn’t pay, and I don’t do it for the money any way. Needless to say, I must have some way of making money, so I have an official ‘Evil Day Job’ that keeps me away from my home for about 11 hours a day. No one outside of my immediately family knows that I am a published author on the side. I fear that I might lose my job if I told my employer, considering the nature of what I write about and where it all has been posted over the years.

Recently, however, I have pretty much stopped posting on the XN forum and decided that any new material I decide to post will be posted either on my website or my blog. I’m sick of the trolls over on XN and at this point, since I am trying to build my name up more, I think it is best if I move away from the stigmata associated with XN and try to get my name recognition to stand on its own feet. I’m working with a small internet cafe and bookstore in my home town to get some of my novels sold there, and there may be some book signings in the future as well. For this reason, my status as an ‘underground’ author will soon be out the window.

This has gotten me to thinking and wondering if I should bother to start putting my face out there to go with my name. I somehow doubt it would make any difference. Let’s face it, authors are not exactly known for being ‘famous.’ Sure, I know what Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice and Laurel K. Hamilton look like, but I wouldn’t give them a second glance if I passed them on the street. Authors don’t really get their faces out there like the other arts, so while I would instantly know Johnny Depp when I set eyes on him, chances are I wouldn’t give Stephen King the time of day if I saw him sitting at a diner.

So the question remains: should I begin to post photographs of myself on my Facebook, blog, website, and on my novels? Should I just reserve photo sessions for the rare times I might accidentally get to do a book signing? Should I even bother? More importantly, would it even make a difference?