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Welcome to Argen’s Vault, the darkest and sometimes most twisted place on the web. Looking for something a little different? A little darker, a little sweeter, a little bit more romance? You never know what you’ll find in Argen’s Vault.

Who is Argen Kade?

Argen Kade is one of Nicola’s separate monikers (pen names). Argen Kade writes primarily science fantasy that includes GameLit, paranormal fantasy, and paranormal romance serial web novels and short stories based in a variety of unique fantasy worlds..

What is Argen’s Vault?

Argen’s Vault is a combination of Nicola/Argen’s regular newsletter and story database. Each month, the author posts new chapters to several on-going serial web novels and short stories.

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So why subscribe to Argen’s Vault? If you want to read the latest short stories and serial web novels written by Argen Kade, subscribe to Argen’s Vault to gain full access to not only the newsletter, but never-before published serial web novels, shorts, and more. You’ll not only get novels and shorts for the moniker Argen Kade, but you will also receive news updates and well as short stories written by the Paranormal Princess, Nicola C. Matthews.

Looking to connect with other readers from Argen’s Vault? Be sure to join the chat function once subscribed to enjoy access to all the community chats.

What is a serial web novel? Much like how Kindle Vella works, a serial web novel is an on-going novel written in episode form and posted one chapter at a time. But unlike Kindle Vella, you don’t have to pay for each new chapter. By subscribing to Argen’s Vault, you will gain access to every new chapter, short story, and newsletter posted by Argen, as well as full access to all archived chapters and stories.

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**Note: Subscribing to The Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews will not grant you access to Argen’s Vault. You must subscribe to Argen’s Vault separately to receive all short stories and serial web novel posts under the Argen Kade moniker.