Because I know you all are just dying to read another long blog post about this shit.

For an even more in-depth discussion of the shit-storm that happened and what the article was actually about …

Author Lila Vale

Oh boy… you can’t swing a dead cat in the indie community without coming across this one! Or maybe it is my proximity to those speaking out that has this dominating my newsfeed, I don’t know. Anyway, I have a lot to say in comments and messages so I figured, why not just throw it all out here.


Everybody else is doing it! How could this possibly go wrong?

Some of you may have missed it, though… so, to catch you all up in the quickest way possible: my co-author made a blog post about shady publicity tactics. Several authors made posts in support of this, as this particular thing has been the topic of discussion for a few of us since what is starting to feel like the beginning of time. There were some responses, rebuttal blog posts… some who disagreed, and many who agreed. Hey, we’re all different…

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