12 Positive Tips for Writers for 2014

  1. Stay positive above all else. You can listen to the doubters and nay-sayers and believe that success is impossible or you can trust in yourself and your talent and believe that hard work and determination will persevere.
  1. Take a moment to focus on your accomplishments. Think of this as a “I Did It!” walk. By focusing on things you have already accomplished, you create a fertile mind ready for success. Instead of “I haven’t accomplished this big goal yet,” take time to appreciate the smaller goals you have accomplished. Small steps lead to big leaps in success.
  1. Focus. Each morning ask yourself what are the most important things you can do today to help you succeed in your endeavors? Then work on those goals. By focusing on small steps each day, you will ultimately achieve the larger successes you desire.
  1. Talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself. Don’t listen to complaints, fears, and doubts, but instead talk to yourself about your small and large goals to feed your mind and soul with words of encouragement you need to keep moving forward towards your ultimate success.
  1. Remember that rejection is not a dead-end but a detour to a better outcome.
  1. Get plenty of sleep. You can’t replace sleep with a double espresso shot, although they sure do help perk us up.
  1. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts and things you can’t control. Instead, invest your time and energy on your goals and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
  1. Mentor someone.
  1. Remember that there is no such thing as an overnight success and no substitute for hard work.
  1. Believe that everything happens for a reason and expect good things to come out of challenging experiences, no matter how dismal things may look at the time.
  1. At the end of each day, remember what you have accomplished that day and take time to reflect. Often we get so bogged down in trying to reach a larger goal that we fail to realize and appreciate the smaller goals we accomplish and the smaller obstacles that we have overcome.
  1.  Enjoy the ride. You only have one life, make the most of it each day and remember that success will come, even if that success is not in the form you expected it.