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Yesterday we happily unveiled the new cover for the upcoming third book in the Sweet Seductions Series, Jinx’d! This urban fantasy erotic comedy is scheduled to hit Amazon Kindle on October 25th with paperbacks available within two weeks after that time. The ebook will be on sale for the first 3 days for just $0.99 Be sure to #1Click your copy next week!




Sweet Seductions

Book 3

Nicola C. Matthews

Angel H. Scott

Alicia’s career was going nowhere. In a world where younger was always better, a woman nearing thirty was practically useless in the entertainment industry. She had long since given up her dreams of becoming a model, having spent the best years of her life as the assistant to The Great Georgio, a magical act which relied more on the comic relief of her ability to always manage to sabotage a show rather than based on Georgio’s actual magical talents. When she accidentally cracks open the skull of Jeremy Fergers, the guitarist for the world-renowned vampire metal band White Coffin, Georgio sees a unique opportunity to resurrect their doomed careers.

Georgio is convinced their only hope of making a name for themselves relies on her becoming a member of the undead. He plans to have Alice seduce Jeremy, hoping he will embrace her, but when Alicia begins to fall in love with their mark, she refuses to go through with their original plan, forcing Georgio to improvise as he continues his quest for ultimate fame as the world’s greatest magician.

Finding himself in a dangerous situation, Jeremy must make a painful decision – can he live with himself if he embraces Alicia, or can he learn to live without the woman whose impossible klutziness has somehow managed to steal his heart?

#OctoberFrights Blog Hop Day 5: The Last Funeral



Midnight Forever: Zombies 3

The Last Funeral

by Brandon Henry



Tina looked down the scope of the rifle she hugged to her shoulder at the man who had taught her how to use it. Or, what had once been her father. Now, it was just a zombie wearing his clothes, his face. Tina thought of how he’d put his hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear to slow her heart beat. In her mind, she put her finger on the trigger and downed a 12-point buck. She had fed her family for a month on all that meat. Now, as she stood on a wreck-covered city overpass, looking down the same scope, she felt her heart drop.

“Protect yourself! No matter what happens! Protect yourself, Tina!” Those were his last words as they fled the looted grocery store. They were separated by the horde as soon as they got outside. So she scampered up to the top of the store and ran along the roofs of the old city to escape the horde. Tina waited until the undead thinned out to begin her search for him, only finding his pack, and his old hunting rifle. She was walking out of the city when she’d noticed a familiar shirt she knew. And the size of the thing wearing it. Tina stopped, shouldered her rifle, and looked down the scope.

Looking for a wind indicator, she looked at an American flag lying flat on its pole. Even the flag knew this country was dead. Tina scoped in on the thing wearing her father’s body. She pulled the trigger. The bullet crossed the road and into the middle of the parking lot, where It stood within mere milliseconds. The back of its head exploded, as the zombie’s brains flew out and splattered onto the asphalt. The sound of the shot seemed to carry on forever across the muted city and down the highway. Slowly, Tina lowered herself onto the sunbaked highway asphalt. As tears began to run down her face, she noticed a zombie shambling towards her. ‘Protect yourself, Tina’, her father had told her. Bringing up her sidearm, she blew the bastard’s head off. The body stood for a second and crumpled to the ground in a wet thud. Her gaze went back to the body of her father. ‘We bury our own,’ she thought.

Tina returned to the city and spent a few hours looking for a running truck. Finally she found one. It was in a dinky little local garage, with the keys in a plastic baggie on the hood next door. Next door, was a used car lot that had caught fire, along with all of its vehicles. Somehow the truck was unscathed, and met her needs.

The sun was throwing shadows as she turned into the lot where her father’s body lay. The lot was empty say for two zombies that were outside the fence, feeding on what may have been a dog. Stepping out of the cab next to the corpse, she caught a whiff of his stink. Tina nearly blacked out. Covering her mouth with her hand, she went and let the tailgate down. She walked back around to the front of the bed. Tucked up under the toolbox was a folded up tarp. “Perfect,” Tina said, as she pulled it out and began unfolding it. Checking her surroundings and the deepening shadows, Tina laid the tarp next her father’s body like a body bag. Starting with his legs, she pulled him onto the plastic tarp. His upper body was harder to get on the tarp, but when she finally got him centered, she noticed she noticed growling. ‘They’ had noticed her.

She wrapped his body, pulled him to the back of the truck, and in a surprising feat, she picked him up in her arms and gently laid him in the truck bed. “Damn, old man, you been working out?” She asked him. Suddenly, behind her, she heard the fence around the lot give way and fall in. Tina peered in the direction of the sound. There were more of them than she’d thought. Carefully she pushed his body further into the bed, climbed out, and closed the tailgate. As she drove off, just for fun, Tina peeled out of the parking lot.

She drove straight through the night and cried for a quite a while, as the rolled tarp flapped in the wind. Just as the full summer moon started to dim on the horizon, she noticed this damaged sign. All that was visible was the word, ‘Graveyard’. Turning onto the road, she saw some lengths of rope and some bungee cords hanging on a fence. She grabbed them. The graveyard was clean and quiet. The grass needed trimming though. As she lowered the tailgate, she saw his eyes. They were still blue, but there was a red ring around the edges. Pulling the plastic over his face, she kissed his cheek over the tarp.

As morning came, Tina secured her father’s body with tarp and rope. There was an old tool shed a few yards away, with a shovel inside. Once he was securely wrapped, she dug him a deep grave in the soft dirt. He’d lay next to a soldier and his wife, she knew he would love that. ‘A great conversationalist!’ her father always claimed to be. Lowering him to the ground, she found she’d lost most of her energy she had the day before. She would eat after he was in the ground, to gain some strength. The hole he lay next to was just long enough, wide enough for him and deep enough for her liking. Tina knelt down and said a prayer.

‘Lord, please take him and keep him safe. Never one for violence and never took to drink. Never raised a hand or his voice to my mother or me. He raised me well and right. Tell him I’ll fight to my last breath. Amen.’

Tina lowered him into the ground and covered him in dirt. She found a wooden plank in the shed and wrote his name and date of birth. She wasn’t sure of the current date. The sun came out from behind the trees, and pulling out of the graveyard, she felt an instant warmth through her whole body. She pulled up to the graveyard sign and spotted some highway signs, and a burned out wrecked car in the ditch. There was a zombie still inside, with no arms but a biting mouth still working. She wasn’t far from the ocean, according to the signs. She could use a dip in the salty water. Tina turned and looked over her shoulder and yelled, “Hey Dad! I’m going to the beach!”


The End


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#OctoberFrights Blog Hop Day 4: What’s My Name?


Dark mysterious castle at sea background with two planets

Midnight Forever: Zombies

What’s my name?

by Brandon Henry


I opened my eyes and only saw red at first.

‘Whose blood is this?’ I thought. Damn I’m cold.  My whole body is stiff.  I cannot get up!

‘Why do they tingle?’  I wondered.  I moved my head and saw someone else lying on top of me. I opened my mouth to say something to the figure, but all that came out was a gurgled sigh. What’s my name?

Slowly, I propped myself on my arms and sat upright. The person lying across my legs nearly trapping me was dead. He was laid on his back with his stomach open and was partially eaten away. The sight should have made my insides churn, instead I felt nothing. At all. Nothing but hunger. The smell of something putrid nearby drove me to push the corpse off me. Slowly, and stiffly I walked over to the door of the small shed. Outside, the sun was shining brightly enough to hurt my eyes, but even that faded away as an instinct took over. Hunger. Food. What is my name? Everyone has a name…

The houses, they’re all boarded up, abandoned.

‘Why?’ I thought. I opened my mouth, as if to ask the world a question, but only a retorted a sigh, ending in an animal growl.

‘What is wrong with me?’

I screamed inside my head. Something bumped into me from behind. A tall man in a suit stood next to me, the whole left side of his face burned away, burned down to black bone. I screamed, inside. A hiss came out of my mouth.

