Before the Sun Rises

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Before the Sun Rises Series is an action-packed roller coaster ride of emotion, seduction, survival, and romance.


The Red Fang

The Red Fang – Book 1 – BUY NOW for Kindle & paperback

Hopeless, pointless. Those were the words on the lips of everyone still left standing in our small, supernatural community.

The vampire Stealth had barely escaped with his immortal life after the SHiELD of Humanity attacked his home, a home which now lay in ruins on the outskirts of Shadow Cove.

The lycan clans were being picked off one by one, the few remaining remnants scattered to the winds. Entire species and families were being eradicated—a full blown extermination, for no reason other than we were different and feared by the humans. Our lives were being cut short, but we would not stand idly by and watch as our families were destroyed.

We would unite, fight to the bitter end, all declaring as one: We are no different than the humans, and we have the right to exist—to live. Battle lines have been drawn, but the war has just begun.

Meet the Characters: Ethereal Oscurita

Ethereal Oscurita is the result of an illicit affair between her human mother and a half-frey father who was already being hunted by both his fairy and elfin family for being a fey of mixed heritage. Being only part fey, Ethereal still ages slower than humans, but not nearly as slowly as any of the fey. She is an elemental by nature and is able to manipulate the elements. Being part fairy, she has natural mental blocks which make her immune to most vampire glamour.

Ethereal was orphaned as an infant, cared for by an unknown benefactor. She was raised to have the best education in music, science, self-defense, and art. Twelve years ago, her unknown benefactor perished, leaving her completely penniless. Thrust into a cold and uncaring world, she is at a lost as to what to do to keep herself alive. She spent a few years roaming around the southern U.S. until she discovered herself inside the walls of The Red Fang nightclub, owned and operated by Master Vampire Requiem. Realizing what she is, Requiem takes her in and helps her get her life together, even offering her a job at the club where she slowly works her way up from waitress to manager of the establishment.

Ethereal is five feet tall with fiery red hair, full lips, small breasts, rounded hips, and bright blue eyes. Her ears are a bit too pointy, showing the combination of her fairy and elfin heritage. Quick to laugh and with a hot temper, she finds herself drawn to the supernatural community and its members as much as they are drawn to her. She has a dry sense of humor, is quick to make a joke, and has a deep understanding of life and those around her. She does not make friends easily, finding that most humans sense there is something not quite right about her. Ethereal is loyal, strong-willed, and loves easily. She is fiercely protective of her friends and those she considers to be family. Kind-hearted, free-spirited, she likes meeting new people and is very talkative.

Meet the Characters: The Vampire Stealth

The vampire known as Stealth was embraced in the year 1765 at the age of 24. Stealth was born in Japan, his mother having abandoned him a few hours after he was born. The offspring of a rape by an unknown westerner, Stealth was trained in a variety of Japanese fighting skills, quickly mastering and excelling in his studies. At the age of fourteen, he was recruited by The Vampire High Council and trained as a vampire assassin. Embraced against his will, Stealth would continue to be both an assassin for The Council as well as a trainer for new recruits. Most of Stealth’s human years are shrouded in mystery, the vampire divulging little of his past.

Stealth has long, straight black hair, dark brown eyes, extremely pale skin, a straight nose, high, chiseled cheek bones, and a square jaw. He stands at six feet nine inches tall, is of lean yet muscular build. He earned his nickname of “Stealth” while training to be a vampire assassin, the name being given to him by his fellow trainees due to his abilities to travel and attack his foe virtually silently.

The vampire had a very strict upbringing, knowing only cruelty and the love of the sword. He had very little feelings for humans or vampires, making him a perfect killing machine. He is quiet, reserved, and can be cruel at times. However, he is loyal to those who show loyalty to him, and holds great respect for the rigid structure of the vampire society and culture. It is not until he meets his sire that his cold heart begins to soften and he begins to allow others to get close to him.

Meet the Characters: The Vampire Requiem

Requiem was born in 1403 and embraced at the age of twenty-eight. His sire and entire human life has never really been divulged to anyone over the years. The oldest living vampire in the tri-state area, Requiem became the Master Vampire of the area in the early 1900s. Currently residing in Shadow Cove, he has moved frequently over the past sixty years for reasons that have yet to be made clear.

Requiem has long, black hair that he oftentimes will twist into dreadlocks and leave for years. He has very bright, intense blue eyes and a darker complexion than most vampires his age. He has full, soft lips, a square jaw line, and more rounded features. He is six feet eight inches tall, broad shouldered and muscular.

