As a formerly independent author who has since become traditionally published, I understand the struggle which indie artists face each and every day. After landing my first trade published deal, I decided within just a few short weeks that going the traditional route was not going to work for me. Since then I have went back to my indie roots and have not regretted a single day of it.

For many authors, being completely independent is a choice which brings them both great peace and a profound sense of pride. We struck out on our own, spending long hours learning the business, honing our craft, and networking with others.

I have always felt there was far too much “me versus them” mentality in this business. Everywhere I look, there are artists who are quick to ask others to share their work but who refuse to help others in their artistic community. I have not only been one of those authors who has struggled greatly to make a name for myself, I continue to struggle to gain exposure each and every day. It is for this reason that I do all I can to give back to the artistic community. I welcome the chance to share news regarding my fellow authors.

In an effort to help authors and others of the artistic community gain more exposure, I have opened my website to feature interviews of my fellow artists. I invite you to join me as I introduce both fledgling artists as well as seasoned veterans of the business.