Distraction & Desire by Kizzie Darker (Book 1 of the Desire series)





Distraction & Desire.
Copyright Kizzie Darker 2014.

I lift my head. Our eyes lock. My lips latch onto his, Playing, tasting, and teasing him with my mouth. It feels like I am in heaven, feels like I am floating. His manly scent lingers in the air and plays with each of my senses.
“You look so good.” I whisper. His black tailored suit looks crisp and clean. A slim black tie accompanies somewhat compliments his blood red shirt. His polished shoes finish the look. His hair, newly cut and styled in the latest look looks perfect and suits him beautifully.

Rated 4 stars overall. Readers are calling Distraction & Desire  “Lots of fun and intrigue”

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