‘Where’s my beautiful voice?! What is wrong with me?!’

I looked in all directions, everyone and everything I saw was dead, and empty. A pair of children walked past me, still holding hands, their necks ripped open. Following close behind them, a woman in a pink robe, still gripping a mug saying, ‘#1 Mom’. Her head split open in one huge gash. Her lips ripped off of her face. I watched it all in horror. What is my name? Everyone has a name! What did people call me…

Smell. Hunger. Some noise, very close, smell. Slowly, I flowed with the mass of the corpses towards the sound. I’m losing myself, so hungry, smell……..food. Hungry.

‘Do I know this neighborhood? Did I live here? Did I have … people? A group? In a house? Dammit, what’s the word?’

Questions filled my head till I thought I’d burst. Kind of wish it had. What’s my… BOOM!

Everything was moving. I was being pushed, carried away. In my head I was screaming. Out of my mouth, I’m groaning. I was under my own power as the mass had spread out. I wanted to be alone. Slowly, I made my way up to an open door. I felt like knocking, not that there would have been anyone to answer. Inside was quiet and dry. Empty. Walking toward a table, I sat in a chair, trying to collect my thoughts.  I’m missing something. What is it? What did I forget? It was important, I was sure. What’s my name?

A sound came from above me. Upstairs.


A voice boomed in my head. My body moved to the stairs, I’m barely in control. Moving up the stairs, I heard noises, rising and falling. Hunger. Walking down the hallway, the floor creaked. A door suddenly slams shut. I throw my body against it, scratching, clawing, biting, and pushing. I moan. I grunt. So HUNGRY! Suddenly, the door flew open, and the world turned white.

I woke up on the floor, my arms and legs missing. Hungry. Smell food. Hunger. A face appears in front of me. He’s crying. HUNGRY!

‘Shut Up!!’ I screamed inside. Again, I groan and moan. The man slowly puts something to my head.

‘What’s my name?’ I wonder.

“Goodbye, Erynn.”

He says.


Suddenly the world went black.

The End


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#OctoberFrights Blog Hop Day 3: Hell’s Mouth



Midnight Forever: A Light at the End of the World.

Hell’s Mouth

by Brandon Henry



Sit down, I want to tell you about a video I saw the other day. It’s not online anymore, and no one seems to know where it came from, or where it went. All I know is that I can’t find it anymore.

Anyway, somewhere in the world is this perfectly round hole. The sides are perfectly smooth, and there’s no sign that it was made by human hands. The people who made the video actually lowered the camera into the hole, which was a good idea, I thought. You can still see the light from the entrance in the beginning of the video, but it quickly turns to complete darkness as the camera descends.

It’s nothing but darkness and the sound of the camera scraping the sides for several minutes, but the camera slowly begins to show static instead of the complete darkness. The operators see this on their remote console and pulls the camera back to the top. They check the thing out from top to bottom, but its fine, so they send it in again. The same thing happens, and the men decide to keep going anyway. They don’t speak English, but they explain with subtitles that the lens is broken but the microphone still works.

Anyway, it’s a few more minutes of darkness and the sound of plastic scraping on the rock, but soon you being to hear something. And this is where it gets interesting. It’s whispering.

The microphone picks up voices that are whispering in a language that can’t be identified. As the camera continues to descend, the voices intensify. Now, thousands of voices are crying and screaming out in pain. Just when you think you can’t take any more, the video goes blank.

The captions on the screen begin explaining that the line had jerked from their hands before mysteriously going slack. They quickly pulled the lineup and were shocked to discover that the line had melted. It also looked chewed on, but there’s nothing in this world that can leave teeth marks that deep into a metal cord…much less melt it.

The video disappeared the day after I saw it, and I tried contacting the author about it, but no one knew anything about it. Every trace of the video had vanished.

I do know that the video was shot in the White Pan Desert and a hole that size shouldn’t be too hard to find.

But we’re going to need a good camera.

The End

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#OctoberFrights Blog Hop Day 2: In The Dead of Winter

Dark mysterious castle at sea background with two planets




StraightJacket Publications Presents: Midnight Forever

In The Dead of Winter

by Brandon Henry

He stood outside, in the chilling cold as he blew the warm air from his lungs into his hands and rubbed them together. A light snow had begun, and he let the flakes brush his scruffy face. He’d gotten laughed out of another bar; maybe he’d just buy his own, even though he didn’t like drinking alone. He’d given the bartender the finger as he walked to his car and got in. He missed his truck. It was older than God, but he’d loved it.

They were all fools. He knew what he had seen, for his memory was quite sharp. He remembered it as well as he saw his own hands in front of him. This year’s winter was harsh. The town was on a fringe of a blizzard, bridges and roads were closed, and there had been break-ins, for food. It was for this reason that he kept a shotgun next to the door of his house. This winter had been hell, and he just wanted to see the sun.

There was one hill that always got hit hard by snow. It was a steep hill that was covered in black ice, and there was a sharp turn at the very top. He’d been ‘On the town’, as his mother would have said for too long that night, so, he thought he could take it on. Any other time he would have taken the shoulder, but tonight his confidence was high. His wheels spun as he searched for a patch of clear road, and he floored it, only to hit a solid patch of black ice. He hit the guard rail hard, his wheels spinning in the mud, before he heard one of them pop.

“Well,” he thought, “this isn’t going to turn out well.”

Fully awake now, and not in a laughing mood, he got out of his truck. It was pretty bad. The frame looked a little lopsided, his back-right tire was a goner, and he was missing two hub caps. And to top it all off, he was up to the axles in mud. He wanted to cry a little; this truck was his first vehicle, and there were a lot of good and bad memories in there. Turning away, he and started toward the road to see if he could understand how this all happened.

He’d barely taken a step when he heard a low, wailing cry. At first, he thought it had come from his own throat, but it hadn’t. It was female and he heard it again as he turned to the trees behind him.

“Hello?” He called out. He waited and waited but there was no response from the frozen world. “Must just be in your head.” He thought as he turned back towards the road, even though he’d forgotten why he was going there.

He heard it again, but this time it was louder and closer. He couldn’t see anything or anyone, but he turned and ran down the embankment anyway. He got to a tree and called out again, but there was still no response. Instead of turning back, though, he kept going. This time, though, he kept going. It wasn’t like anyone was going to take his truck. He ran into the forest that had scared him as a child, and made him think that there was ‘something’ out there. It didn’t help that he always felt like he was being watched when he hunted in it.

He thanked god that it was clear tonight. The moon gave enough light to show the tracks behind him, and the stars were pretty to look at. He stayed in a straight line for about ten yards when he heard the crying again. That’s when he saw the drops of blood. The few drops stood out like red ink on a huge smooth white sheet

And again he heard a woman crying. He walked on, slowly, as he didn’t want to miss something. He followed the blood, as it increased, then began to disappear. He wished this part of the country side wasn’t flat; he longed to climb up a hill and make sure there wasn’t some wacko out here with a gun. His military training still kicked in sometimes.

The forest became nearly impassable, and that’s when something occurred to him. Why had he seen blood, but no tracks? He’d tracked animals that way before and there were always tracks. He called out again, not expecting what he got. The woman’s voice came back to him, calling for help. He began to sprint as he continued following the blood, stopping when he came to a large pool. It was about a foot wide and had made a clean-cut through the ice. He didn’t want to know how deep it was.

He called out yet again. This time, he was answered by the low, wailing cry, but it was close. He ran past a batch of trees and saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was so white that he thought it was some built-up of snow but it was actually a young woman. She was beautiful, and when he looked closer, he saw that she was holding an infant. They were both as white as the moon above, and it was hard to tell where she ended and the snow began.

He looked closer at the baby cradled in her arms. It looked like it was just out of the womb, and its eyes were open; and frozen in place. Its mouth hung open in a silent scream and its head hung to one side in a grotesque’s way. After staring at the head for too long, he saw the blood coming from its chest.

