Excerpt Chapter 1

The Taming of Andy Savage

Sweet Seductions Book 1

Nicola C. Matthews

Angel Scott

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Ghost written by Nicola C. Matthews and Angel Scott





Nicolette pushed her way through the crowd, the tightly packed bodies writhing in time to the pounding chords ripping from Jacob’s guitar. Everyone around her was screaming, but the sound could not be heard through the driving beat engulfing them all like a living, breathing thing. Andy’s voice rose above the music, deep, perfect, the sound sending many of the women in the room into a lust-filled swoon.

As the last chords of music waned, a young woman screamed out, “I love you, Andy!

From somewhere within the darkness of the stage, a dark voice answered. “I love you, too,” he said as the overhead lights suddenly flashed rapidly. Everyone in the crowd screamed as Andy stood to the side of the stage with a huge grin on his face. He dipped his head forward and then whipped it back, tossing his shoulder-length black hair back out of his face.

Nicolette felt a shuddering tingle race up her spine and then settle between her legs. She had to fight the urge to rush the stage and shove her tongue down his throat and her hands down his pants. He was the epitome of every rock star cliché all rolled into one. He was tall and had so many tattoos on his arms it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. He had enough piercings to make a Voodoo doll jealous, and he oozed more sex appeal than any man had the right to, alive or undead. His voice was deep, dark, and melodic. She wasn’t sure which she found more attractive, his voice, his beautiful smile, or his quick wit and sense of humor. He was, for lack of a better word, absolutely perfect.

White Coffin had been on the stage for nearly an hour, their set almost complete. Nicolette held onto her position to the left of the stage, wrapping her hands around the barricade. It was the only thing keeping the patrons of THE FANGGASM nightclub from rushing the stage, and from the five vampires who currently occupied it. In just three more songs the band would be through for the night, and Nicolette’s job would just be beginning.

Nicolette Vampskin was the leading field journalist for The Alternative Underground, the single most popular vampire metal magazine and blog in the industry. She had landed the job fresh out of high school. The Underground had been a fledgling magazine at the time. It was the very first publication which not only sought out supernatural musicians, but actively sent out human reporters to interview the bands. Within a year she had become the magazine’s lead reporter, and in the process she also became the biggest fang-whore in the entire country.

As the band prepared for their final encore, she moved toward the back of the stage, flashing her PRESS badge at one of the guards keeping all the groupies at bay. There was absolutely no need to do this; she was at the club every weekend and every security guard and bouncer in the building knew her by name. But, to be honest, she thoroughly enjoyed the nasty looks all the skank-whores gave her. It gave her a perverse sense of pleasure knowing she was about to sit in the company of the best damn metal band the world had ever known, while they were all resigned to hold up “I WANNA FUCK YOU ASH!” signs in hopes the bassist might look their way. She almost felt sorry for them. But then again, she hadn’t exactly made a name for herself by feeling sorry for people.

She rounded the side of the stage just as the band thanked everyone for coming out, the five of them moving so quickly down the stairs they all nearly collided into each other as Andy Savage stopped suddenly on the last step. His blue eyes locked onto her as she planted herself squarely in front of him. Those intense baby blues raked over her, taking in her ripped leggings, short skirt, shredded White Coffin tee, and the rounded mounds the shirt barely concealed.

“Nicolette Vampskin,” she said as she held out her hand.

Andy paused, much longer than was necessary for a vampire, giving his actions a very human feel.

He took her hand and shook it lightly. “I know who you are, Ms. Vampskin. When they told me we were being interviewed for The Underground, I never in my wildest dreams thought they would be sending you.”

She laughed, tossing her head back, exposing the length of her neck for a moment. The various white scars from multiple vampire bites were clearly visible on her pale skin.

Andy moved suddenly, his body quickly closing the few inches separating them. Startled, Nicolette froze as his hand moved to cradle the back of her neck. He gently moved her head to the side as he brushed a few loose auburn tendrils of hair from her neck, his eyes looking over the scars. He let go of her just as quickly as he had grabbed hold of her.

