“Temptation” Gets an Overhaul

I have decided to do a little bit of an overhaul on the previously released novel Temptation.  For those who may not be in the know, Temptation is one of the first published novels of mine in the erotic fantasy genre.  It currently features 7 short erotic fantasy stories involving a variety of themes, including vampires, lycans, the BDSM lifestyle, the master/slave lifestyle, and one of which I’m not really sure WHAT the love-interest actually is – demon, ghost, something that has yet to be named?

Anyway, the stories are incredibly vulgar and rate right up there with hardcore porn stories.  I have decided to go back through the stories and make them less ‘vulgar,’ albeit no less ‘tame’ than what they already are.  I am not changing the storylines or anything major like that, just changing a few “cocks” to “engorged members” and a few “cunts” to a moist, tender flowers.  You know, less like porn and more like romantic smut.

Along with this overhaul will come the adding of a never-before-released short erotic story called “Seventeen” which is told from the view-point of a seventeen-year-old male named Nicholas whose fantasies about banging the MILF next door turn out to be far hotter than anything he ever imagined. 

I hope to have this new edition up for sale by the end of the week.


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