“What the hell happened?” He whispered, not meaning to say anything aloud.

“I didn’t want to do it. It was an accident. I’m going to get in a lot of trouble.” He jumped when she began to speak.

“Honey, you won’t get into any trouble if you just slowly walk back to the road with me, and we can get help.” His voice broke, even he tried to sound calm. She stood up, and he took three steps back.

After two heartbeats, he noticed that her feet didn’t touch the ground, but she still walked as if they did. He almost climbed the tree behind him in fear, that’s when he remembered reading an old newspaper in his grandmother’s basement. The article was about a young woman who had gone crazy and killed her family before taking her baby brother into the woods and freezing to death. She screamed again, and that’s when he realized he was up against the tree.

Plastered to it, in fact. He blinked, and saw only snow. There was no woman, no dead baby, and no blood. He turned and ran straight back to the road. When he got there, he was tired and sweating. His truck was where he had left it, but he stared at it like he hadn’t seen it in years. Knowing that it was no good, he left the behind and ran on.

By the time he got home, he was sick. He’d be in the hospital for two weeks, then self-committed to a mental hospital for the next five years. He eventually got out, but everyone he told would just laugh him off. This also prevented him from getting married, though he had wanted to.

Towards the end of his life, he saw her again. He woke up one night-after having another nightmare and headed to the bathroom, but never got there. When he passed his bedroom window, he saw her standing in his front yard. They stared at each other through the window, and she had no emotion on her face at all. He, however, wanted to scream at her; to shake the life from her, or chase her away, but he couldn’t. He was too scared. She raised her hand and waved to him. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. He watched as she turned and walked back to her forest grave.  He spent many years telling and re-telling that story, but it always fell on unbelieving ears and shaking heads.

He disappeared one winter, and they didn’t find him until spring. He was sitting at the foot of a tree with a knife clutched to his breast, its blade buried deep in his heart.


The End.

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October Frights Blog Hop Presents: THE FRIEND – an erotic horror short



an erotic horror short

Nicola C. Matthews

© 2014 by Nicola C. Matthews


I had never really understood what the girls saw in Jeff Holyfield. Sure, he was blonde haired, blue-eyed, built like a line backer with ripped abs and the perfect ass, but he was dumb as a box of rocks. He stayed doped out of his skull ninety-nine percent of the time and could not string three coherent sentences together on those rare occasions he wasn’t stoned or drunk. To be honest, I think it was his nine-inch dick that made most girls at North Jones High School over look the blatant stupidity that was Jeff and focus on the one thing which was actually right about the guy.

I shoved my reddish-brown hair out of my face as I walked the twenty odd yards from Carter Avenue up to Deke’s front door. I glanced over at the trampoline barely visible on the outskirts of the security lamp’s light, seeing Jeff’s naked ass cheeks pop into view every few seconds. I could hear Kim’s eager squeals drift over on the night air. They had been going at it the entire hour John, Allison, Joey, Tommy, April, and I had been sitting on the edge of the lawn, drinking beer and chatting about the Aerosmith concert coming up next weekend. We had all been privy to the six times Kim had joyfully announced she was cumming. Fucking show off, if you’ll pardon the pun.

I had to give Jeff credit. He not only seemed to know how to get a girl off, but he had the stamina to back up that huge cock of his. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a good thing or not. I’d seen more than a few girls complain about chaffing after about an hour of going at it with the guy. He was always so wasted when he was fucking he didn’t realize when his former oasis was in desperate need of more lube. As the girls said, he had “fucked them dry,” which sounded extremely painful. And then there was that one girl who popped her jaw out of joint trying to deep throat him. Seriously. Who the hell was that eager to pop a dick in their mouth they would injure themselves trying to accommodate it? If that amount of stupidity went into a hormone induced fuck fest, then I personally thought I was coming out way ahead of the game.

“Am I missing something here, April?” I asked in a whisper as we neared the front door.

April knocked back the rest of her beer, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before giving me a quizzical look. “About what?” she asked.

“Jeff,” I said as I nodded toward the bouncing trampoline. “The man is dumber than dirt and yet the girls flock to him like flies to shit. What the fuck?”

April grinned at me as all of us filed through the front door.

“Have you seen that guy’s cock?” Tommy asked me as he balled up his fist and flung his arm down to his crotch.

April giggled as she nodded in agreement. “The guy’s hung like a damn horse, Nik.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, unfortunately I’ve seen his package on more than one occasion,” I said, grimacing at the memory of the dozen times I had bared witness to Jeff’s drunken weekend streaking sessions. Yeah, he had a dick like a horse alright, and I didn’t get why all the girls were so eager to stuff it up inside their bodies. He’d had more pieces of ass than all the members of Poison combined. And that was saying A LOT about the amount of pussy he had hit in the last few years. I’d be too scared to touch the man with a ten-foot pole. There was no telling what had crawled up his dick and taken root. I shuddered at the thought. I didn’t care how big that thing was; I just couldn’t get past all the possible diseases he could be harboring.

“Well if you’d come off your cherry, Nikki,” Tommy joked, “you would be all over that dick like all the other fair ladies of North Jones County.”

I grunted out, “Yeah, whatever,” as we maneuvered our way through the throng of teenagers scattered around the living room. The only male on the planet I was willing to hand over my virginity to on a silk sheet didn’t even know I existed.

I glanced over to the corner of the couch, seeing Noely slouched down in the corner, his right leg draped over the arm of the sofa. He was wearing those soft beige leather boots that stopped right below his knees, a plain white tee-shirt with an old, faded pair of jeans and the black trench coat that somehow made his five-foot nine-inch frame seem taller. His dark blonde hair hung in loose waves around his shoulders, a lit Camel cigarette jutting out of the corner of his mouth. His lips were somewhere between being overly full and a bit too thin, the perfect blend of an almost-pouty bottom lip and an upper lip shaped just like the double hump of a perfectly drawn heart.

His eyes were a dark brown, like coffee with just a hint of cream inside, tiny flecks of gold you couldn’t really see unless you were almost nose-to-nose with him, something I had noticed distinctly when I was only twelve years old and he had tripped over me one afternoon while trying to get off the school bus, his body landing heavily on top of me. For a split second his lips were less than an inch away from mine, my blue eyes wide as I stared into his, noticing the gold flecks and casting them to memory. He had blushed from the bottom of his neck all the way to the roots of his hair, mumbling out an apology before hastily jumping up and nearly running off the bus. I wasn’t sure which was more embarrassing for me, the fact he had been so desperate to get away from me, or the fact half of his friends had witnessed our little encounter and proceeded to hound him about it for weeks afterwards.

“You know you are chicken shit, right, Nikki?” I looked up just in time to keep from colliding with April, who was standing in the doorway between the living room and dining room.

“What?” I asked, a bit confused, my blue eyes reluctantly leaving the sight of Noely’s lithe body to look up with furrowed brow at my friend.

“Chicken – shit,” April repeated, giving me a grin. “If you actually had any hair on your pussy you’d march right up to Noely, grab him by the hand, and drag his fine ass right back to Deke’s room and fuck him until the sun rose.”

For a split second I saw the two of us naked on Deke’s bed, our bodies united amongst the Ozzy and Guns ‘n’ Roses posters, my legs wrapped around his waist as he pushed into me, my body eagerly accepting him as Vince Neil’s voice crooned in the background. I shuddered, the artificial memory sending a warm tingle zipping its way right down to the center of my groin.

“Whatever,” I muttered, squeezing my thighs together a bit, my eyes drifting back over to see Brandi snuggling up to the man whom I had loved ever since I had first seen him, way back all those years ago.

I still hadn’t figured out how the hell anyone that young could fall in love with someone. But yet I had, so completely and hopelessly that more than a decade later I was pining for a man I would probably never have. It defied logic, my common sense, and had cost me more than my fair share of boyfriends simply because no one could ever live up to the perfection I saw in one Noel Pierre Laurette.