“You do get around, don’t you?” he asked, not really expecting an answer. He turned his head, nodding slightly. The other four members jumped off the steps, walking casually toward one of the back exits.

“I see my reputation precedes me,” she muttered.

“Yes, it does, but I understand the fascination,” he said as he ducked his head closer to hers. “How do you think I ended up this way?” he whispered, tilting his own head to the side. She caught a quick glimpse of the line of tiny, white scars marring the side of his neck, scars that greatly resembled her own vampire track marks.

She smiled in amusement. Obviously she wasn’t the only one who had a vampire fetish. “I assure you, Andy, I am just here on business,” she replied, even though she knew it wasn’t entirely true.

“When are you going to learn to share?” Ash Pardue asked as he turned around, walking backward as he gave Andy a large, fangy grin. He eyed Nicolette openly, causing her to squirm just a bit. She wasn’t sure how they had managed to cram so many hot vampires into one band, but there they all were, looking like a vision straight from a groupie’s wet dream.

“Next time, man,” Andy replied as his eyes moved back to Nicolette. “Promise.”

Ash laughed. “I’m going to hold you to that,” he said as he turned around and followed the rest of the band out the door.

Nicolette watched the other members leave, wondering if she should be concerned, or if she had just missed out on some major fun. About fucking right, pardon the pun, she thought to herself. Maybe Andy wasn’t into sharing.

“Ms. Vampskin-“

“Nicolette, please,” she said, interrupting him as her attention moved from his parting band mates back to him.

He paused, surprised she had interrupted him.

“Nicolette,” he said her name slowly as he started again. “Thank you for agreeing to come out to do the interview. I’m not sure where we are going to do this, though. This place doesn’t have dressing rooms, and I’m pretty damn sure we can’t go grab a table in the back.”

He jerked his head toward the back of the bar as he said it, his eyes momentarily moving over the crowd still hanging around the stage. A young woman screamed as he made eye contact with her.

Andy! Oh my God, fuck me, Andy! I love you!

Andy chuckled, his smile growing larger. He thrust his hands into the pocket of his black jeans, his smile almost sheepish. He looked so damn young, so adorable, and so fucking sexy at the same time. It was hard for Nicolette to remember he was immortal. He acted like every other male in his early twenties, riding the biggest high known to man. He was lusted after and loved by so many, loving the attention, and yet still being mildly embarrassed at the same time. It instantly endeared him to her heart.

“I had the manager reserve us one of the rooms upstairs. There’s an entrance around back, so we don’t have to worry about your clothes being ripped from your body by your groupies.” She eyed him pointedly, silently thinking ripping his clothes from his body would be something she would very much enjoy doing to him, among quite a few other things.

He laughed as he shoved his hand through his hair, raking it back only for it to fall right back into his face, one strand resting on his perfectly sculpted cheek. “I thought you were just here on business.”

She smiled back at him, disarmed by how young he looked. It was hard to believe he had been a member of the undead for nearly ten years. He may have looked twenty, but the way he conducted himself, even the way he spoke, told the tale of a much older soul encased in that deliciously sexy body of his.

“Yes, well, I didn’t want to spend half the night fighting off the Coffin Army, so I had to work with what I had available.”

“Mmm, yes, trying to get through that mob would be a bit hard for a human,” he said as he moved toward the door. “In that case, lead the way.” He held out his hand, allowing her to move ahead of him.

She gave him another smile as she led him out of the exit and around to the metal stairs sitting in the back of the building. She fished out her tape recorder from the confines of her purse as she climbed the creaking stairs, running through the standard set of questions she was required to ask every band she interviewed.

Andy answered her questions just as quickly as she asked them. It was all the same information he had been asked by dozens of journalists in the past, information she knew just as well as he did – his favorite band, his musical influences, how did the band get started, when did he decide to become a musician, did he miss being human?

The two of them moved into the private room, Andy looking around briefly. “I’m pretty sure you’ve covered about all the questions I normally get asked. I don’t really see any reason to keep you any longer,” he said, moving toward the door.

