Using Big Words Does Not Make You Sound Smarter…

Instead, it makes you sound more like an idiot than those ill-informed morons that you are trying to show up.  In other words, it makes you look neither smart nor witty, but instead makes you sound like cyberspace’s version of a smart-assed bully.

I am not a dumb person by any stretch of the imagination.  I graduated top of my class with highest honors in high school, did even better in college, am very well versed in many subjects, and have a very considerable vocabulary.  I learned, many many years ago, that those who are of ‘average’ intelligence do not mind being around those who are smarter than they are, provided that the smarter person in question does not try to rub the other person’s face in the fact that he/she is smarter.  To put it bluntly, even though you may have an IQ to rival that of Einstein and a vocabulary to rival that of Merriam and Webster, no one likes being constantly reminded that they are not as smart as you.  They do not appreciate smarter people rubbing their faces in their ‘dumbness.’  They certainly do not like being around anyone who is constantly ‘talking down’ to them by using big words that not even doctors and lawyers use in everyday conversations.  If you insist upon constantly using large words as a way to always remind others that they are not as smart as you, then you are going to discover yourself being an unwanted outcast who other people avoid at all costs.

What good does it do to use big words that 99.99% of the population neither uses nor understands the definition of?  What is the point other than to remind people constantly that you are smarter than they are?  And why, if you are so smart, are you so insecure that you think that you just have to constantly remind people that you are smarter and have a larger vocabulary?   The only purpose it serves is to stroke your already over-inflated ego which is apparently so fragile that you seem to think that the only way to solidify your intellectual superiority over others is to use big words in all the wrong places.


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