Blood Beginnings

Aleria had been around the vampires for nearly a decade, welcomed into their world if still slightly apart from it, until one night she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She saved him, giving up her own mortal life, and he in turn gave her an immortal one. Now she was part of his coven, but not everyone was so eager to welcome her with open arms.

Addalynn had ran for her life after watching the townspeople slaughter her father right on their front lawn. Terrified she would be next if they discovered her secret, she fled the city, scratching out a meager existence in the forest on the outskirts of the city she once called home. Then he found her, welcomed her into his pack, and her world was never going to be the same again.

Who would win the war to save humanity when everyone seemed hell-bent on destroying each other? Who could be trusted when no one was what they appeared to be? In this new world where the lines of humanity and the supernatural have been blurred, it was becoming increasingly harder to figure out who were friends – and who was the enemy.