Excerpt Chapter 3

Collaring Ash

Nicola C. Matthews

Angel H. Scott

Chapter 3


Within a few seconds he could feel the drug hitting his body hard, his mind running around in circles, thinking he should be trying to escape, but his body refused to obey. He was arguing incoherently with the bouncer and whoever had hold of his other arm, but it was useless. His speech was already slurred from the drug, his legs practically useless as they pulled him down the hall.

Several minutes later he discovered himself stripped of his clothes, his usual attire replaced by a studded collar, a silken blindfold, and nothing else. Had he not still been under the influence of drugs, he would have been royally pissed. But the heroin had stripped all of his inhibitions away just as easily as the henchmen had stripped him of his clothes, leaving him feeling light-headed and uncaring.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked as they shackled his arms above his head, but no one answered him. They worked quickly, knowing the effects of the drugs would wear off soon.

Ash’s already cool skin felt even cooler as the air conditioning flicked across his exposed flesh, the feeling exhilarating. He could feel soft hands moving over him as he was securely handcuffed to an overhead beam. He could hear voices whispering as they worked, female voices, one which sounded vaguely familiar. Where did he know that voice from?

The light, musical voices whispered amongst themselves as they worked to secure him, his rock-hard body naked and exposed to a pair of small, exploring hands. He could feel them as they moved over his chest, sharp nails raking down his flat abdomen. He sucked in a breath as a hot, wet mouth suddenly engulfed his hard shaft as another set of hands tied up each of his legs with silken cord.

One soft hand fondled his balls as the other slowly moved over his cock, two mouths eagerly licking either side of his engorged package. “What the fuck is going on?” he said forcefully, trying hard not to moan in pleasure.  It wasn’t easy, the feeling of two wet, sucking mouths and velvety tongues running over his cock and nutsack making him squirm in his silken bondage.

One of the women moved away, leaving Ash feeling suddenly vulnerable. His sensitive vampire hearing picked up her movements behind him as she removed a leather riding crop from the wall. She swung it lightly at her own hand, the resounding smack as it hit her flesh making him involuntarily shudder. His breath quickened slightly.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” the woman behind him whispered.

“Yes ma’am,” the other voice responded, the one which seemed somehow familiar to him.

Seconds later the hot mouth was back working on his cock, making him throb with need. He was so fucking horny, and all the sweet little mouth sucking on his package was doing was pissing him off. Whoever it was kneeling at his feet sure knew what she was doing though. Her hand moved over him slowly, her grip on his cock gradually increasing as she worked. The tip of her tongue swirled around his cockhead each time she came to it, her hand rotating opposite her mouth as she shoved him down her throat again and again.

“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m finally getting to suck Ash Pardue’s cock,” the girl whispered with a groan, shoving him back into her mouth.

Ash would have laughed had he not been so close to blowing his load down her throat. He wasn’t quite sure why he was having to pay to do this when all he had to do was point to any number of women in the audience of their shows and have himself one hell of an orgy. He’d done it so many times before, but he had to admit not a single woman had ever given him head as good as what he was getting right now.

The woman behind him laughed, the sound light and throaty. “You always have had a thing for him, haven’t you?”

The mouth on his cock muttered, “Mmm, hmm,” the sound causing his entire cock to vibrate. He groaned this time, unable to control himself.

“I think he likes it,” the second woman said.

The woman at his feet laughed around his cock. “I hope so, but I still think I’m the one coming out ahead in this deal.”

“Brandi!” Ash suddenly yelled out, his fuzzy brain finally making the connection. He knew he knew that voice from somewhere. Had he not been dosed with heroin, he would have recognized that fucking stuck-up bitch’s voice when he first heard it.

The mouth on his cock suddenly stopped.

“Bitch, I don’t know if this is your idea of a joke, and I don’t really care, but when I get loose from here – “

The female behind him smacked him hard across his bare ass with the riding crop, making him yelp out more in surprise than pain. “You do that again, you fucking cunt, and I’ll snap your goddamn neck.”

Undaunted by his threat, the woman swung the crop even harder at him this time. “That’s enough out of you,” she hissed. She moved behind him, trying to shove a ballgag into his mouth.

“Wait, not yet, Angie” Brandi said as she stood. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she pressed her lips to his.

The urge to bite her was almost overwhelming, but he knew better than to hurt either of them. He wasn’t worried so much about the price tag that would come with him tearing up the place, but both of these women were human. Hurting them was still punishable by law, anything from entombment to being staked out in the prison yard to greet the sunrise in a fiery blaze of glory.

