Plagiarism Alert

I must apologize to my fans and readers for what I am being forced to do.  It has recently come to my attention that a woman has been going around adult literature sites, blatantly ripping off other author’s stories and using a POD service to sell copies of these stolen stories in book form.  Right now all of this is under investigation.  I personally do not have any stories on the sites in question, but she has not only ripped off stories from these adult sites but also from some of the author’s own personal websites. 

Due to this ongoing investigation of the dozens of writers whose copyrights have been infringed upon by this person, I am taking down all of my stories which have not already been put into publication.  I am extremely sorry for this, but until this woman is put out of business and behind bars then I do not trust having my work sitting around waiting for someone to rip off the work that I have spent years and years on.

Below is the e-mail that I was given privy to.  I am republishing with the original writer’s permission in hopes that this woman will be shut down permanently.

FORWARDED E-MAIL: on behalf of ASSTR Administration ( Sent:Thu 12/30/10 3:00 PMTo:

We are forwarding this message on to our authors as a courtesy to all of

– Rey del Sexo

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:39:37 -0800
From: Alex Severin <>

Wednesday, 29th December 2010

Dear Literotica & ASSTR,

I would be much obliged if you would send out the following letter via
your forums, newsletters and social networks. Please post it anywhere and
everywhere you deem appropriate.

I have discovered a massive case of plagiarism involving both your
websites and many of your writers. Their work has been plagiarized and
copyright infringed, and is being published in Kindle format and sold on (There were paperbacks and e-books being published by
also, but their Copyright Agent was fantastic – he deleted the thief’s
entire catalog, not just the book I sent him a DMCA notice about.)

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me
at the e-mail address below.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerest regards…
Alex Severin – Writer

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Writers,

My name is Alex Severin. I’m a writer. I’ve come across a Literary
Kleptomaniac on the internet variously named as –

Rebecca Geissler
Rebekah Geissler
Becky Geissler
Rebecca Bick
Rebekah Bick
Ana Phylaxis
M. Ana Phylaxis
Mistress Ana Phylaxis
BizarreBettyXXX (she claims this is her publishing house.)
Byronee (this is actually a character from one of the stolen stories below.)

She steals stories (erotica, mind control, fetish and erotic horror,) puts
them in book form and sells them on Amazon. So far, there are 7 books.
Every story is plagiarized and copyright infringed.

I already had her store on shut down. She was using them to POD
paperbacks and selling them at nearly $21 a pop.

If you have work on or, please read through the
list below and look for your name. If you don’t see your name, I’m sure
you will recognize plenty of other names listed. Please pass on this info
to your fellow writers, post it on your blog, your social network sites

She has looted both Literotica and ASSTR. She stole 8 of my stories from
my own website and a very old e-zine my work is in. Five of those she put
into books. The other 3 she was earning per-1000-clicks payments via
Yahoo! Associated Content.

I sent DMCA notices to regarding the two books my stories were
in and they have have since been deleted from the site, so, if your story
was in NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH or NECROPOLIS you don’t need to take any
action. 13 WOMEN has also been deleted after ‘Phineas’ whose story YAMARA
was stolen from Literotica, sent Amazon a DMCA notice. Currently, four
books remain available.

If your story/stories is/are in any of the other four books, I would
recommend sending Amazon a DMCA notice. If you don’t know how to do this,
click on the link below, copy and paste the DMCA form and just fill in all
the areas that contain UPPER CASE INSTRUCTIONS, like so, with your own

And send it to’s Copyright & Trademark Agent at

Use DMCA NOTICE – COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT as your e-mail subject line.

Any questions you might have or further help you may need with the DMCA
notice, don’t hesitate to contact me at (Remove
NOSPAM before sending e-mail, of course.)

I’ve listed the plagiarized and copyright infringed stories and writers,
book by book. It’s a long list. I’ve linked to all the Amazon buy pages
that remain (of course, a few of them are gone now but I’ve uploaded a few

Also, since Facebook doesn’t seem to care that she is linking to buy
illegal content (a contravention of their own Rights and Responsibilities
for users,) feel free to send a note to Facebook requesting they shut down
her ‘fan’ group. Just let them know that she’s linking to illegal content
in the form of copyright infringed / plagiarized stories and offering them
for sale via her group page. I sent her a Cease & Desist Order, since she
clearly wasn’t going to stop and kept releasing books even after I had
started taking her down, (including stealing more on my stories!) She
closed her ‘fan’ page on Facebook and locked down her ‘fan’ group. She’s
now claiming ‘her’ stories have been ‘stolen’ and that she is working with
the FBI on the matter.