Arrogant to an extent, Requiem has battled with personal demons for many decades now. He has repeatedly lost his faith in humanity, and just when he thought there was no saving grace about the entire species, someone very unexpected and special came into his life.

As a human, Requiem was by trade a poet and writer. After he was embraced, he began his apprenticeship with The Council as a scholar and a scribe, eventually being tasked with writing the funeral masses for the vampires who had passed on from this life. Towards the end of his studies with The Council, Requiem would be tasked with giving the Last Rites to those vampires who had been marked for assassination. It is Requiem who discovers Stealth as a human and pleads his case to The Council to have him brought on as a vampire assassin.

Meet the Characters: Nikkolas Redpaw

Years ago, I was heavily into roll-playing games (RPGs). It was through this activity I learned to create “biographies” for each of my characters. Most of the groups I played in required a written bio of each character created, including their names, their physical appearance, a brief background, and personality traits. Players were also required to find a photograph of someone who looked as close to their visualization of the character as possible. It is for this reason I have always used physical models for my characters, and I still write biographies for each character prior to starting a book. As a writer, it makes me feel closer to the characters and also makes them feel more tangible. I feel I can describe them better and create them on paper with ease when I have a physical picture in my mind of how they look and act.

For the next three days leading up to the re-launch, I will be making posts in this thread about each of the three main characters in THE RED FANG, including their biographies and the photographs I have used as my models. I hope you will enjoy getting to know them as much as I have.

Nikkolas Redpaw of the Clan of the Claw

Nikkolas was born in December of 1865 to a small community of werebears. He is broad shouldered, very muscular, with waist-length silvery-white hair, grey eyes, and stands at six-feet six inches. He has high cheek bones, full lips, a straight nose, and a softer jaw line.

His clan is one of the oldest clans in the northern hemisphere. Nikkolas was born and raised as a warrior for the clan, a very honorable position that was much like the “secret service” of the once great werebear nation. His clan lived in the northern most parts of Canada and was not the typical brown or black bear, but polar bear. The warriors of the clan were rumored to be descendants from the first known werebear clan and of royal bloodline.

Nikkolas is kind-hearted, but distant, afraid to get close to anyone since he is the last of his line. Quite but with a quirky sense of humor, he values loyalty and honor above all else. Quick to help out anyone in need, Nikkolas is always willing to sacrifice anything and everything to keep those he loves safe.

His entire clan annihilated by the SHIELD of Humanity, Nikkolas travels south in search of other clans and finds nothing but more destruction and death. Finally arriving in the small town of Shadow Cove, he befriends the alpha of the local werewolf pact, Joshua Flynt, and is welcomed into the fold as the clan’s leading warrior and Joshua’s right hand in battle.

Immortal Sins


Immortal Sins -Book 2 – BUY NOW for Kindle & paperback

Ashton Jones wasn’t just any serial killer, he was –the- serial killer, the one who had killed her twin sister, the one who had gotten away, the one who had ruined her career as a detective. Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, she finds herself partnered with the man she vowed to kill at any cost.

Altania Lewis wasn’t just any woman, she was –the- woman, the one who had gotten away, the one he couldn’t bring himself to kill, the one whom he had obsessed over for years beyond count. Now a sanctioned vampire assassin, he finds himself partnered with the one woman he vowed to conquer…mind, body, and soul.

Their partnership sanctioned by The Vampire High Council, Ash and Alty are expected to protect each other with their last breath. Ash swears he is a changed man with a new respect for life. Altania does not believe a heart as black as his can ever change.  Will their burning hatred for each other compromise their mission, or has Ash’s newfound immortality not only turned him into a member of the undead, but also into a man worthy of Altania’s love?


Clan of the Claw – Book 3 – Coming early 2016

It has been three years since Ethereal, Stealth, Requiem, and the werewolves of Shadow Cove infiltrated and destroyed the SHiELD of Humanity’s headquarters, the agents scattered to the winds. Determined to find the remnants of the once great and powerful clan, Ethereal vows to return the sacred book Nikkolas had entrusted to her, the aged and worn pages that held the stories of generations beyond count.

Finding the lycans of the northern state to be untrusting and fearful of newcomers, Ethereal travels to investigate her one and only lead, the great lycan compound a few miles outside of Tark, Alaska, ran by Kaskae, the son of the former Chief of Nikkolas’ clan and one of very few survivors of his family. But this safe haven for lycans is not what it seems, and the truth behind the quiet halls is even more terrifying than anything that Ethereal has faced. Passion and fear run deep; loyalties will be tested to their breaking point. The lives of the great clan hang in the balance as Ethereal finds out just how far Kaskae is willing to go to keep his secrets buried.





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