Brandi shoved her tongue into his mouth, the sweet taste of her taking him by surprise as she pressed her nearly naked body against his. Her flesh was soft, warm, so much more enticing since he couldn’t touch her. Her hand caressed his cheek as she moved his blindfold onto the top of his head.

Ash blinked in the dull light of the room, staring at the small woman who still had her arms wrapped around him. The last time he had seen her, she had been wearing her dark reddish-brown hair in a tight French twist, her short body hidden inside shapeless clothes and her large blue eyes behind those awful glasses. Now her hair cascaded down her back, the tendrils silky as they brushed against his chest. Her small but firm breasts were naked except for a set of nipple rings, the piercings joined together with several layers of dainty, golden chains. He certainly had not pegged her for the body modification type.

He stared at her, his eyes moving down her slim body as she pressed herself tightly against him. Her blue eyes sparkled with amusement as she watched him. She leaned in close, her tongue running over the outline of his lips before she kissed him again, her hand grasping the base of his cock.

“Fuck me,” he whispered as she pulled back, her tongue running down the length of his neck.

“Oh, I intend to, Mr. Pardue, among other things,” she whispered before moving the blindfold back into place.

Brandi’s lips slowly moved down the length of him until she once again had him shoved as far down her throat as it would allow. She loved giving blowjobs and right now she felt overjoyed and full of power as she devoured Ash’s throbbing cock like a woman starved. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would get to this point in her life, having the hottest bass player in the known universe at her sexual mercy.

Angie put down the riding crop, her hand moving over the reddened flesh of Ash’s perfect ass. He moaned, loving the feel of Brandi’s hot mouth on his hard cock and Angela’s small hands running over his tender flesh. His skin healed up within just a few short seconds, causing her to frown. She so loved the look of freshly spanked skin, but if she wanted to enjoy the sight for any length of time, she’d have to put forth a bit more effort. She pulled her arm back and swung her hand at his backside again, harder this time, wringing a string of curses from Ash’s mouth.

“Stop fighting it,” Angie said, alternating between flogging his ass and running her hands over the flesh.

“I don’t fucking like pain, bitch,” Ash hissed as she hit him again.

Angie laughed. “Oh, but your body says otherwise, Mr. Pardue,” she said.

Ash grunted. “If you think because my dick is hard that I am actually enjoying myself then you are sadly mistaken,” he said, pulling on the Tungsten handcuffs as he tried to rip the metal screws out of the reinforced beams overhead.

Angela rubbed her hands lightly between his ass cheeks, his body jerking as he tried to move away from the intruding digits. “Odd, all my experiences with hard cocks has always meant the men were enjoying themselves immensely. Why the fuck should your dick be any different? Got yourself some type of magical unicorn prick, Mr. Pardue?”

Ash pulled harder at his restraints. Prison be damned. If he could have gotten hold of that cunt, he would have ripped her fucking throat out.

“No, you fucking piece of shit bitch, I’m a fucking vampire. I’m hungry, I’m always horny, and not to mention that frigid cunt kneeling at my feet has my cock shoved so far down her throat I can feel her tonsils.”

Brandi giggled around her mouthful of dick, Ash once again moaning despite his best intentions and his intense, growing hatred of the two women who had him at their mercy. “He kinda has a point, Angie,” she said.

“Fine, then let’s play a game, shall we?” Angela asked with a sigh. “Move away from him,” she instructed.

Brandi allowed Ash’s cock to pop out of her mouth, giving Angie an adorable little pout as she moved away from Ash. She had to resist the urge to shove the other woman out of the room while she had her way with the very hot, and very well hung bassist.

“No, let’s just see how much your body doesn’t like what’s happening to it,” Angie said. She swung the riding crop at Ash’s bare ass once again, harder than before.

The sound of the crop hitting hardened flesh echoed through the room, but all Ash did was grunt. Angela swung the crop again and again, each new welt only making Ash that much more pissed. Within a few minutes his once rock-hard cock was little more than a semi-hard prick struggling as the woman behind him whipped him mercilessly.

Brandi giggled as Angie stopped her tirade of welt-inducing ass whipping. “Hmm, maybe he really doesn’t like it,” she whispered as her hands moved gently over the slowly healing welts.

“I told you, I pegged him more for the dom than the submissive, not that I don’t enjoy seeing him tied up and at my mercy,” Brandi said, wrapping her arms around his neck again and kissing him.

“He could just be hungry, like he said,” Angela replied. “Although I would have thought he would have had the good sense to have eaten before he came here, pardon the pun.”

Brandi giggled again, her small body pressed closely to his. “He can have a little taste of me,” she said, nibbling at his neck with her teeth.