Just as an aside, I wouldn’t recommend interacting with her. She informed
me I was affecting her PTSD, she is poor and innocent and that I am
actually victimizing HER. She told me she has no money and that legal
action against her will cost me more than it will her. I felt obliged to
inform her when I mentioned ‘legal action’ that she misunderstood – I am
not suing her personally – I am seeking her prosecution. I never heard
back from her after that.

This is the URL of her Facebook group –

She also has another facebook page, ‘’ (This is
also her, but she claims it is her ‘slave.’ The display names she uses on
her group are ‘Mistress Ana Phylaxis’ and ‘Anaphylactic Shock.’

This person has made money off all of us – perhaps not a fortune, but
enough that she continues to do it even after she has been caught.

The reason I’m sending this to the individual websites involved is this –
I contacted all the writers in the first three books and only received one
responses out of a dozen writers. Many of these stories have been online
for ten years or more and some of the accounts haven’t been modified for
many years. I thought my best bet was to try and get the two main sites on
board to send out this letter via their own newsletters, forums and social
networks. Also, anybody reading this please feel free to disseminate it,
or the information within, anywhere you deem appropriate. I would like
this plagiarist publicly exposed.

I got a call on 21st December from the Copyright and Trademark Agent at
Amazon, Adrian Garver and it would appear Mistress Ana Phylaxis is going
to try and challenge my DMCA notices. She informed Mr. Garver that she
started writing the book in 1993 and first published it in 1997. She
didn’t actually say which book she was talking about.

Here’s the book and story list…

Title : NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book
and it has now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

The buy page is gone now, but here are some screen-shots :

copy, please e-mail me. I don’t want to host the content on my site since
only a few of the stories are my own copyright and this would be an
infringement of your copyright.

In the Flesh – Alex Severin (Alex

Bad Habit – Alex Severin (House of Pain e-Zine)

Bad Habit II : The Redemtion of Mary Magdalen – Alex Severin (House of
Pain e-Zine)

Frankenstein, the Lost Journals – Red Ram (Literotica)

The Goblin Under the Bed – Margin Walker (Literotica)

Wonderland in Alice – TwistedPlayr (Literotica)

Lustful Summoning : Parts 1 – 13 – mjm202036 (Literotica)


Buy Link :
PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories
in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Coven (Complete Serial) – TheFlyingPen (Literotica)

Title : 13 WOMEN [This book has now been removed from the Amazon catalog
after a DMCA notice was sent by ‘Phineas’ whose story YAMARA was used.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories
in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Julia Chronicles – Sara H [AKA Cat’s Sara] (Literotica)

Igrayne – Uther Pendragon (ASSTR)

A Knight to Remember – Souvie (Literotica)

Last Night Together – Inkubus (ASSTR) (See note below about this story.)

The Gorgons Kiss – Cobalt Jade (ASSTR)

Yamara – Phineas (Literotica)

The Devil is Miss Jones (all parts) / The Devil is Still Miss Jones (all
parts) / Hell’s Belle : The Return of Lilibat (all parts) – A Sinister
Bent (ASSTR)

Dr. Fixit (all parts of the Dr. Kara Pendleton series) – A Sinister Bent

The Adventures of Sam Spain, PI [Her title, THE ADVENTURES OF SAM SPAIN,
PRIVATE DICK] – masterdavid1965 (Literotica)

on her NiteFlirt page where she’s selling audio files. I didn’t purchase
these as the site requires setting up an account with them. So you might
want to visit and check it out. There’s lots of files – she may have
gotten the original material from Literotica and ASSTR too. You might
recognize a title – she doesn’t change them often. Here’s the link to
her page –

Title : NECROPOLIS [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book and it has
now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM – If you would like a copy, please e-mail
me. I don’t want to host this e-book on my site since only two of the
stories in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your

Emma Eccentric – CSC Monkey Girl (Literotica)

Illisa’s Trials – t’Sade (Literotica)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Differently Dirty (Literotica)

Inside You – Alex Severin (

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – Libertine (ASSTR)

Migration – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

Pits & Spikes – t’Sade (ASSTR)

Playmates – Angel Michael (ASSTR)

Special Treats – t’Sade (ASSTR)

The Summer Guest – Evil Cow (ASSTR)

Winter Flesh – Tabico (ASSTR)

Zombie Fucker – Alex Severin & Hertzan Chimera (


Buy Link :

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying – Unknown Pleasures (Literotica)

Blood Rose – Chapters 1 – 3 – Icehead (Literotica)

