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Micah’s Ember 

Micah's Ember

When Ember Jones responds to an innocent private message from musician Micah Vaughn, she never dreamed it would lead to a strange on-line BDSM relationship with a man nearly half her age. When she meets him for the first time in person, she has to wonder if there can be anything more between them than just their stranger cyber-affair.

When Micah Vaughn sends a private message to one of his fans, he never dreamed it would lead to one of the kinkiest relationships he has ever experienced. What starts out as a strange pastime soon blooms into a relationship he had been secretly craving. Can his relationship with Ember lead to anything other than a fetish-obsessed relationship, or can he find true love with the older woman who is slowly capturing his heart?


The Red Fang – Before the Sun Rises Series: Book 1 

The Red Fang (Before the Sun Rises Series)

Hopeless, pointless. Those were the words on the lips of everyone still left standing in our small, supernatural community.

The vampire Stealth had barely escaped with his immortal life after the Shield of Humanity attacked his home, a home which now lay in ruins on the outskirts of Shadow Cove.

The lycan clans were being picked off one by one, the few remaining remnants scattered to the winds. Entire species and families were being eradicated—a full blown extermination, for no reason other than we were different, feared by the humans. Our lives were being cut short, but we would not stand idly by and watch as our families were destroyed.

We would unite, fight to the bitter end, all declaring as one: We are no different than the humans, and we have the right to exist—to live. Battle lines have been drawn, but the war has just begun.

If you love paranormal fantasy packed with action and romance, then Nicola C. Matthews’ The Red Fang – Book One in the Before the Sun Rises Series – is for you.


Immortal Sins – Before the Sun Rises Series: Book 2 


Immortal Sins

Ashton Jones wasn’t just any serial killer, he was THE serial killer, the one that had killed her twin sister, the one that had gotten away, the one that had ruined her career as a detective. Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, she finds herself partnered with the man she vowed to kill at any cost.

Altania Lewis wasn’t just any woman, she was THE woman, the one that had gotten away, the one he couldn’t bring himself to kill, the one he had obsessed over for years beyond count. Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, he finds himself partnered with the one woman he vowed to conquer…mind, body, and soul.

Their partnership sanctioned by The Vampire High Council, Ash and Alty are expected to protect each other with their last breath. Ash swears he is a changed man with a new respect for life, even hers. Altania does not believe it is possible for someone with a heart as dark as Ash’s to ever change. Will their burning hatred for each other compromise their mission, or has Ash’s new-found immortality not only turned him into a member of the undead, but also into a man worthy of Altania’s love?


Clan of the Claw – Before the Sun Rises Series: Book 3


Clan of the Claw (Before the Sun Rises Series Book 3)

*Available for pre-order, autographed copies will not be shipped until the end of January 2018*

Left for dead by The Vampire High Council, Ethereal Oscurita is finding it very difficult to adjust to life as one of only two known lycanthrope hybrids to have ever existed. Torn between her love for two vampires and the man killed by the very hybrid who had created her, she is no longer content to spend her days hiding in the basement of the master vampire’s country estate. She needs time – time away from a disintegrating love triangle, time to heal, but more importantly, time to figure out who she really is.

Ethereal sets out to fulfill a promise to Nikkolas Redpaw, the werebear who sacrificed himself for the sake of her family while fighting the Shield of Humanity. She travels to the northern most regions of Alaska in a search to find any surviving member of his once great clan. What she discovers there could be the beginning of something truly wonderful – or the end to a tale five years in the making.

Alliances will be forged, friendships tested, and old wounds reopened. Will Alaska hold the key to Ethereal’s happily ever after, or a bitter ending to a life only half-lived?



Vindictus, The Dark Lord 

Vindictus, the Dark Lord

I did not stop to question my motives for trying to protect the demon king. All I knew is that I could not be returned to my own realm. For better or worse, I was not only stuck in this world, but I was officially married to the king of this land. Right now that king lay unconscious in his bed, fighting for his life, put there by his own brother. That brother was now trying desperately to rip the throne from Vindictus’ dying hands. I had learned long ago through word of mouth that Dante was not someone you wanted having any power over the people of this land. Vindictus may be ruthless, but he ruled with love. Dante ruled with fear and malice. No, if I was going to be forced to live out the rest of my life in this land, I was most certainly not going to bow down to Dante Invectus.