Nicolette turned around, her green eyes running over him from the top of his black, shoulder-length hair and pierced, full lips, down the length of his Misfits tee, the bandanas tied into the belt loops of his black jeans, and back up again. Her gaze lingered on the bulge in his jeans much longer than was really necessary. A slow, seductive smile spread across her red tinted lips as she saw the mild look of surprise cross his face.

He grinned at her again. He seemed mildly unsettled by the fact a human woman nearing forty years old would openly flirt with him. Good thing he was a vampire, because if he had been human, Nicolette would have felt like a complete perv for drooling over this young hottie.

“Yes, I’ve asked all the standard questions …” She paused before adding, “but you haven’t answered any of my personal questions.” She moved toward the couch situated on one wall near the door, and sat down. She kicked off her stilettos and tucked her feet underneath her as she relaxed in the corner. She smoothed the black ruffle of her skirt down over her knees, the hem moving up her thigh a good three inches as she straightened up on the couch.

“I wasn’t aware reporters were allowed to ask personal questions.”

“Oh, my readers want to know a lot more about the vampire behind the music. That’s not something I am really going to get with the standard questions,” she said. She patted the couch beside her when he made no move to sit. She was beginning to think she made him nervous, which was hilarious considering he was a vampire twice her size.

“I don’t bite, Andy,” she said with a short laugh. “Unless you are into that kind of kinky shit.”

“I think that usually goes the other way,” he said, his face taking on a shocked look again, as if he couldn’t believe those words had just come out of his mouth.

Fuck, he was blushing. She didn’t think vampires could blush. Damn. Could he possibly be any cuter?

“Um …” He paused, as if he was thinking about her invitation. Nicolette could almost see the emotions parade across his face, but it was too quick for her to really tell what he was thinking. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” he asked a second later.

She burst into laughter. “Damn, I was just kidding, Andy,” she said as she tried to get the giggling under control. “Don’t take me so seriously. You’ll find I have a very warped sense of humor. And I tend to flirt, a lot. How do you think I ended up with this job in the first place?”

She shook her head as she looked at him with a small smirk still on her rosy lips. He was so fucking cute, she didn’t know whether she wanted to lick him or cuddle him in her lap. She jerked her head toward the couch. She vaguely wondered if she could catch up with him before he had a chance to get to the tour bus if he decided to run.

For a second she thought he really was going to try to escape. Then he shrugged his shoulder and moved slowly to the couch, easing his six-foot-four-inch lanky frame down beside her.

He gave her a disarming smile as he settled back into the couch, no longer quite so ill-at-ease. “So I’m beginning to see,” he said quietly, his grin growing wider until she could see the set of fangs nestled in his mouth. Andy smirked at her slightly as he asked, “Okay, Nicolette, what else did you have in mind?”

She turned toward him, settling into the corner of the couch, once again tucking her feet beneath her. He had settled into the opposite corner, his right ankle resting on top of the knee of his left leg. He had his right arm propped up on the back of the couch, his chin in his hand.

His blue eyes were absolutely mesmerizing. She discovered herself looking over every inch of his face, from his lightly lined blue eyes to his full, sculpted lips. Her eyes settled on those lips as her mind wandered briefly, wondering what his lips would feel like on hers, soft and warm, parting slightly to allow his tongue to enter her mouth, searching, swirling, teasing…

“So, were there any other questions you had for me?” Andy asked, dragging Nicolette’s attention back to the whole reason she was sitting down with the famous vampire singer.

She smiled. “If you don’t mind, my readers are interested in more, personal, questions.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “Oh, really? Like what? How personal are we talking about, and how concerned should I be?”

Her tongue licked absently at her suddenly dry lips. She noticed Andy’s gaze shifted from her eyes to follow her tongue, watching as it slid slowly across her plump bottom lip.

“Well, my readers are anxious to find out when you lost your virginity.”

She sat back and waited for him to tell her to leave, or to refuse to answer the question. It was incredibly personal, and he wasn’t exactly known for sharing personal information with anyone. She could hardly imagine him sharing something so intimate with a reporter who would be splashing the information all over a website frequented by over four million readers each year.

