Release Date for COLLARING ASH is Set – Are You Ready?

The official release date for Collaring Ash, Book 2 in the Sweet Seductions Series, has been set for 2/14/16. Are you ready to meet White Coffin’s bad-ass bassist Ash Pardue?

Ash Pardue is young, immortal, and the bassist for the hottest vampire metal band on the planet. He has his pick of the ladies, and his tastes run wild and deep. When a chance encounter turns his entire world upside down, he soon finds himself in the midst of the strangest, freakiest love triangle of his undead life. Brandi and Angela are everything he has never been attracted to, yet he can’t seem to stay away from them no matter how hard he tries. How is he supposed to choose between love and lust when they are both so very bad for him? Will his hunger for these two lead to ever-lasting love, or to a freaky obsession too wild to be tamed?


“I don’t care if she can deep throat a cactus, bro. You really need to stay away from that crazy bitch. She’s a freak, Ash, pure and simple,” Andy said as he tossed his cigarette to the ground.

“Hey, we’re all freaks in way or another,” Ash replied.

Read the first three complete chapters free! Mouse over BOOKS BY NICOLA above and click on the Collaring Ash link. Happy reading all my beautiful book divas!



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