My Thoughts On … The Dahvie Vanity

My thoughts on ...


I’m convinced Dahvie lives with his mom since every pic I see of him on IG is always of him in the same bedroom or outside in the garden. The bedroom looks like a teenager’s bedroom complete with Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, and the occasional  poster on the wall. What grown person living on their own has posters on their bedroom walls? Sure, I have posted up on my walls – in my office, and they are posters of my book covers, and only because the big signed poster I have of Andy Biersack doesn’t have a frame for it yet. Occasionally he’ll pop up a pic of him in his car, or in his kitchen, usually surrounded by skimpily clad females, at which point I have the urge to ask him if his mom allows him to have hookers in his room.


TDV Broom

TDV Garden

TDV Hookers

TDV Hookers 2


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