“Don’t be stupid, there’s no eating on the premises. Besides, he’s already expressed his desire to leave. We’ll have to cut him down and send him on his way. Maybe he’ll be in a better mood after he’s had a decent meal.”

The girl wrapped around Ash’s upper body moaned as Angie turned to begin tidying up the room. She moved Ash’s blindfold, her blue eyes searching his. She kissed him again before glancing over at the other woman, making sure she wasn’t watching. She leaned in and whispered in Ash’s ear, “If you want to stay and play, then you are free to feed from me.”

She pulled back, watching him closely. She really couldn’t tell if he was still mad at them, or if he really wanted to leave. She sighed when he made no move to take her up on her offer of a free snack. Knowing she was about to have to free the sexiest man she had ever had the pleasure of chaining up, she leaned back in and kissed him deeply, surprised when he returned her passionate kiss.

Now that Angie had stopped whipping his ass with that infernal riding crop, and the effects of his forced drug use had begun to wear off, Ash was able to properly concentrate on the tight little body snuggled next to him. Normally he went for the full porn star look – big, fake tits, ass implants, silicone lip injections, hair extensions, the works. The woman wrapped around him like a cheap suit was the direct opposite of all of that. Her tits couldn’t be much more than a B-cup, if that, her hips barely flaring out from an equally unimpressive waist. She was soft, not overly curvy but not someone who spent too much time strapped to a treadmill trying to keep the pounds off. She was also a lot older than he had initially thought, not that age much mattered to him these days. He could just make out the beginnings of the fine lines around her eyes when she smiled.

Ash returned her kiss, his tongue slinking into the depths of her sweetness, swirling and tasting as their passion mounted. Within seconds his cock was once again rock-hard, causing Brandi to moan as she reached down to run her hands along its length.

Brandi felt the mounting heat flood her center as she worked his cock, her juices already flowing freely to coat the insides of her thighs. She had never wanted someone so much in her entire life. Fuck it, if he was going to get pissed about something, she at least wanted to give him a reason to be mad.

She used the chains Ash was strapped to as leverage so she could pull herself up and wrap her legs around his waist. She kept kissing him, not wanting to give him the chance to put up any type of protest. Seconds later she had allowed his cock to slide into her eager depths. She gasped as his engorged cock stretched her center, loving the way he filled her up more than any other cock she had ever had the pleasure of fucking. Ash groaned as he felt her soft, hot confines engulfing his throbbing cock as she began to move herself slowly along his shaft. The bitch might not be a porn star, but she sure did fuck like one.

Angela stopped what she was doing when she heard the two of them moaning loudly. Her mouth popped open, seeing Brandi riding Ash’s cock like a crazed horn dog. She could feel the zing of jealously pour through her as she watched the two of them fucking. She wasn’t sure which pissed her off more, seeing Brandi fuck the one member of the band she thought she might actually want to become involved in long-term, or seeing Ash fuck the one woman she had ever had any type of feelings toward.

“Hey, snap out of it Angie.” Brandi said as she snapped her fingers, bringing Angie out of her daze. For now, she had stopped bouncing up and down on Ash’s cock.

“Focus, girl. We need to keep entertaining our guest here, give him a reason to want to come back. Get back to work,” Brandi scolded.

“Entertainment? Hell, yeah, keep entertaining me woman,” Ash moaned as Brandi went back to fucking him as hard and fast as she could.

“Well, what about me then, bitch?” Angela asked as she watched the two of them fucking each other like crazy.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, come here, you big baby,” Brandi said, reaching out toward the younger woman.

Angela wasted no time as she scooted over to the two of them, waiting for her turn to get some attention. Brandi leaned back, pulling Angela in to kiss her deeply on the mouth. Angela felt her heart leap into her chest as it always did whenever Brandi touched her, loving the way Brandi’s small hands squeezed her tits as they kissed. Angela groaned, feeling her body respond to her touch, her already soaked pussy suddenly throbbing with need.

“Holy, fuck me,” Ash said hoarsely as he watched the two of them together. “That’s what I’m fucking talking about.”

Brandi giggled as she kissed Angie, still bouncing up and down on Ash’s hard cock. She could feel her muscles beginning to tighten, knowing she was close to the edge.

“My turn now bitch.” Angela said as she tried to push Brandi off of Ash.

Brandi slapped her hands away, wrapping her arms around Ash’s neck. “Not yet, I’m about to cum,” she moaned, grinding her hips into his as she shoved his cock as deep into her dripping cunt as she could get it.

“Ladies, there is enough of me to go around,” Ash said, hoping the two of them didn’t start wrestling right there, not that he would have minded it, so long as there was mud involved.