Hell’s Ballad

Hell's Ballad

Jax Monroe has everything he has ever asked for out of life. He is the front man for the world’s hottest metal band, his name is on the lips of everyone between the ages of fifteen to fifty, he is the envy of everyone in the entertainment industry….but he also has a secret so dark, so destructive, that it will one day consume his entire soul.

Deals have been made, his promise bound in blood, and soon it will be his turn to pay the ultimate price. He’s resolved to his fate, but when Eva Lane Montgomery walks back into his life, he begins to question his blood oath, suddenly unsure if he has made the right choices.

In the end, the he must uphold the bargain, even when the game changes. Will his pact be too strong to break, or can love truly conquer all?




The Taming of Andy Savage – Sweet Seductions Series: Book 1

The Taming of Andy Savage (Sweet Seductions Book 1)

For Nicolette Vampskin, it had always been about the the musicians and the parties. At least it was, until a chance one-night stand with the tall frontman of White Coffin turned her entire world upside down. Now she’s in love with a vampire half her age, blackmailed by her boss, and her music journalism career was spiraling out of control. What happened to the once proud fang-girl who was content to bang half the vampire bands in the country? Yeah, it was all pervy fun until someone ended up dead.



Collaring Ash – Sweet Seduction Series: Book 2

Collaring Ash (Sweet Seductions Book 2)

Ash Pardue is young, immortal, and the bassist for the hottest vampire metal band on the planet. He has his pick of the ladies, and his tastes run wild and deep. When a chance encounter with a plain, little librarian turns his entire world upside down, he soon finds himself in the midst of the strangest, freakiest love triangle of his undead life. Brandi and Angela are physically everything he has never been attracted to, but inside they are the kinkiest set of women he has ever known. How is he supposed to choose between love and lust when they are both so very bad for him? Will his hunger for these two lead to ever-lasting love, or to a freaky obsession too wild to be tamed?



Jinx’d! – Sweet Seductions Series: Book 3

Jinx'd! (Sweet Seductions Book 3)

Alicia’s career was going nowhere. In a world where younger was always better, a woman nearing thirty was practically useless in the entertainment industry. She had long since given up her dreams of becoming a model, having spent the best years of her life as the assistant to The Great Georgio, a magical act which relied more on the comic relief of her ability to always manage to sabotage a show rather than based on Georgio’s actual magical talents. When she accidentally cracks open the skull of Jeremy Fergers, the guitarist for the world-renowned vampire metal band White Coffin, Georgio sees a unique opportunity to resurrect their doomed careers.

Georgio is convinced their only hope of making a name for themselves relies on her becoming a member of the undead. He plans to have Alicia seduce Jeremy, hoping he will embrace her, but when Alicia begins to fall in love with their mark, she refuses to go through with their original plan, forcing Georgio to improvise as he continues his quest for ultimate fame as the world’s greatest magician.

Finding himself in a dangerous situation, Jeremy must make a painful decision – can he live with himself if he embraces Alicia, or can he learn to live without the woman whose impossible klutziness has somehow managed to steal his heart?



Temptation: An Anthology

Delve into the world of the vampire, immerse yourself into the taboo lifestyle of the master/slave relationship, quench your passions in the arms of the lycan body…whatever your fantasies, Temptation will make your darkest desires come true. Enjoy 7 erotic tales of passion, desire, yearning, and love.

Are you ready for a little Temptation?



The Devil’s Slave

When Sapphire was kidnapped during the night, she thought she was being sold into the black market of sex slavery. What she woke up to was a nightmare so bizarre that being a sex toy paled in comparison to the horrors that awaited her at the hands of Raven, the coven master of those who were fallen from grace.



The Friend

Nikki only wanted one thing out of life, and that was Noely. Tonight, would all her dreams come true, or would the high school dope-head ruin all chances of her finally hooking up with the hunk she had dreamed about her whole high school life? After all, with friends like Deke, who needed enemies?



The Gods of Darkness

In a world where the most beautiful women are sacrificed to the Gods of Darkness, Reeve arrives at the Blood Temple dressed in mourner’s black, knowing her life is over. She would become just another meal to the deities, her life snuffed out in a crimson river as they drank their fill, her life given in exchange for her family’s continued safety. It was a simple fact of life, but it was not one she would go to willingly. As the Blood Rituals commence, Reeve is determined to escape at any cost. The price for her victory would prove to be much higher than she ever dreamed.


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