Word of the Day

Just for shits and giggles, I thought I would start incorporating a “word of the day” to help the average reader learn the intriguing lingo of the writer/author/blogger.  With time constraints, this may become more like a “word of the week,” but you get the general idea.

So today’s word is “troll.”  troll-noun-an attention whore who hides behind the anonymity of the internet and visits written works (articles, blogs, stories, novels, websites, etc) with the sole purpose of leaving comments that are designed to belittle, harass, or otherwise annoy the writer and/or other readers.

“My blog was bombed by a troll today who kept insisting that he knew more about creative writing than me.  The troll admitted that he was not actually a writer, but refused to admit that someone with twenty-eight years of experience might accidently know more about the subject than him.”


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