Ash could feel the confines of the pussy fucking him begin to tighten. Brandi moaned suddenly, her body tensing up for a second before his balls were suddenly drenched in her hot, wet cum.

“What the hell?” he asked in surprise as he felt the drops of her love juice slowly dripping off of his balls.

“Oh, yeah, I guess we probably should have warned you about that. Brandi’s a squirter,” Angie said nonchalantly as she picked up a towel up from a nearby table. “Now get the fuck off of him so I can have a piece of that cock,” she said, shoving Brandi right off of his boner.

Brandi had become limp from her release, and did not even try to fight as she slumped to the floor, her breathing labored.

Angela hurried to climb up onto Ash and then leaned down, smacking him lightly on his face before kissing him passionately on the mouth.

“Damn, girl, I know I like it rough, but I usually prefer it being the other way around,” Ash said, fighting the urge to bite her.

“You are going to have to get over that, I’m afraid, at least as long as you are around here. I was hoping you liked it rough, because if you did, then you are in for a treat.”

“And why is that?”

“You will see,” Angie said with a wink as she allowed her body to slowly sink down onto his engorged cock. She could feel him sliding deeper and deeper into her tight, wet pussy until he bottomed out inside of her.

“Oh fuck, woman, you are tight!” Ash hissed.

Angie set up a slow, steady rhythm, his throbbing dick sliding in and out of her with ease. As Ash watched her enjoying herself, he thought she looked familiar. He knew he had been with a lot of women, and surely he would have remembered someone who fucked with such wild abandon, but he just couldn’t remember where he knew her from. A better question was, why did he even care right now?

Seconds later, Angela was screaming in ecstasy as she came on his cock. She didn’t make a mess like Brandi did, but as her little cunt tightened around him, he thought he would scream from the pain. It was like she was cutting off the circulation to his dick, a sensation he wasn’t entirely sure he liked.

Angie tried to get her breathing under control as she slowly climbed off of Ash, her legs feeling rubbery as she collapsed to the floor. “What do you want to do with him now?” she asked as she looked over at Brandi.

Ash’s mouth popped open as he watched the woman fuck herself with the biggest dildo he had ever seen. He had been so engrossed in trying to figure out where he knew Angela from, he had missed the entire show. How the fuck was that even fair? They needed to untie him so he could pile up into the middle of this freak show, like now.

“Are we going to suck him off, or have another turn?”

Brandi slid the fake dong out of her dripping center, tossing it to the side in favor of a double-sided toy. She beckoned to Angie who quickly crawled over to her, sliding the other end of the dildo into her still soaking wet cunt. The two of them groaned together as they began to fuck each other, their legs entangled as their hips bucked in unison, pushing the fake dick deeper and deeper into their eager pussies.

Ash’s eyes grew wide as he watched them, his dick twitching at the sight. Holy fuck, this was a whole new experience for him. He had had threesomes before, even a few orgies, but never had he been tied up and forced to just watch while everyone else got to have all the fun.

“Damn, ladies, untie me, and I’ll give you each a proper fucking,” he said, practically dancing around as he grew hornier with each second.

The two women only moaned in answer, fucking each other faster and harder, Angela pounding into Brandi deeper than he thought possible for a human. She apparently enjoyed it as she began screaming just a few minutes later. “Fuck, me, Angela, I’m going to cum!”

Angie giggled, using her body to shove the dildo into Brandi’s eager pussy, her own moans soon drowning out those of the older woman as she climaxed. Ash watched fascinated as Brandi’s love juice suddenly erupted forth, spraying Angel’s pussy and inner thighs. By now they had the dildo shoved so far into their cunts their pussies were flush with each other as they rubbed and bucked their way through their orgasms. Ash felt like his dick was going to explode watching those two fuck each other senseless. Damn, he had never wanted to be part of something so bad in his life.

As they lay there, their breathing labored, the two of them stared at Ash with half-closed lids. “My turn now, right?” he asked, sounding like a hopeful, eager teenager.

Angie looked over at Brandi, raising an eyebrow. A slow, almost evil smile slid across her face. She slid the dildo out of her pussy and walked over to an intercom on the wall by the door. She pressed the button, the door opening seconds later. The same bouncer who had brought him into the room now stood just inside the door, waiting for orders.

“Please escort Mr. Pardue back to his vehicle,” Brandi said.

Ash’s mouth fell open. “What?” he asked in a high-pitched, almost squeaky voice.

Brandi only smiled as the bouncer unhooked his handcuffs from the overhead bar, pulling the dumbfounded vampire from the room. The door shut behind them, the electronic lock automatically bolting them inside.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Angie asked. “I wanted to play with him some more.”

Brandi laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, he’ll be back. Trust me.”