Is There Nothing Better on WordPress?

I am always scouring the internet for something interesting to read.  With me having my own blog, naturally one of the first places I look for interesting and unusual topics is blogs.  Of course, that means that I spend a lot of time checking out the “Freshly Pressed” page whenever I log into my WordPress account.

Which brings me to my own questions of concerns and personal rant.  I have read some of the most boring and mind-numbing (and I don’t mean that in a good way) blogs known to mankind that have been liked by dozens, if not hundreds, of apparently brain-dead readers who seem to think that whatever gets “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress amounts to interesting blog articles.  I have come across articles on people who want to have specific text fonts banned from use because they don’t like them, editors who seem to think that the entire educational system should be changed simply because using the proper two spaces after an end-of-the-sentence punctuation mark makes their editing jobs harder, articles on people who hate Facebook yet still have their own profiles up and running, new year’s resolutions from bloggers who seem to think that because they use e-mail to deliver bad news that everyone else out there does not know that is a major no-no in the business world…just to name a few. 

It makes me wonder why WordPress seems to think that blogs on recipes is up-and-coming news or that personal rants from teachers who hate their jobs and want to blame everything on the parents is Press-worthy enough to bypass an article on a major plagiarism account in order to plaster a blog about a guy who received a funny look from a security guard in a bank because the guy went into the bank with his face obscured behind massive goggles and a toboggan.  Are there seriously no more interesting articles or blogs on WordPress that such articles as these take precedent over  something of actual use, like how to become a better writer, how to get better rankings in a search engine, what to do when faced with an emergency?  Are we all seriously doomed to be bombarded by blog after blog from editors who seem to think that because they are editors they can actually write, or articles from moms who seem to think that the tale about the mashed peas in the sofa cushions is so hilarious that tens of thousands of readers will flock to read about something that has happened to them a dozen times with each child? 

What is even scarier is the amount of people on WordPress who not only flock to these dreary excuses for blogs, but who cannot seem to stop commenting about how right the blogger is, what a great article the blog is, what a great writer the blogger is, how much they agree with what the blogger said.

Perhaps I am in the minority.  If so, please pardon my unquenchable thirst for actual entertaining reading material that will stimulate my brain instead of my gag reflex.


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