Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother?

Yes, it is disgusting. By Amazon’s definition, I am best friends with Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Laurel K. Hamilton, and Charlaine Harris. But what do you want to bet that these same rules do not apply to the reviews that are being posted for trade authors? What do you want to bet that this same thought and review process does NOT apply to ANYTHING other than independently published books? I’m not going to bet anything, because I’m pretty sure that even though I follow Anne Rice across all social media outlets and have even had a few discussions with her through said media, I can post reviews of her books until hell freezes over because she is NOT an indie author.

It is times like this that I wish Amazon had never jumped on board the indie train. I made a lot more money and had a lot larger fan base BEFORE they made it so easy for someone to push publish, for fake reviews to be posted by street teams, and for dishonest authors to send their minions to wreck havoc on other authors’ works.

imy santiago

A couple of weeks ago I read the third installment of a series I really loved. I will refrain from sharing the name of the novel and its author.

Like any reader, as soon as I finished reading, I wrote my review. When I tried posting it on Amazon (I did buy the eBook, just like any normal and decent human being would), I received a rather concerning email.

I will not share the screenshot of the email as it does contain the title of the book and name of the author. In its place I have copied the body of the email below.

Dear Amazon Customer,

Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

Here I was, thinking I had included an…

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