Chapter 4

Hells Ballad Mockup with Title Jax Added



Put it in Red:

Hell’s Ballad

© 2014 by Nicola C. Matthews

All rights reserved.  Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

Published by

X-Isle United Press

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious.  Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, or to any other written publication is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Cover art by Bloody Feather Graphix Team

Chapter 4:

Eva walked slowly to her car, her motions almost jerky. Inside, her mind was a whirlwind of emotion. Memories of the two of them together all those years ago were shooting across her mind, one after the other, coming faster and faster. The love they had shared, all the laughter, and her heart-wrenching decision to break up with him and accept Jason’s marriage proposal, all collided inside her brain, the emotions overlapping and exploding like fireworks.

The spirit that was Onyonna was having a very difficult time controlling the body she inhabited. The sheer enormity of the love and regret the woman was caring around was almost suffocating to the demonic soul. Onyonna tried calming the churning mind, but the memories were cascading through her like an avalanche, and soon she was swept up in them right along with the possessed Eva.

The woman wanted so much to run back to Jax, to beg him to forgive her for hurting him. Eva had not just left him for her own selfish reasons. She knew he would have given up everything, including his dreams, to do whatever she asked. She was holding him back, knew so long as they were together they would end up married with a few kids and struggling to make ends meet. And in the end, those shattered dreams would only cause him to hate her.

He had so much potential, even though she wouldn’t admit it to him. So she had crushed his heart, hoping that by doing so that rockin’ soul of his would prevail.

And he had prevailed, had accomplished more than she ever dreamed possible from him. But seeing him now, the look in his eyes; there was something so dark, so disturbing inside. He was successful, but she could sense he wasn’t completely happy, had lost the one thing which had ever meant anything to him.

Now she had to wonder if crushing his heart to bring his dreams into reality really had helped him. Would being married and still living in their small hometown really have been that bad? She didn’t know, wasn’t sure of anything right now. So many regrets.

Eva had married Jason just as she had planned, their life together uneventful for the most part. But Jason’s appetite for women was endless. It started out with just a fling during college, but as his studies continued, it became very clear he considered Eva nothing but a trophy wife, the beautiful woman who every doctor sported on his arm while he was secretly fucking the wives of everyone else.

She had divorced him less than three years into their marriage. Broke, disgusted with herself and the choices she had made, she had traveled to Los Angeles to try to atone for what she had done. She didn’t expect Jaxon to take her back, but she wanted to at least apologize for hurting him. She owed him that much.

It had taken her nearly a week to finally find him, not making the connection that Jaxon Monroe Warner was now going by the stage name of Jax Monroe. She sat through three of their shows, brimming with pride. Jax was absolutely electrifying on stage, the audience screaming in a frenzy as they played.

One night she discovered herself standing in line after a show, trying desperately to find the right words to express her remorse over her deeds. That’s when she had seen them together, the two of them laughing as they came through the doors.

He was happy, that carefree look on his face once again. He wasn’t falling apart without her, wasn’t passed out in a gutter somewhere moaning her name. He was happy, and he was slowly making a name for himself in the industry. How could she possibly take all that away from him again, especially after what she had done to him?

So she had left LA without speaking to him, went back to college, finished her studies and moved back to her hometown, eventually settling into a peaceful existence. But love, that elusive thing that had once meant everything to her, had become an intangible thing she had refused to take part in again for so many years and for so many reasons.

Onyonna forced the woman’s body to keep walking through the parking lot, the movement still a bit unnatural as the demonic spirit fought the woman’s urge to run back to him. She had to bide her time, wait for the right moment.

Eva offered the absolute best chance of getting close enough to Jax to finally reap his soul. She couldn’t let the woman’s emotions get in the way and ruin it all, couldn’t, not when the stakes were this high. Allowing Eva to declare her unending love to Jax could backfire just as easily as it could land the two of them in bed together.

Eva finally gave up trying to resist, letting her body be guided back to the car. She didn’t think as she took out her car keys and hit the unlock button on the remote. She slid into the driver’s seat, letting her body slump forward on the steering wheel as the tears suddenly welled up and cascaded down her cheeks. The quiet sobs racked her small body, all those years of questioning whether or not she had done the right thing now laid bare as she was finally given her answer, an answer she was not fully prepared to deal with now, or perhaps ever.

Onyonna let the woman cry, feeling her sorrow wash over her like a silken sheet. She remembered this, even after so many centuries, she remembered the bitter-sweet pain of losing the one she loved more than life itself. It was jolting, disconcerting, overwhelming.

Forty-three days. The demonic spirit wasn’t sure she could put up with this woman’s blubbering for that long. The poor distraught thing kept telling herself love would conquer all.

Drivel, Onyonna thought to herself. Love is how the three of us ended up in this mess in the first place.


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