“And just what the hell is stopping you, Nik?” April asked, jolting me out of my reverie and blocking the doorway so I couldn’t escape into the back of the house, which was exactly what I was trying to do at the moment.

I stopped trying to dance my way around her and looked down at myself rather pointedly, holding my hands out as I looked back at my friend. “Does the total lack of tits and ass count?”

Tommy, who was standing behind April in the tiny little dining area, snorted at the comment, nearly choking on his beer. He struggled to swallow the mouthful of brew, finally slapping his hand over his mouth while he attempted to squash the laughter bubbling up from within. I darted a dirty look his way, daring him to keep laughing. He swallowed hard, clearing his throat a bit as he turned around and went back up the three steps separating the small dining room from the kitchen.

April raised an eyebrow at my remark, her way of asking, ‘So that’s your excuse?’

I sighed, my shoulders lowering in a look of defeat. “Fine,” I said as I brushed past her so I could get into the kitchen as she trailed behind me. “I’d rather not have a drunken one night encounter with the man I want to marry and have him forget all about me once he regains consciousness in the morning.”

April laughed as she rummaged around in the fridge, producing a couple of wine coolers. “Trust me, Nik,” she said as she twisted the tops off of two of the bottles and handed one to me. “If you suck in bed and they don’t remember shit the next morning, be thankful for small favors.” She took a long swig from her bottle before she cocked her head to the side and added, “Of course, if you are damn good and they have completely forgotten about it by morning, it kinda sucks.”

April looked off in contemplation for a second before setting down her drink. She came up behind me, put her hands on my shoulders and began lightly pushing me back towards the living room. “Nikki, I keep telling you Noely thinks you are one seriously hot chick, so why not take advantage and see where things take you?”

I kept trying to halt April’s steady advancement toward the living room. “Um, could it be because he’s freaking twenty-three years old, I’m still not legal, and if someone were to find out about us he’d end up in jail?” I hissed at her, trying desperately to grab hold of the door jamb as she pushed me through the kitchen doorway. “The man won’t touch any female if they aren’t legal, and quite frankly, I don’t want to be the one responsible for sending him to prison for the next ten years.”

“Ah, no,” April said as she continued to propel me down the steps leading out into the dining room. “Noely won’t touch you because you’re a bit shy of legal. I keep telling you, the man really likes you. That’s why he keeps his distance, not because he doesn’t like you but because he really likes you.” April pushed me through the door into the living room, moving me closer to where Noely was sitting on the couch. I dug the heels of my Converse into the shag carpeting, but it was useless trying to stop her. “Well, that, and the man is so fucking stupid when it comes to women you would seriously have to throw him down on the bed and say ‘Let’s fuck’ for him to realize you’re coming on to him,” she added.

I giggled. It was true. That Brandi chick had been rubbing her tits all over his arm for the better part of the night, sitting in his lap and batting her eyelashes at him as she giggled every few seconds, all while he sat there smoking a cigarette and looking bored. I guess it was good he didn’t really get it when a girl was flirting with him. I didn’t flirt, so if point-blank honesty was the only way to get him out of his clothes then that was okay by me. Sure, I would probably never corner him up in a bedroom and try to get him in the sack, but since he didn’t really understand a girl wanted to fuck him unless they slid his dick into their pussy, it meant he stayed single on a regular basis. Bonus for me for him being single, not so good if the only way he would ever know I was interested was for me to actually tell him as much, in as many words, and possibly have to draw him a picture … and probably demonstrate my meaning as well.

As we neared the couch, April gave me a small shove, toppling me right over into Noely’s lap. He reached out and grabbed me right above my hips, succeeding in pulling me down to straddle his waist. He grinned at me as I fell into him, my lips brushing the side of his neck as I fell forward. Oh gawd but the man smelled good, like sunshine and rain and sandalwood of all things. He never wore cologne, so I figured the deliciousness that was Noely must come in part from the soap his family kept shipping in from their hometown in Louisiana.

April casually edged her way between Noely’s left side and Brandi’s rounded ass, effectively shoving the girl right out of the way as she asked, “Mind if we join you?” I heard Brandi give a slight ‘Humph’ in her high-pitched, nasally voice before feeling the couch shift and bounce slightly as she stalked off in a huff.

I leaned up, blushing a deep red as my groin came in contact with his obvious boner. Jesus H. Christ, the man is rock hard and all I want to do is shamelessly grind myself onto his cock.

Noely’s arms tightened around my waist for a brief second, pulling me down hard onto the bulge in his jeans. I gasped slightly, feeling light headed at the intimate contact. His fingers sprayed out slightly on my lower back, the tips grazing the top of my small but nicely rounded ass. I sat up slowly, letting the lower half of my body slip forward to rub slightly against his groin. By now I was shaking and my breathing was a bit erratic.

Noely allowed me to slide out of his lap to sit beside him, April having moved over as soon as Brandi stormed away. Noely kept his left arm draped casually over the back of the sofa. I crossed my legs in a vain attempt to quench the burning ache threatening to turn me into a wanton whore. I glanced down at Noely’s crotch, eyeing it like a woman starved. I had never even touched a dick before, but I wanted his stuffed inside of my pussy, my mouth, in between my non-existent tits. How was that even possible, to want something you had never had? They say you don’t miss something you never had, but I had long since decided whoever said that was a fucking moron. I had ogled Noely for so many years that not getting to be around him left a gaping hole in my heart. I wanted him, wanted to be his, wanted to share my body, my soul, my heart, my desires with him more than I wanted my next breath. Paint me stupid, but I guess that’s what it meant to be in love.

I gave myself a mental shake. At least I had his attention right now, and that would have to do.

“So what are you two up to tonight?” Noely asked as he took a final drag from his cigarette before stubbing it out in an ashtray.

“Nothing much,” April said as she kicked back and got comfortable. “Tell him what we’ve been chatting about, six-pack.”

“I don’t think he’d be interested in girl talk, quarter bag,” I hissed under my breath.

Noely gave me a funny look. “Six pack?” he asked, a half-smile curling up the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t ask,” I said as I popped April playfully in the back of the head.

“Hey!” I groaned inwardly as Deke suddenly flopped down in between me and April, forcing April to move over to the far corner of the couch. He held out his hand, showing us the fat joint sitting in his palm.

“Noely, dude, I got some primo shit right here, ” he said happily. “Grew this myself right out back in the shed.” Deke held the joint up and ran it underneath his nose, giving it a long, exaggerated sniff. “I’m telling you, man, this is gonna be some seriously good shit. You wanna head back to my room and give it a few puffs?”

Deke looked back and forth between the three of us. We sat there staring at him. “Ladies?” he asked, giving us each a dimpled grin.

“Deke,” I said, my face as emotionless as I could possibly make it, “I’m sitting on a 4.0 GPA and am in the running for valedictorian for the 1994 graduating class of North Jones High. What the hell do you think?”

Deke grunted. “Well if you want to be a stuck-up bitch then that’s your business, but you don’t have to keep the rest of us from enjoying ourselves.”

He turned slightly toward Noely. “What do you say?” he asked. “You wanna help me smoke this joint?”

Noely lit up another cigarette, giving it a long drag before saying, “Naw, thanks, man, I’m good for now. Maybe later, though, ‘k?”

Deke shook his head in defeat, muttering, “Fine, stay here with the frigid bitch if you want.” He got up and held out his hand to April, wriggling his fingers a few inches from the tip of her nose. “So you wanna get lit or sit here with the bitches talking about tampons and shampoo?”

I frowned, slapping his hand out of April’s face. “You’re an ass,” I said.

“You’re a bitch,” he said, returning the slap to my hand.

“And you’re the son of one,” I retorted, scooting to the edge of the couch.

“Cunt!” he hissed at me.

“Asshole,” I spat back, gritting my teeth against the surge of annoyance that raced through my body every time I saw him.