Boston Halloween Massacre – Chapters 1 – 22 – BostonFictionWriter

Call of the Wolf – Chapters 1 – 8 – Purpleguy1812 (Literotica)

Consumed – Chapters 1 – 3 – NotWhatSheSeems (Literotica)

Captivity – J. Percival (Literotica)

Plane of Lust – limitless_lover (Literotica)

Title : D… E… F… (THE A,B,C’S OF DISCIPLINE AND HORROR Volume 2) [sic]

Buy Link :

Detective Murphy – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy Meets the Devil – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Lesson – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Prick – Transfix (Literotica)

Descending – Chapters 1 – 2 – missmetalhead (Literotica)

Englishman in New York – Chapters 1 – 13 – velvetpie (Literotica)

Fresh from the Grave – Days 1 – 5 – emap (Literotica)

Found – Chapters 1 – 5 – Cowboi (Literotica)

Fungi – Master_Vyle (Literotica)

Full Moon Rut – SolitaryHawk (Literotica)


Buy Link :

12 Days of Christmas – Days 1 – 12 – supersexy_alexa (Literotica)


Mary Magdalene : The Beloved Disciple
Actual Title : Mary Magdalene : Author of the Fourth Gospel? – Ramon K.

New Year’s – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Jimmy’s Fate – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Chieftain – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Good Steward – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Phoenix House – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

Again, writers, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any
assistance with your DMCA notice, or have any other questions regarding
this matter.

I would also like to express my thanks to the websites involved for
assisting with disseminating this information.

Sincerest regards…
/Alex Severin/
Alex Severin – Writer

13 comments on “Plagiarism Alert

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  3. If you don’t want your shit copied don’t put it online in the first place.
    You’re right it’s wrong to copy someone’s work. That person shouldn’t have done it, but honestly if you don’t want your work ripped off don’t posted online. You wouldn’t advertise that you have a new 120 inch HDTV then leave it on your lawn would you? Of course not! It’s not right that someone would take it, but you KNOW they would – so why not use that same logic when it comes to posting your work online?


    • Saying that is like telling an author not to get their works published if they don’t want to run the risk of being plagiarized. This person BROKE THE LAW. Regardless of whether or not the stories/novels in question were posted online or in print, they are ALL protected under the Copyright law which strictly forbids them from being copied in any form for any reason without the author’s prior written consent. This person STOLE dozens of authors’ work and then sold it. What she did was no different than if she had stolen a television set and then sold it. Even if someone were to stick that television set on their lawn, it does NOT give someone the right to tresspass on their property and then steal that television. She could have just as easily re-typed one of Anne Rice’s novels and then sold it for profit. The end result would still have been the same. SHE PLAGIARIZED ANOTHER AUTHOR’S WORK. Whether that work was posted on line with a copyright notification or written in a paperback copy, she still stole it and then claimed it as her own.


  4. i´m also one off the wrytters off one off those sites, and also a known wrytter in my country in children books and ficcion, and a member off the national library, and following the recent developments on this apawling case, took accion on sending all the matter to the propper institution, and now that person is under investigation, and any person or company that publishes her stollen stories will be prosecuted in full extend off the law, … that in the case off my country, it´s very harsh in this matters, with penalties that can go to over 10 years in reclusion. i just hope she has the SMART thought off getting her sorry legs in here, … and she will get what she deserves for stealling the hard woork off a wrytter. my stories are safe for now, … but where there is a rober a thousand more are waytting, and let her be the example for all, … it´s not worth it.


    • One of the author’s included in the “D..E..F..” book is a friend of mine who is working with Literotica and Amazon to get the book removed. The odd part is that all the stories she ripped off are in direct violation of Amazon’s “no hardcore pornographic” content.

      There are still 4 books up, one of which is the “D..E..F” book I mentioned earlier. Another book entitled “The Coven” has the following review written about it: “I read the first chapter of this book and realized that not only was the title familiar to me but also the words. I first read them shortly after my husband and I got together in 1995. He then finished the draft in 1998 which I had bound for him as a special gift; the final version was released to the internet on June 2002 on the ASSTR website where he had included his copywrite. I am disappointed with Amazon for not doing their due diligence and should do more to protect web authors from the profiteering of their material by false authors. I feel strongly that if this supposed author has plagiarize this book, then she probably has done so to others.”

      This woman apparently has no shame or remorse in her actions. What is scary is that this woman can change her name, the title of the book, and reopen accounts anywhere she wants and continue to peddle other author’s hard work as her own.


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