Andy’s smile only widened. “I was fourteen,” he said rather nonchalantly. He answered her question as if losing his virginity, or talking about it for that matter, wasn’t a very big deal.

Nicolette’s eyes widened. “Wow, fourteen? How old was the girl?” She could scarcely believe his answer, or the fact he was answering her at all. Hell, he may be making the whole damn thing up, but so long as he kept talking, she wasn’t going to call him on it.

He shrugged again. “My age I think, maybe a few months older than me.”

She smiled at his answer, thinking, Bingo!

“So … do you like older women as a rule, or was that just a onetime thing?”

He grinned at her, the set of fangs throwing her off momentarily. Her brain had forgotten she was speaking with a predator rather than an adorable twenty year old that happened to be an uber famous rock star.

“Yeah, I guess you could say I go for older women from time to time.”

She felt her heart skip a beat. “Have you ever dated anyone significantly older than you?”

He didn’t even blink as he answered her. “Sure, when I was fifteen I dated a nineteen year old for nearly a year.”

Nicolette’s mouth popped open as she stared at him in obvious shock. “Holy fuck! Did she know you were only fifteen?”

He laughed, taking his hand and pushing his hair back out of his face. “No, and when I broke it off I had to show her my learner’s permit to prove to her I wasn’t just feeding her a line of bullshit, you know, making shit up so she wouldn’t feel so bad because I was dumping her.”

She shook her head, still a bit dumbfounded. “She didn’t think it was strange you never bought your own cigarettes, or, I don’t know, wanted to go to a bar or something?”

Andy shifted in his seat, uncrossing and re-crossing his legs. “Oddly enough, no. I had always just made up excuses for not buying my own cigarettes or not wanting to go watch movies or whatever.”

Nicolette almost snorted. “Like what kind of excuses?”

He shrugged his right shoulder again, something he seemed to be in the habit of doing when he didn’t really have a good answer. “I don’t know, like I was broke and it was still a week before pay day or some shit. Just really whatever I could think of on the spur of the moment.”

She did snort this time, and started laughing as he seemed almost embarrassed by the story. “Ok, so four years isn’t really that big of an age gap. I mean, it is when you are fifteen and she’s nineteen, but basically speaking, not a big deal. But what about that girl you were dating a few years back, before you were turned. Wasn’t she a lot older than you?”

His laughter toned down a bit as his eyes took on a faraway look, as if he were looking back on all the years passed. “Oh yeah, Jules was like eight years older than me.”

Nicolette gave him a lop-sided grin. “So then you aren’t opposed to dating someone a lot older than you?” She raised her eyebrow as she asked the question.

Andy eyed her. “Um, how much older are we talking about?”

A slow, seductive smile slid across her mouth as she licked her lips again. She could feel her heart flip over slightly inside of her chest. She moved her hand to her leg as she shifted in her seat, accidently moving up the hem of her skirt just a bit.

“Well,” she said, her voice dropping, “you have fans of all ages, so you could very well find yourself in the arms of someone a good twenty years your senior, maybe even older. Would you be opposed to someone so much older?”

He returned her slow smile. “Probably not,” he said as he leaned a bit closer to her. “Especially if she looked hot in a short skirt and White Coffin tee, and could handle our fans, touring, and the music.”

“Hmm, well now, that is good to know. What if the woman could not only handle it, but wanted all of that stuff too? Maybe someone who lived for the music and the fans as much as the musicians?”

He nodded as his gaze slid slowly over her body. “Then yes, I’d be willing to date someone older, would have her come along with us if she wanted.” He licked his lips this time, wondering what she looked like under her leather skirt, ripped leggings, and White Coffin tee. He discovered himself eyeing her chest, imagining what her tits would feel like in his hands.

“Was that all your readers wanted to know?” he asked, his eyes still roaming over the tiny bit of cleavage her shredded top revealed.

“My other questions are a bit more unorthodox, but my readers are really dying to know.”

He reached out and grasped a stray piece of her hair, twirling it around his finger as he moved in closer to her. “Yeah, and what’s that?”

Her smile broadened a bit. “How big is that sexy cock of yours?” she asked, her voice dropping to little more than a whisper.