“Deke, son, it amazes me you ever manage to get laid with the way you treat women.” I looked up to see Deke’s dad ease himself down into the recliner sitting a few feet from the couch. “Leave Ms. Nikki alone and go smoke your pot. Take Jeff with you, he needs something to calm him down after all that exercise.”

I looked up to see Jeff and Kim had come back inside at some point, the two of them sitting all cozy on the loveseat sitting at the other end of the room.

“Whatever,” Deke said as he once again held his hand out to April. “Care to join us in a little relaxation?”

April glanced over at me. Okay, I really did not like the idea of her being around Deke, but I also didn’t want to blow this rare opportunity that had presented itself. So I glared back at her, daring her to try to stay and be a third wheel. She grinned at me before taking Deke’s hand. “That sounds great,” she said, allowing Deke to pull her to her feet.

The two of them walked over to the pool table tucked into the far corner. I heard Deke’s distinctly deep voice telling John about the joint he had. A few seconds later John, Allie, Deke, and April followed by Jeff and Kim were making their way to the back of the house, no doubt on a mission to smoke the greenhouse special Deke had. The whole thing annoyed me to no end. I wasn’t sure who I was more pissed at though, them for being able to be teenagers and not give a shit about school, or me for not being able to just be a teenager and not give a shit about school.

“You keep digging into your hands like that and you’ll strike oil.” I looked over into amused brown eyes that were fringed in the longest lashes I had ever seen on a man. I gave him a puzzled look, looking down as Noely gently uncurled my fingers from where they were embedded in the palm of my hand.

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly, not even realizing what I had been doing. I allowed Noely to lightly rub the palm of my hand, massaging the half-moon furrows from my skin before he took the cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray. I laughed nervously. “Sorry. Deke is one of few people who can really piss me off just by existing.”

“You shouldn’t let him get to you like that,” Noely said. “He’s just one more asshole in a whole sea of ‘em.”

I grinned at him. “I know, I know,” I said, “but when he starts running his mouth my temper starts to boil and next thing I know I’ve become a rabid bitch.”

Noely laughed. “Remind me not to piss you off.”

“I don’t think there’s a whole lot you can do that would piss me off,” I said aloud, thinking quietly to myself, except keep pretending I’m too young and dumb to know what I’m doing when it comes to relationships. Men. Were they all really this stupid, or did I just have a knack for picking them?

Noely laughed again before picking up his beer and taking a long swig from the bottle. He looked at the container for a moment before setting it down and turning his attention to me. “That reminds me,” he said. “What’s the whole deal with April calling you ‘six-pack’? Did you get a really cool nick-name when I wasn’t looking?”

I groaned aloud. “I said don’t ask.” Okay that came out sounding much more whiny than I had planned. I felt like a total dork, but right now I didn’t much care. I was still snuggled up next to the hottest male in the entire county so far as I was concerned, and I had his undivided attention. Paint me happy as a damn clam for the moment.

“Aww, come on, Nik,” he beseeched me, giving me those big ‘puppy dog’ eyes that melted my heart and sped it up all at the same time. “When a girl calls another girl “six pack” then you can’t blame a guy for tryin’ to find out what the story is behind it.”

I rolled my eyes. He was right, and there actually was a story behind the nickname. Granted, it was an embarrassing and very stupid story if nothing else, but a story nonetheless.

I looked out into the room, deep in thought, not paying any attention to the fact Deke had come back out from within the bowels of the house to pitch his whole ‘I’ve got some seriously good shit back here’ speech to Dusty Shoemaker and Brian McKeenis. They had stopped making out on the couch long enough to not only listen to Deke’s limp-dicked nonsense but actually get up and follow him off to his room. I shook my head.

“Okay, I’ll tell you, but it’s really not that funny of a story and I swear if you tell anyone about this I’ll hunt you down and cut your hair off.” I gave Noely a stern look this time, or what I thought was a stern look, but couldn’t stop myself from smiling at the intense look of interest on his face.

“Okay, I promise I won’t tell anyone.” He leaned in closer to whisper rather dramatically, “It’ll just be our little secret.”

I laughed at the almost excited look on his face. “Unfortunately, it’s not that big of a secret, it’s just humiliating,” I mumbled.

Noely chuckled. “Well, then, I promise I will try not to add to your humiliation by laughing … too hard.”

I grunted, hitting him lightly on the upper arm. “No fair laughing,” I said. “But seriously, I’m surprised you didn’t hear all about it from Deke.”

Noely frowned slightly, his eyes narrowing a fraction of an inch. What was that emotion I just saw shift across his face? Was that anger, jealousy even? I shrugged it off. Didn’t know why on earth he would be jealous of Deke. It’s not like Noely actually wanted me or anything, and everyone knew I practically loathed Deke anyway, so what was up with that weird look?

“Okay, since my threat of castration apparently worked on Deke, I’ll give you the whole humiliating story.” I smiled at the memory of my threats to Deke. I really think his forgetfulness had less to do with my threats of cutting his dick off and more about him being so damn drunk at the time of the incident he just flat couldn’t remember the whole fiasco. I should probably be thankful for small favors and just let the story disappear into the soul-shattering black hole that was high school, but Noely seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and since being flirty and witty weren’t two of my strong points, I had to use whatever I had at my disposal at the time.

I took a deep breath. The story really was humiliating. The really odd part was it should have been really humiliating for Deke as well, but he had thought the whole thing was incredibly hilarious at the time. Me, not so much.

“Okay, you remember that time about six months ago when you and Deke and Chris and Jeff came over to April’s at like three in the morning?” I asked.

Noely nodded his head. Somehow, I seriously doubted he remembered that night since all four of them were pretty much baked out of their brains. But then he said, “Yeah, that was the night that Deke had like five or six bottles of that new Mexican liquor and puked all over your shoes-” He stopped mid-sentence, realization dawning on him. I had to give him credit. For someone who was mostly drunk every time I saw him, he sure had a good memory. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, seeing as how I had this really bad habit of always saying some of the stupidest things to ever come out of my mouth around him. And if I stopped to recount all the times I had actually tried to flirt with him, rather badly I might add, then surely the man knew without question I had one of the biggest girl-crushes on him in the history of forever.

“Yeah, that night,” I said shortly.

“So April calls you six-pack because Deke puked all over your new shoes?” He gave me one of those ‘I just don’t get it’ looks.

I shook my head. “No, the reason why she calls me that is because of what happened before that, when you were hanging out in the big oak tree like a monkey.” I grinned at him, remembering Noely climbing up the big oak tree at the corner of April’s porch after Jeff had told him he was too drunk to even get into the tree. Noely had not only got into the tree without any problems, he had climbed to the top and promptly began to take a piss, trying in a vain attempt to hit Jeff in the head. I only heard about the whole pissing incident after the fact. It was right after Noely had begun his climb into the tree that Deke had grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off to the side of the house.

“Well, after you got into the tree,” I said as I continued my story, “Deke pulled me around the corner of the house, giving me some lame excuse about him wanting me to try this new beer he had discovered. Once he got me there, he, um …” I squirmed around in my seat. I really, really didn’t want to tell Noely about this, but I had already painted myself into a corner so I might as well suck it up and just tell him.

“Aw, crap, Noely, the dumbass stuck his tongue in my ear as a joke. A few seconds later the rest of you came around the corner just in time to see him puke all over my new pair of Converse. After all of you left, April had asked me something and I wasn’t paying any attention to her. She told me, ‘Nik, get the beer out of your ear!’ Hence the whole ‘six-pack’ nickname now.”

I looked down at my feet, not wanting to meet his eyes. In truth, that wasn’t exactly what had happened. Sure, Deke had stuck his tongue in my ear, after he kissed me and then shoved his hand down my pants. The only reason he had puked was because I had kneed him in the groin so hard right before everyone walked around the corner. I hadn’t even told April about him making that pass at me. And now, ever since that night, the two of us had been at each other’s throats every chance we got. I honestly believe he might have raped me right then and there if they all hadn’t been within ear shot. Deke was not used to being rejected by any female, so now he picked a fight with me and called me names any time he got around me. I, of course, retaliated in return, calling him every foul name I could think of at the time.

