Excerpt Chapter 3

The Taming of Andy Savage

Sweet Seductions Book 1

Nicola C. Mathews

Angel Scott

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Ghost written by Nicola C. Matthews and Angel Scott



The next day could not go by fast enough. She had taken off the entire day so she could drive the two hours to Effingburg to catch White Coffin’s set. As the day dawned bright and clear, Nicolette had hurried over to the local mall, eager to use the company credit card she had been presented with by Chance’s secretary when she was leaving the office. She wanted to look hot, something to show off the body which she had managed to keep in decent shape through hours spent at the gym.

She wanted something different this time, but something she could still get off quickly and easily if the opportunity should present itself. She browsed around a few stores, finally settling on another White Coffin tee which she had custom ripped at the local Chop Shop. This time instead of ripped leggings and leather skirt, she chose a cute flared, black cotton skirt and matching black ruffled under shorts, layering on white knee-length silk stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. She looked more like a slutty trick-or-treater than someone who would be going to a concert. Wearing her usual office attire wouldn’t exactly cut it around the crowd that went to these types of concerts though. She had to blend in, even if it meant she looked like a reject from a Japanese anime convention.

Feeling good about her choice of clothes, Nicolette finished off her ensemble with a fang charmed necklace and matching earrings. This time she wore her hair up, proudly displaying the many bite scars from the various vampire lovers she had acquired over the years. Satisfied, she packed her car and began the short journey to her next assignment.




The place was packed when Nicolette finally managed to get into the venue. She rarely arrived at these things early since her PRESS badge offered her all access to the bands. It took her a lot longer than anticipated to squeeze through the crowd and make her way to the side of the stage. A large security guard stood between her and the door leading to the backstage area. Nicolette pointed to her badge as she brushed past him and through the door, not bothering to wait to see if he would try to stop her. The band opening for White Coffin was almost finished with their set. The fans were jumping around and moshing in the pit as The Fearless rocked the place down.

How many years had it been since she had actually stayed for an entire concert? She had lost count, not really caring for the younger generation’s version of “rock” music. White Coffin was different. These boys were relatively young when they were turned, and aside from Andy, immortally speaking, they all were still very young, too young to really remember the greats from her era. But these boys not only knew about these bands, but they had grown up listening to them too, immolating their skills and style until White Coffin was born out of a mixture of old-school hair bands and the pioneer rockers.

The boys were waiting backstage, Andy sitting on a storage case away from the rest of the band as they all waited for their turn to hit the stage. Nicolette eased up behind him, hoping the screaming crowd and rhythmic pounding of drums would hide her footsteps from his delicate vampire ears. With his back turned, she didn’t see the slow smile creep across his face as he caught the fragrance of her skin and perfume long before she reached his lanky frame.

She placed her hands over his eyes as she whispered quietly in his ear, “Guess who?”

Andy wrapped his hands over hers as he turned around to stare at her. “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Back already?”

She smiled at him as he kissed the back of her hand. “Of course. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

He looked over Nicolette from the top of her messy up-do to the bottom of her Mary Jane clad feet. He nodded his approval. “Wow, look at you. Now that looks hot.”

Nicolette blushed underneath his intense gaze. She knew she looked good to be forty, but still, she was fucking forty and he would forever have the face of a twenty-year-old.

Andy suddenly pulled her toward him, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning in to kiss her deeply. She melted into him, feeling the passion already stirring inside of her as his tongue explored her mouth.

After a few moments he ended the kiss, pulling back to look into her flushed face. “Did you miss me already?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Maybe,” she purred in delight, her hands running down his chest and wrapping around his slim waist. She leaned in to kiss him again, her hands sliding beneath his shirt. Her fingernails skimmed over his abdomen, her flesh feeling flushed next to his cooler vampire skin.

Andy’s hands moved to cup her ass, pulling her forward so she was forced to straddle him. She could feel his stiffening cock inside of his jeans, and she rubbed herself shamelessly against him. She was already soaked, the urge to whip out his cock from his pants and impale herself almost overwhelming.

“Okay, fellows, it’s show time.”

Nicolette nearly groaned as their manager came through to usher them all toward the stage. She reluctantly moved out of Andy’s lap, taking more time than was really necessary. He made no move to hurry her along as his hands continued to cradle her cute ass until he was forced to let go. Finally he stood up, following the rest of his band as they moved toward the stage.

“See you out there, hottie!” Andy hollered at her, giving her a wink and a wave as he ducked through the door leading to the stage.

She smiled back at him, following his manager out the side door and to the front of the stage. The security guard made the young girls move back who were lined up along the fence directly in front of the stage, many of them giving Nicolette some seriously pissed-off looks as the guard picked her up and deposited her into the first row.

Nicolette looked up at the stage, feeling the familiar flutter of her heart as Jacob’s opening riffs echoed off the venue walls. The girls around her screamed as Andy entered the stage, his eyes quickly finding her and blowing her a kiss. The girl right next to her screamed as if she had just been stabbed straight through her heart. She yelled out, “I love you, Andy!”

Nicolette couldn’t help herself. She busted out laughing before blowing Andy a kiss. When Andy pretended to catch the “kiss” and touch it to his lips, the young girl beside her gave her the nastiest look she had ever seen. If looks could have killed, Nicolette would have dropped dead on the floor that very instant.

For the next hour Nicolette enjoyed one of the best sets she had seen in quite some time. She had been so caught up in the after-parties and screwing the bands for so many years she had forgotten just how fucking fabulous it was to just enjoy the damn show. She screamed during all of Jacob’s solo parts, squealed with delight when Ash ripped off his shirt, and nearly fainted in ecstasy as Andy rolled around on the floor pretending to fuck an imaginary lover. Before she realized it, their ninety minute set was coming to an end.

