Poem: Thoughts


of him,

drift wandering through my mind.

Of love,

sweet love;

My heart belongs to him.

His breath,

of life,

Like breeze from yon sea.

His hands,

like thy soul,

Wander softly over me.


I am his,


for eternity.

His spirit,

isn’t twisted like these trees,

but is,


For all it is free!

My love,

please hold me tight.

I ache to feel thine lips on mine,

to touch,

to tease,

My skin is thy own.

I want,

I need,

thine own happiness is mine,

as I am yours,

and all that I possess,

that which might also possess me,

Is yours alone,

to hold,

to touch,

to do with as you please.


but let it be known,

I plead with thee,

my sweet love,

Take me as thy own!

Copyright Nicola Matthews

Poem: Alone

I’m alone it seems, all alone again.

No one to hear my tearful song.

I’m alone it seems, all alone again.

No one to hear my praying sighs;

No one to hear my saddened cries.

I’m alone it seems, all alone again.

Ever since you said goodbye,

I’ve been all alone.

There are no arms to hold me;

No one’s words to console me.

No tender lips pressed gently on mine;

No way of knowing if things will be fine.

I’m alone it seems, all alone again.

Deprived am I, his eternal love.

Defied again by the heavens above.

Trapped forever, it seems to me;

Wishing that things would once more be

Just as they were some time before.

And wishing it I shall, forever more.

I am alone.

Copyright Nicola Matthews