I finally glanced up at Noely, noting that the funny look at drifted back across his face again. I swear, if I didn’t know better I would think he actually looked jealous and pissed. I once again shrugged it off. Noely was seven years older than me, a grown man, and I was just a stick-thin teenager with no boobs and no curves to speak of. Why Noely was even giving me the time of day right now was a mystery to me, but it was a gift I was not about to pass up for anything. Not even that primo, brain-cell killing pot that Deke was so damn proud of.

Noely gave me a grin now, asking, “So Deke giving you a wet-willy is the only reason why you have that nickname?” He shrugged his shoulders. “And here I was thinking it had something to do with a few six-packs of beer and a drunken orgy.”

I once again gave him a playful swat in the shoulder. “Now have you attended any drunken orgies lately?” I asked, returning his grin.

“No,” he said with a nervous laugh.

“Well, then, that’s why I didn’t get my nickname that way,” I said, my lashes lowered slightly and the corners of my mouth turned up in what I hoped was a seductive look.

“Uh, uh,” he stammered slightly and then reached for his beer, turning it up and downing the last few swallows. He set it down with a small clatter on the end table and then moved to the edge of the couch, saying, “I need another beer,” as he finally stood up.

Deke’s dad, who had witnessed this whole ‘Nikki flirting badly’ fiasco, stated flatly, “We’re out.”

“Oh,” Noely said, “then I’m going to go make a beer run.” He fished around in his pants pocket, pulling out a set of keys. He then turned to me. For a split second I thought he was going to invite me along. My heart immediately began pounding as I looked at him expectantly. “Um,” he began stammering again, his face taking on an almost embarrassed look as he finally asked, “You gonna be here when I get back?”

I gave him a sad little smile, nodding my head as I said, “Sure thing. After all, my ride home is currently getting toasted in the back room, so I’ll be here for several more hours.”

Noely gave me another one of those stellar grins of his, nodding his head as he rushed out of the house, saying, “I’ll see you in a few minutes then,” as he closed the front door behind him.

I promptly buried my head in the arm of the couch, screaming into the cushion as loud as I could. Jesus H. Christ on toast! Could that man BE any more stupid?

I heard Deke’s dad clear his throat before asking quietly, “Ms. Nik, you want me to tell you how to handle Noely?”

“Kidnap him, take him to a secluded cabin in the woods, tie him up and have my way with him for days one end?” I asked, my voice muffled since I still had my face still buried in the couch cushion.

“Huh?” Mr. Ferrell asked, my words obviously so muffled by the cushion that he neither heard the joke nor understood my weird sense of humor.

I lifted my head off the couch and pushed my long hair out of my face, slowly nodding my head. “Yes, please, because subtleness is apparently working wonders on him.”

Mr. Ferrell gave me a smile as he said, “Noely isn’t too bright when it comes to girls.”

I gave a short, sarcastic laugh. “You noticed that, huh?”

Mr. Ferrell laughed with me, stating, “You are gonna have to be about as subtle as a blow to the back of the head where that boy is concerned.”

He reached into his own pocket and pulled out a set of keys, picking through them until he came to the right one and pulled it off the ring. He tossed it towards me, my small hand deftly catching it in mid-air. I turned it over in my hand. It was one of those old-timey looking keys like the ones that fitted all the locks to my grandparents’ house. I looked up at him with blue eyes that held an unspoken question.

“That key is to my bedroom,” Mr. Ferrell said. “The only other person who has one is Noely. I keep the door locked so the kids can’t go in there and mess around. I know I can trust Noely, so he has a key so he can go take a nap without having to worry about the hoards of girls piling in on top of him.”

That thought sent my blood boiling again, the jealousy immediately welling up and spilling forth. I could feel my face flush as the thought of another female touching him made my blood pressure skyrocket.

“You take that key, Ms. Nikki, and go on into my room and lock the door behind you. When Noely gets back, I’ll send him on in for something or other. The rest, I’m afraid, will be left up to you. I can give you the means, but making anything happen, or not, well, you get the idea.”

I looked back down at the key in my hand, suddenly hesitant. It wasn’t like I was particularly fond of my virginity. Hell, I had fallen asleep countless nights for many years now dreaming of rolling around in Noely’s arms. But finally taking that last step, letting go of something that I held so dear. It was just that losing it was so, well, final, even if it was with Noely.

“Of course,” Mr. Ferrell said, noting my uncertainty, “you can always wait until you are legal. He might still be single in a few years, after all.”

That settled it. My mind made up, I jumped up from the couch, grabbed my purse and weaved my way to the back end of the house, unlocking the door to the master bedroom. I went in, locking the door behind me. I stood just inside the door for a few seconds, taking in the dimly lit room.

This room was obviously part of the original house, the half-century old hardwood floors still intact and glistening in the lamplight, the only floor in the whole house that hadn’t been upgraded in the seventies with gaudy shag carpeting. There was a huge king sized bed on the opposite wall, a night stand on either side. There were mirrors on the wall closest to the bed and a door that lead into the master bath. I kicked off my shoes and ran into the bathroom, dumping the contents of my purse onto the counter top. I quickly freshened up and then grabbed all the scented candles off the back of the garden tub, placing them on the tables beside the bed. I lit them all, their fragrance quickly filling the bedroom with the dreamy scent of honeysuckle and lavender.

I hopped up into the middle of the bed, using the cushions to prop myself up. I kept looking at myself in the mirror, trying desperately to look as sexy as my five-foot two-inch ninety pound skinny body would allow. I tossed around on the bed, trying out various positions. I tried to look seductive, classy, anything but the way too skinny freckle-faced kid that stared back at me in the mirror. Disgusted, I finally gave up and turned my back to the door, propping my head up on my hand. I eyed the reflection of the door for any signs of movement.

Seconds ticked by, then minutes that seemed like hours. I periodically glanced at the little digital clock beside me on the table, noting each minute seemed longer than the last. Finally, after ten minutes had passed, I got bored and reached over to pull open the drawer of the table. Inside were stashed a couple of adult magazines, a tube of lubricant, and a box of condoms. I felt my face flush as I saw these items, wondering how on earth I thought I was going to handle the situation I was trying to put myself in when the sight of condoms and dick lube made my face burn bright red.

“Quit being a damn baby, Nik,” I muttered to myself, reaching in and taking out a magazine. I closed the drawer and began idly glancing through the glossy pages, thinking I might be able to get a few ideas. The sight of gi-normous tits and rounded hips soon had me feeling like a drab little kid all over again, causing me to toss the magazine onto the table. A split second later I heard the key rattling around in the lock of the door.

Noely walked into the room, stopping short as he saw me sprawled on the bed. I looked up at him through the reflection of the mirror. “There you are,” I said with a smile. “That must have been one hell of a beer run.”

Noely looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an eighteen wheeler. He took a step back, reaching for the door and once again stammering as he tried to apologize for intruding. Okay, granted him being timid was cute at times, but right now, I didn’t have time for his opposite sex hang-ups.

I rolled over, shaking my head as I said, “Oh, no you don’t.” I patted the bed beside me with my hand. “Get your cute ass over here, Noel Pierre Laurette, or I am going to come over there and drag you back here. I’m tired of playing around.”

I saw him visibly swallow hard and stand there for a few seconds before he moved suddenly. Within five seconds he had shut and locked the door and was sitting beside me on the bed. I sat up, thinking I was going to have to get him shit-faced drunk to get him to agree to this, but as soon as I got within reach he had pulled me into his lap, his mouth finding mine in a deep, soul-shattering kiss.

