Nikki’s Dungeon

Welcome to Nikki’s dungeon, the darkest place on the web. Love one-handed reading with a dark twist? Then enter at your own risk, and prepare to delve deep into the darkest places of human sexuality, where the fun and darkness is limited only by your hostess’ imagination. Nikki’s Dungeon includes short stories, on-going serials, and other fun goodies. Some of the stories and serials are based off of some of her most popular series while others are meant as stand alone reading.


*NOTE: Nikki’s Dungeon is meant for mature readers 18 years and older. To receive each month’s new shorts, you must subscribe to the Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews, your monthly newsletter dedicated to what’s happening in Nikki’s world. Each new story will be listed only in the newsletter with a link to download that month’s freebie.