Name that Fictitious Band!

I recently asked readers to toss out some cool metal band names for the fictitious band that takes center state in the upcoming novel that I am working on. I had so many good ones posted that I simply could not choose, so I decided that I would let my readers choose for me!

This poll is set to expire in 1 week so please vote and share! The band name with the most votes will become the band name fronted by the leading man, Jax Monroe, rock god!

Jax Monroe has everything he has ever asked for out of life. He is the front man for the world’s hottest metal band, his name on the lips of everyone between the ages of fifteen to fifty, he is the envy of everyone in the entertainment industry….but he also has a secret so dark, so destructive, that it will one day consume his entire soul. Deals have been made, his promise bound in blood, and soon it will be his turn to pay the ultimate price. He’s resolved to his fate, but when Eva Lane Montgomery walks back into his life, he begins to question his blood oath, suddenly unsure if he has made the right choices. In the end, there can be only one winner. Will his pact be too strong to break, or can love truly conquer all?


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