With that first brush of his lips my heart jumped, the erratic tattoo rushing the blood through a body that felt as if it were on fire. I had waited for this moment for what seemed like my whole life. A tiny moan escaped me as I slipped into his lap, my legs on either side of his waist. I thrust my hands beneath his shirt, that first contact with his flesh practically taking my breath away, a shudder of excitement, joy, and raw hunger running its way down my back.

I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing, not really. All I knew was I had been wanting this man since I was six years old, even when I did not even know what sex was, and now that I had him, had what I had been dreaming and fantasizing about for so many years and so many nights beyond count, I was not about to let him get away.

My hands roamed across his back, my palms running over every square inch of skin they could find. Noely scooted a bit further back on the bed, teasing me as he stated, “You know, that shirt comes off.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I broke our kiss long enough for me to pull the shirt up and over his head, my hands pushing him down onto the bed as I began kissing his neck, slowly running my mouth down his body, nipping at each nipple in turn, kissing the flat of his stomach and the delicate line of hair that trailed down into the waistband of his jeans. I licked and kissed and nibbled like a woman starved, wanting to drink in the sight of him forever.

I looked up at him as my hands unbuttoned his faded jeans, watching him watch me with lowered lashes. Things were happening much too quickly. I had wanted our first time together to be perfect, memorable, but I also did not want to really give him any time to think twice about it either. It didn’t matter this was the eighties and these types of relationships were commonplace now, didn’t matter how willing I was. The last thing I wanted was for him to wise up to the fact I was still so much younger than him and have him bolt out the door.

I unzipped his pants and hooked my fingers through the belt loops, pulling them over and down his hips and legs. With excitement I also noticed that his cock was nearly busting out of his underwear, the large bulge there making me weak in the knees, hot, cold, and nervous all at the same time. I kneeled on the floor so I could pull the jeans off of each leg, staring at his socks just long enough to wonder when he had taken off the soft leather boots he was always wearing.

I stood back up, seeing with a sinking heart he had sat back up on the bed. “Noely, I-” I swallowed hard, fighting back tears. I knew this was the part where he was going to finally come to his senses and send me on my way. And even if he didn’t, as much as I wanted him, I also didn’t want him to regret this tomorrow. “I know I’m a lot younger than you and that could cause problems for you if anyone were to find out,” Dear Lord, I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, to piss this chance away, but I also didn’t want him blaming me for getting him thrown in jail, didn’t want him to resent me for the rest of his life or regret this come tomorrow. “I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to do this,” I added softly, fighting back the tears and the humiliation and the utter anguish that had my heart feeling as if it were being torn straight from my chest.

I felt Noely’s hand take hold of mine. I lifted my head slightly, the twin set of tears sliding down my cheeks slowly as I looked into the eyes I had dreamed of for nights beyond count. “Nikki, I’m tired of waiting,” he said quietly. “I keep telling myself that one day you will finally be legal, and it will all be okay, but I’ve been telling myself that for six years, Nikki, six long and agonizing years of having to watch you with other guys, watching as you grow more beautiful and smart with each passing day. If anyone should be asking are you sure, it should be me, because I can’t for the life of me figure out what you ever saw in me.”

My bottom lip quivered slightly as I held my breath, not daring to hope he would say the words, any combination of words that would finally free me from the torment I had been forced to endure by not being able to be with him. “No more waiting,” he whispered, pulling me back down into his lap, his lips a breath away from mine as he said, “I don’t want to wait any longer. Loving you from afar for so many years has been a torment that I refuse to keep repeating.”

I closed my eyes as those words washed over me, the words I had longed to hear for more than a decade now, the tears welling up behind the closed lids. I laughed in joy, my mouth going back to his in heated desire.

Noely returned my kiss with as much passion as was currently coursing through my own body. He wrapped his arms around my thin waist, his hands running over my body in quick turn, exploring as much of my skin as he could. Within seconds he had stripped me of my black Poison concert tee shirt, my faded and worn jeans soon joining his on the bedroom floor. Somewhere in between the kissing and roaming hands, my bra had been shed, leaving me clad only in the tiny pink bikini briefs that had grown wet with my wanton lust.

He placed me gently on the bed, his eyes raking over every inch of my body. I was shaking as he reached out to slowly slide the panties from my body, revealing the small patch of pubic hair I kept neatly trimmed, my milk-white skin luminescent in the glow of the lamplight.

I kept thinking I should be embarrassed to be lain bare before him like this, and had it been any other male, I would have doused the lights and wrapped myself up like a burrito in the silken comforter. But I knew, had always really known, there in the back of my mind, that Noely did have feelings for me, and his ‘hard to get’ act had nothing to do with him not wanting me and had everything to do with him trying very hard to keep himself in check. Now, as I lay naked before him, I could see from the hungry look in his eye that he found the small mounds of my breasts and slightly rounded hips a very tempting sight.

As he moved back to my side to once again kiss me deeply, my hands roamed over his body. I had dreamed so many times of being able to touch and kiss him, something I now indulged in at my leisure. My hands caressed the hardened biceps, luxuriated in the feel of the silken skin covering abs that tensed in teased pleasure as my fingertips traced circles around his navel.

My hands and mouth worked their way down, finally finding their way to the underwear that still held his organ captive. I pushed the undergarment down as best as I could as I pulled him back down on top of me as he shimmied his way out of the fabric. I wanted to feel his naked skin against mine, and I reveled in the soft silkiness of his throbbing member as it rubbed against my inner thigh. This was my heaven, and I wanted to shout in the joy I found here.

Our lips met again, the urgency in his touch apparent as his lips locked onto a rounded, pink nipple. His left hand lifted me up as my back arched, one hand clutching at his upper back as the other wrapped itself into the blonde hair at the back of his head, holding him closer to me as I gasped in delight. Noely’s right hand caressed my stomach, moving lower until his fingers found my moist center. His thumb moved in small circles around my already throbbing clit as his middle finger delved into my silken depths. I groaned as the pressure mounting inside of my body. I lifted my leg to wrap it around his waist, my hips undulating in small circles to match the rhythm he had started.

“Noely, please!” I said through gasping breaths. “I feel like my body is going to explode.” My head rolled from side to side on the pillow, my hips moving faster. My entire body was a runaway train on a collision course with destiny and I was its helpless captive, riding it out to its ultimate destination.

The heavy pounding against the door stopped us both dead in our tracks, me two seconds from my first orgasm ever and Noely poised to thrust himself into my quivering flesh as soon as I started to climax.

“Heyyyy, Noely man, you really need to try this primo joint before all the bitches smoke it gone,” Deke’s slurred voice came floating through the door as he fumbled with the door knob.

Noely groaned in frustration as he yelled, “Go away, Deke, I’m not in the mood to get stoned right now.”

Deke laughed as he pounded on the door again, “C’mon man, I bet you in the mood to fuck some primo pussy though, right man?” He fumbled with the door knob again as Noely gave me a He didn’t seriously just say that did he? look. “Seriously, man, that Brandi chick has been asking for you for like half an hour now. She’s stoned out of her mind and looking to ride your dick til the sun comes up. You into that chick, right man?”

He pounded on the door again, mumbling about getting stoned and Noely hooking up with the slut-puppy from earlier. I felt the burning desire within my body quickly change to a roaring rage as Deke continued to talk about Noely fucking that Brandi chick.

“I’m gonna kill ‘em,” I muttered as Noely moved to quickly pull his pants on again. Here I was about to finally get laid by the man I had loved for the last decade of my life and Deke’s stupid ass had to come along and ruin the whole thing. I could already see the regret filtering its way across Noely’s face as he handed me my clothes, taking one last long look as I slowly redressed. I just knew this was the end of any chance I had with him, unless I was lucky enough for him to still be single and interested when I finally did turn eighteen. I was disgusted and heart-broken, my soul on an emotional roller coaster that had me wanting to scream and pound my fists into the wall and burst into tears all at the same time. PMS would have been a happy retreat right now because I was just that pissed and upset at how horribly wrong this whole thing was going right now.