“We have had one fang-fucking-tastic time here tonight, Effingburg!” Andy yelled into the microphone, sending the fangirls into a lust-filled frenzy. “But before we go, we have one more song to play for you. This isn’t just any song, it’s one of our very first love songs, and coincidently, this song goes out to a very special lady in the crowd here tonight.”

Andy’s announcement sent the women screaming so loud the sound drowned out the heavy beats of Christopher’s drums. Andy’s eyes scanned the crowd, making a show of searching someone out amongst the sea of crazed female fans. When his gaze finally fell on Nicolette, he gave her a little wink. Then he jumped off the stage, struggling to get through the barrage of hands grabbing at his clothes and hair. He made his way to where she was standing, presently grabbing the young girl right beside her and kissing her hard on the mouth.

He let the girl go, smiling as she started screaming like a woman gone mad. She grabbed for him, trying to pull him toward her, crying the whole time. He easily evaded her clutching hands, winking at Nicolette once more before he climbed back onto the stage. Seconds later the band launched into their final song for the evening.

As the last chords faded, and Andy wished everyone a good night, the security guard who had politely deposited Nicolette into the crowd yanked her back out from within the ocean of screaming fans. He helped her onto the stage where Andy grabbed hold of her hand and rushed her backstage.

“You know you totally made that girl’s day, right?” she asked as Andy closed his dressing room door behind them. A second later he had her pushed up against the wall, his mouth finding hers in a hot, passionate kiss.

“Damn, we’ve only been apart for an hour. Did you miss me?” he asked a few minutes later when they finally stopped long enough to take a breath.

“Mmm, maybe,” she said with a giggle, running her thumb over his full bottom lip.

He smiled at her, dipping his head to pop her thumb into his mouth, sucking on it gently for a brief second. She returned his grin, playfully swatting at his shoulder.

“So are you here on business or is this purely a pleasurable visit?” he asked.

“A little of both,” she said, giving him a sly, sexy little smile.

A slow, seductive grin spread across his face. “That sounds promising.”

“Yes, it can be, but first things are first. I actually am here on assignment. Do you think the rest of the band would be willing to answer a few questions? The blog wants a full interview piece this time.”

Andy stood perfectly still for a split second, reminding Nicolette he was a member of the undead. Then his beautiful smile was back on his too-young face. “Yeah, I think the guys are up for an interview. You gonna ask them the same types of questions you asked me?”

She eyed him for a second, not sure if he was serious or kidding or what. She shrugged. “Actually, yes, if they are up to giving my readers what they really want.”

Andy laughed. “Well this could get interesting. You do realize Ash is a total perv, right?”

Nicolette returned his laugh. “And you’re not?” she asked with a little wink. “Yeah, my readers know he’s the residential pervert and we all love him for it. I know he catches a lot of shit from fans for some of the pics he posts, but I think they are just jealous. Personally, I love his brand of perversion, and I don’t really care how many porn stars he’s fucked.”

He nodded his head. “Okay, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ll go get the guys, you make yourself comfortable.” He tilted his head toward a small fridge in the corner. “Help yourself to a cold beer if you want.”

She gave him a mischievous look. “Beer? Why the fuck you got beer in your fridge? You couldn’t get drunk off that shit if you had been starving for an entire year.”

Andy gave her a little wink. “Yeah, I might not can get drunk, but my groupies can.”

Nicolette snorted. “I should have known. Let me guess, it was all Ash’s idea?”

He grinned at her. “Actually, it was Jeremy’s. Ash’s idea was the full wet bar sitting over in the corner.”

She turned to look in the direction he was pointing, laughing out loud when she saw the little portable bar tucked into the opposite side of the room.

“Help yourself,” he said as he walked out the door.

For a second Nicolette wondered how wise it was to get drunk in a room full of very hot, very hungry, and most likely very horny vampires.

She decided she was willing to risk it.

She walked over to the small bar and quickly mixed together a Rock Tart, a sickly-sweet concoction of coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, and peach schnapps. She set her own drink aside and mixed together all the boys’ favorite drinks – a Deep Throat for Andy, a Screaming Orgasm for Ash, a Slippery Nipple for Christopher, Sex on the Beach for Jeremy, and a Tight Snatch for Jacob. Wow, they were definitely going to have a party tonight! Too bad she was the only one of them who could actually get drunk off of any of this shit.

Nicolette turned as Andy re-entered the small room. She gave him a smile as she offered him the drink she had just mixed. “Deep Throat?”

He grinned at her, feigning shock as he took the offered drink and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. “You mean right now, in front of the guys?”

Jacob walked in right behind him, his sensitive vampire ears picking up the entire conversation. “Hell, I wouldn’t mind watching that, so long as I get to join in the fun. I hear Ms. Vampskin gives the best head in the country.”

She laughed as Jacob walked past her and gave her a little wink, pointing to the drinks lined up on the little bar.

“Mmm, I figured Christopher would be the voyeur in the bunch. Maybe I should have poured you the Creamy Pussy instead of the Tight Snatch?”

“I believe I already had your Creamy Pussy,” Andy said, running his hand over her tight ass encased inside her skin-tight, frilly little short-shorts she wore under her skirt.

“And I believe I already gave you a Deep Throat if memory serves,” she replied as he leaned in to kiss her, his free hand roaming over her rear as hers tried to pry its way into the front of his too-tight jeans.

Jacob nearly choked on his drink, wondering if they were going to start screwing right there on the floor. It wouldn’t be the first time it had happened.