Noely put the skeleton key into the lock of the old door as I followed closely behind, knowing without a doubt this had been my one and only chance to be with the one man whom I wanted more than anything else in the world. Noely stopped for a moment with his hand on the doorknob, suddenly reaching around to push me up against the door. He kissed me hard for a moment, his forehead resting against mine as he said, “I still want to do this, Nik, but not like this. Not in Deke’s house with a bunch of drunk assholes running around banging on the doors. You deserve better than that.”

I smiled up at him, my breath still a bit ragged from his kiss. “Deal,” I said, letting him know with that one word I was his whenever, where ever, and how ever he wanted.

Noely returned my smile as he turned the key in the lock, opening the door quickly. But Deke was not on the other side as he had been only a moment before. “Seriously?” Noely said in annoyance, looking back and forth in the hallway for Deke. “Where the fuck did he go?” he asked, taking my hand as he guided me back to the living room. I was kinda glad he was gone, had hoped Noely would take me back into the bedroom and rip my clothes from my body once more, but unfortunately the moment had passed, and I was about ready to rip Deke’s dick off. Which isn’t nearly as kinky as it might sound.

Noely and I walked through the now deserted kitchen and down the three steps that lead to the small dining nook, the same stairs Brian had almost fell down the night before, but instead fell down on top of me right as I came through the door. If Brian hadn’t been so totally into Dusti, and me into Noely, then that situation might could have lead into something more. Instead, it was incredibly hilarious to those around us, and to Brian, and had left me with a bunch of bruises and sore muscles. The boy wasn’t but an inch taller than me but he was all muscle and pretty heavy … and really drunk at the time so I doubt he felt anything.

We walked through the doorway into the living room, expecting to see a few people milling around or passed out, but instead we entered into a completely empty room. The TV was still on MTV and blaring the latest Metallica tune, but that was it. There was no one, which was weird because we had just walked through more than half the house without seeing a single person, and it wasn’t that big of a house.

Noely looked around quizzically, running his hands through his long hair, muttering, “Where the hell is everyone?”

“They wouldn’t be outside would they?” I asked. I doubted it since we were in the middle of town, and it was like two in the morning, so chances of them being outside raising hell wasn’t likely. Especially after the cops got called that last time. Luckily the responding officers were both rookies who had just graduated from NJHS the previous year, so they knew Deke, which wasn’t saying much since both of them were damn near twenty-one years old before they managed to finish high school. If it had been anyone else, half the house would have went to jail for possession and the other half for statutory rape. And lucky for me, April and I had went to watch a movie and didn’t arrive until well after the fact. If it got back to my dad where I was spending my weekends then my ass would be SOL until I was twenty-one.

“Naw,” Noely replied, still looking around like he half-expected to spy someone hiding behind the couch.

“Beer run?” I suggested. I was starting to get a bit nervous. I had ridden here with April and her boyfriend, and if she had already left for home, her boyfriend’s house, or another party, then I was so screwed it wasn’t even funny. April’s dad was pretty cool with only one rule: he didn’t care where we were at or how long we stayed there, just so long as we were in her room when he got up at five a.m. to get ready for work. It was a pretty slick deal, but my dad was so not cool in that way. He would sometimes ride by April’s house in the middle of the night just to see if April’s car was there. It got so bad April and I started riding with friends just so he would think we were there the whole night. But if I wasn’t back at her house before her dad got up, then he wouldn’t cover for me. Noely didn’t have a car, just borrowed Mr. Ferrell’s from time to time, and in all honesty, even if there was someone left at the house to carry me back to April’s, they were so FUBAR that I wouldn’t trust them to drive me. It was looking like I really was screwed, and not in the way that I had wanted.

“Beer run?” Noely repeated my question, seeming to mull it over a bit before shrugging. “Could be,” he said, walking over to the window and taking a peek outside. I joined him, taking stock of all the cars still parked in the front yard, along the street, and in the driveway. Other than Mr. Ferrell’s car, everyone else’s rides were still right where they had been parked hours earlier.

“You don’t think they walked to the curb store do you?” I asked, beginning to get a very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Not all of them,” Noely said quietly, still looking out the window.

He was right. There were over a dozen kids here earlier. They couldn’t have all just disappeared and they certainly wouldn’t have all went staggering down the street this late at night with so many cops patrolling the area. That was just asking to be tossed into jail, or juvy.

Noely turned to me, grinning slightly as he said, “Just our luck, it’s the rapture and we’ve been left behind.” He poked me playfully in the lower belly with his index finger. “It’s what you get for seducing an older man.”

I snorted, thinking if it really was the rapture there would still be a houseful of people, and one in particular who couldn’t get into heaven no matter how much he prayed. Deke’s ass was still in this house somewhere.

“Come on,” Noely said as he took my hand and lead me towards the back of the house. “Knowing Deke, he’s probably convinced everyone to smoke that crap he’s been cultivating in the backyard.”

I giggled as we moved through the house, passed through the kitchen and down the hallway. I looked longingly at the master bedroom as we passed the door, wishing we were once again wrapped naked in each other’s arms. I wanted so much more than those few brief minutes together, even though his touch would be forever branded into my heart and soul. I shivered a little at the memory, knowing I would be reliving the scene over and over again for many nights to come. I just hoped he wouldn’t call me tomorrow and tell me it had all been a huge mistake, he had been too drunk to know what he was doing or saying. Or worse, he wouldn’t call me at all, and I would have to dodge him on the weekends, pretending nothing happened, staring at him in awkward silence, biting back tears, and trying very hard not to go psycho bitch on whatever cunt was trying to cozy up to him that night.

All too soon we were standing outside of Deke’s bedroom door. I could just barely hear what sounded like humming or low whispers coming from the other side of the door. It was strange, that many people being so quiet. But again, when you had that many people crammed into such a small room smoking pot all night, they were probably all so stoned it was very possible half of them were already passed out. The thought brought another sad little smile to my face. It was getting late, which meant I was going to have to find April and her boyfriend and drag them both back home, something I was loath to do since I really didn’t want this night to end. But it had to, so as Noely gazed down longingly at me, our eyes catching and holding each other for an endless stretch in time that only first glances can bring, my smile broadened, and I nodded my head to Noely. He returned my smile, the look on his face as sad as I felt as he reached out and turned the door knob, the door swinging open on squeaky hinges …

Time stopped. For several seconds I was sure I had fallen asleep, was dreaming, had to be lost inside my own dementia. Sixteen people sat in the middle of Deke’s floor, all lined up and naked, sitting with their backs to the door and humming. Every spine had been split open from the base of their skulls down to their tailbone. The vertebrae was exposed, the white of the bone stark against the crimson of the blood running down the gaping slashes and pooling around and beneath them, the raw meat of their muscles glistening wetly in the lamplight. Blood was spattered all over the room, on the walls, the ceiling. The entire carpet was soaked in it, the normal taupe color now a mixture of deep burgundy and a dirty brown.

Their bodies swayed slightly as they hummed, sending rivulets of fresh blood flowing downward. Allie sat nearest the door, her milk-white flesh shredded around the wound’s opening as if the blade used on her had dulled considerably. Her spinal cord was sticking out, the frayed ends leaking the clear spinal fluid that resided within. Unable to maintain her upright position, she toppled over, her head lolling to the side to look at me with wide, blue eyes, her strawberry-blonde hair matted with dried blood, saliva and blood bubbling up from within her to spill forth onto her cheek, the globs of mucus and blood sliding down her neck.

I screamed then, shrieking at the top of my lungs, unconsciously taking a step backward as my body became paralyzed in fear.

The noise caused Deke to suddenly stand up from where he had been sitting at the front of the room. He waved when he caught sight of us, the large butcher knife from the kitchen held loosely in one hand. He held up the joint he was holding in the other hand. “Dude! I told you this was some primo shit. Want a hit?”

The End?


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